Why Do Women Like Rich Men – The Truth She Probably Doesn’t Even Understand Herself

women want rich men

I have the unique position of being able to answer at least part of this question based on my ex-wife’s court testimony.  In her insanity of the moment she let out of the bag a lot of truths to do with female nature that I needed the social workers, counsellors, psychologists and court veterans to explain to me. Apparently there is a world of well-known secrets out there hiding in plain sight and most men are completely oblivious to them.  Read on to see what sort of relevalations can be made when trying to answer the question why do women like rich men?


Female Nature

I don’t think anyone will disagree for that majority of women her first priority in life (by a country mile) is to become a mother and she will stop at nothing to realize this dream. Obviously there are lots of other things in life but this one will come up trumps over everything, it cannot be suppressed forever.

The problem with human biology is that babies are very labour-intensive and take a lot of time and resources to raise. Look around the animal kingdom and humans are by far the species with the longest gestation periods and most dependent babies in need of care through to adulthood which is a very long time away.

Male Nature

For the human race to succeed it has had to evolve in such a way that men havmale naturee a complimentary nature to support the reproduction efforts. The majority of men have a natural urge to take care of and provide for women. Modern philosophers are starting to theorize that this tendency could be either part of a man’s genetic make-up or a result of his bond with his mother. Regardless of the reason if you even understand these two concepts you are ahead of the game.

Male nature also includes a lot of the traits still left over from hunter gather days of killing animals and each other to make a living.

One very interesting trait is the variability of men’s IQ’s. Men (as a race) typically include a lot higher IQ’s but also lower IQ’s than women do. Women’s IQ’s typically sit within a lot more close-knit and average band of IQ.


To Understand hypergamy you need to understand Briffaults Law.  Check this Article out for some background reading.

Back in prehistoric times it was necessary for a woman to have a Plan B in case her husband just happened to die that day. It was common and men were considered somewhat disposable so another man had to take the place of provider for her and her children. This reality led to the concept of hypergamy, a woman’s tendency to be attracted to the male with the best chance of providing for her for the longest time. It also extends to the concept of a woman having another man in waiting for the time he is needed or jumping to the Plan B guy before Plan A guy dies just for the additional resources. As the culture developed and male death rate decreased this phenomenon has remained but became more for entertainment’s sake than for survival, or for the purposes of climbing a social ladder. Chances are that it is so ingrained in a woman’s biology she doesn’t even understand the drivers herself anymore.

It’s a well understood concept to those who care to take interest and yet it’s not communicated between men.

Hypergamy is the vehicle women use to ensure they will receive the much-needed resources to make babies. An interesting new trend though is that governments are stepping into the game and enforcing the wealth transfer.
If you struggle to see the connection just stop for a minute and remind yourself that 80% of divorces are instigated by women who always recover faster emotionally and will tend to jump into a new relationship faster.

Woman’s Over-Inflated Self Importance

You don’t have to look very far to see women with an over inflated sense of entitlement and sense of just how important or attractive they are. Look for the tight clothes on fat chicks, it’s everywhere.over inflated self ego woman

I think the popularization of social media is just adding fuel to the fire in these cases. Instant gratification can be obtained from anywhere and it is not often you see realistic feedback just a sea of shallow affirmations, criticism and blame.

This culture has created a generation of solipsistic smart phone dependents or in the worst case narcissistic smart phone worshipers.

What’s this got to do with rich men you ask?

If you couple together the biology (need for resources to make babies) the hypergamy (desire for a man with a higher social class than hers) and an over-inflated ego you get 80% of women targeting 20% of men.


Personally I have explained hypoagency as a woman’s ability to jump backwards and forwards between making herself out as a poor little victim in need of help and empowered women capable of equality with a man. This video explains the concept better.


Availability of Rich Men

It is also the case here in the information age that communication between potential partners is easier than ever. The dating field is global nowadays if you are looking for a mate so access to that 20% of men is seen there. Of course, you would have to be ridiculously stupid to ever believe that the bulk of those 80% of women have a chance in hell of hooking anyone those multimillionaire playboys they want so bad.

Delusion seems to reign supreme when you hear women talk about her ideal man. In reality the result is an aging population of 30 something women (or older) who have never had babies, don’t have a partner, are broke and unskilled asking for handouts from the government.


2 Replies to “Why Do Women Like Rich Men – The Truth She Probably Doesn’t Even Understand Herself”

  1. Deciding to marry someone just for money is a serious problem in my opinion. I mean, I understand women want to have children, but just acting like you “love” someone isn’t right.

    I know women are emotional or more emotional than most men. But, think of it this way. If you were a very wealthy rich women and a man just married her to because he wanted a part of her wealth. It would also devastate her, too.

    For me, I have always been kind of weary of women that want to date me. Really, I just don’t trust women and this kind of shows it. In fact, the last thing I typically tell women is that I am doing pretty good financially.

    What do you think are some warning signs or red flags you should see when dating a woman that might be interested in money?

    For me, I ask the magic eight ball. Just kidding. But, really interested in getting your response.

    1. I don’t date so I really am not dishing out dating advice here but i wouldn’t be lifting a finger to impress a woman. Think of yourself as the catch Garen, you are the one capable of great things, you are the one of supporting her, improving her lifestyle, giving her all the shiny things she wants so much. Have a good hard look at someone you are dating and see if she is bringing the same to the table. If all she is bringing is her “good looks” and a bunch of demands then you can be guaranteed as soon as they fade you will be left with a dead weight and another dependent person to care for.
      Do you think you will ever be in a position in a relationship to take a few years off work and sit back do the housework watch TV?

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