Why Would Anyone Ever Ask The Hollow Question: How To Make A Man Need You?

making a man need you

A lot of single women are running around asking each other the same questions; Where are all the good men or Do you know how to make a man need you?

Maybe once in a while an emasculated mangina type will throw his two cents worth in as well but to be perfectly honest neither group has insight into what a man is really capable of.

My first reaction to this question is pretty obvious; Why would you want a needy man?

The images go through my head of a dominant women dragging her ball and chain husband off to work each day. Where the attraction in that I ask you? And what happened to women being liberated?

Apparently, this is one of the other differences between men and women that I just don’t get. I am told that new age liberated women want their men to be docile and obedient so needy is just one of the attractive hooks required to bag him. Also, if he is not needy now, he can be trained.

Emotional Manipulation (aka Training)

dominant manipulate manThe techniques of training a man that worked in your mother’s time don’t work on modern men.  The old wife’s tale is still commonly well-regarded that all men are putty and need the training of a good woman to become suitable for marriage. That is, well regarded by women only.

Men are just as commonly selecting to believe different old wives tales; ones such as “women are capable doing everything a man can do and women don’t need men.” It is kind of hard to ignore such feminist mantras when they get thrown at you every day for decades on end.

The result, women, is that your feminist sisters have created a social environment where women only want a very small percentage of men and men only want a very small percentage of the women.


80/20 Bad Guy Phenomenon

Anyone who subscribes to the 80/20 philosophy to life will recognize this trend.  The culture at large is now set up so that 80% of the women are fighting each other for 20% of the men.  What has this got to do with me trying to hook my man you ask?

I dunno, I lost my train of thought on that one but I will just throw in that scarcity breed competition and I am seeing women reporting left right and center the scarcity of eligible men to wife them up.

The Friendzone- Nice Guys Always Finish Last

It is no secret that nice guys never get the nice girls.

The few men that do pursue women but get turned down will often end up in what we refer to as the friendzone.  An internal hell of favors, errands and jobs done for a women without any of the benefits.

A lot of simpleton men will be blinds to this trick and carry on for years on end pursuing this fruitless endeavor.  These are the types of men (the nice guys) that probably as susceptible to all the minds games and eventually “training” to become an obedient man slave.



Man-gender-confusedWhat is it with you women always wanting to “buff out our rough edges.” Emasculated men are just train wrecks waiting to happen.  I really don’t get it.  50 years ago (back in the days when boys actually grew up watching their dads work on the farm) boys were allowed to be boys but all that got thrown out the window when the family unit was destroyed.

Now that the majority of boys are raised and educated solely by women boys are being socially engineered into androgynous social experiments.


All the Good Guys are trying to leave the Plantation

I mentioned earlier that reports are starting to surface of a man drought.  Originally, I thought this was just a case of women’s standards being too high but after asking around, that is after actually engaging with men and asking them, I drew some completely different conclusions.

The analogy here is that life is just like your typical sugar cane plantation back in the early 1900s.  Men are the labor slaves working hard to keep their female captors in the fashion they have become used to.  When I say men are trying to leave the plantation I refer to the fact that men are no longer willing to put in the gruelingly hard days years on end just to be thrown onto the scrap heap on the whim of his master’s feelings that day.  They would prefer to break free from the constraints and risk life as a free man on the run.


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Feel free to comment below it let me know that someone took the time to read this and it may even open up a different thought perspective neither of us had envisaged to date.

2 Replies to “Why Would Anyone Ever Ask The Hollow Question: How To Make A Man Need You?”

  1. I have really mixed feelings after reading this post.

    On one hand, I want to speak up for my fellow female counterparts, saying that it is not all women that wants to train their partners to be an ‘obedient male slave’, as what you say, but I won’t go that far to say that no woman will do this.

    Also, when you say that ‘It is no secret that nice guys never get the nice girls’, I could return the same sentence to you in reverse as well: It is no secret that nice girls never get the nice guys. There have been women cheated by men who were only toying with their feelings for free sex or other advantages such as money, and they use the very same technique of emotional manipulation to control these women.

    Then again, I do agree with you that society has been placing a lot of emphasis on the rights of women and less on those of men, mainly because of the feminist movements as well as trying to equalize the long-standing unfair treatment towards the women since the past.

    If only things could become better between the two genders.

    1. The women who are breaking free from the socialist/feminist propaganda and actually taking an honest look at this “unfair” treatment that you talk about and changing their minds.

      I think it is unfair to expect any woman to act and behave the same as a man just like it is unfair to expect any man to act and behave the same as a women.

      Western societies have seen their days and unfortunately our best days are behind us.  

      Have you notice in influx of muslims and other patriarchal society’s men flooding into europe and america? For some reason the resident white men are bad but refugee men are good.  Is there a control aspect there.

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