Why Is Chivalry Dead? What Else Dies With It?

Why is chivalry dead? It used to mean a lot more than just pandering to a woman’s needs but not even that much of it is left anymore. There have been some very serious shifts in society over the last ten years that has either made huge strides for gender equality or oppressed a whole new set of people; depends on which side you butter your bread.

Chivalry is a relic from time long forgotten. The modern society’s attack on masculinity has resulted in collateral damage. Some of that collateral damage is a lot more serious than chivalry but we will focus on one topic at a time for now.

How Did Chivalry Die?

For the younger generations out there reading this you probably don’t even know what the real meaning of Chivalry is and I can guarantee you it is not a question you can get answered on YouTube, twitter or Instagram. Chivalry was an entire value system you had to live in to understand. The value system slowly died out over the past one hundred years as the society progressed into the mess it is today.

Right now I want to urge my readers to spend more time studying history. Modern education has purposely redacted large quantities of the past that we can all learn from.

Men killed Chivalry. You will hear the majority of people talking on the subject refer to feminists as the killers of Chivalry but I disagree. Feminists certainly created the hostile environment between men and women. Feminists certainly removed all needs and desires for anyone to act with chivalry.


The Beginning: The War On The Nuclear Family

Second wave feminism brought into focus women s’ rights to work and sexual freedom for women. It did a lot more but for the purpose of this article these two broad areas are worth isolating. The industrialization of domestic duties and the automation of workplaces coincided (not by accident) with women venturing out of the house for money (work) and for fun (sex).
The implications of these two things were horrendous on what we now remember as the Nuclear family. I speak of this family structure in the past tense because I strongly believe the nuclear family structure is dead.

For the majority of you foreign to the concept of a nuclear family it is a family unit which consists of a married couple: mother & father with their children all living together under the one roof.

As with all things related to feminism a seemingly good thing was pushed too far. With the elevated focus on sexual freedom came the associated problems such as rape, control and manipulative power struggles. With the introduction of women into workplace came the need for their protection and the onset of the political correctness agenda. Before anyone knew if no fault divorce laws were introduced and family courts started transferring a husband’s wealth to women and what do you know our beloved nuclear family unit is no longer.


The Now: The War On Men

Whilst the rest of the second wave of feminism was followed by the third wave and now a fourth wave a slow and measured pressure have been building between the genders.

It is no secret that Feminism has declared a war on men. This is only possible because governments are aligned with feminists. The government-feminist agenda is a topic for another post but what I do want to add here is that the mainstream population (the majority of people) do not subscribe to the same theories and are complacent to their control because industrialization has made people idle and popular culture has made people enslaved to a notion of conformance.

Chivalry dying out is one of the events in a backlash men are starting to throw back at feminism. No longer do I see doors being opened or seats being given to women on the bus.

The Future: The War On Women’s Traditional Values

The war of men and the war on boys is mature enough now for feminist to move onto new war fronts. We are starting to see a war on women now. A lot of the niche jobs that only women could do are now being attacked by feminists and shut down. The newest cries for help are coming from middle-aged and elderly women who are single and homeless because they devoted their lives to working menial jobs they can no longer do and never married a man to support them.

On top of all the governments are quickly becoming bankrupt supporting out of control welfare systems and medical systems set up to attract the women voters and passify them. That alliance is surely unsustainable.

The Moral of the Story: The Elitists Are Sitting Back And Declaring That All This Turmoil Is Good For Business

Control by fewChivalry is the canary in the mine. The canary is dead. Chivalry is dead. We looked at the causes which led to the demise of chivalry and we look at the trajectory which feminism is taking our society.

Feminism itself is nothing more than a modern day version of Marxism. As I constantly say on this site history as a propensity to repeat itself and those who can learn from history can progress civilization, those who ignore history perpetuate the stupidity.

Feminism does have the benefit of sex and the weight of evolutionary biology to bolster its game which is definitely new.

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The Good News

Small pockets of resistance are starting to show themselves out in public view.

YouTube is full of anti-feminist protesters along with the tradition anarchists who are starting to also target feminism.

The resistance has its own waves. 1st wave was men’s rights activists who tried to lobby governments to change laws. They have largely failed.

The 2nd wave resistance is growing in strength: MGTOW’s along with a multitude of female anti-feminists.

Also, we see the onset of organized resistance campaigns such as the Society of Men’s Freedom.

I don’t think anyone who believes in gender equality will fight for a return of chivalry. It is a relic from the past better left to the pages of history while we forge on to a new and more turbulent time.

4 Replies to “Why Is Chivalry Dead? What Else Dies With It?”

  1. This is very in depth look into why Chivalry is dead. The government-feminist agenda that you briefly mention in the article, I find to be a bit disturbing. Your article brings one thing to the front of my mind. How do we get chivalry back?

    1. it is the gap between the genders that has rendered chivalry obsolete. I don’t see any sign that women actually want chivalry back. I see more signs that women want men to step back even more and hand over control of the world to them. They can’t have their cake and eat it too sean.

  2. The ways of the world allows no room for chivalry. Equal rights between men and women has made it clear that everyone can stand on their own. it is the Baby Boomers must come to grips with the fact that chivalry died and humanity is dying

    1. lets hope that humanity isn’t dying but i definitely think that the western societies are in decline.
      one disturbing observation is that the more equality gets forced on us the bigger the gender gap gets and the more miserable everyone seems to get.

      Luckily it is a big world maurice and plenty of countries don’t suffer from the same philosophies of entitlement that plague the west.

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