Why Do Marriages End In Divorce More Often Than Fairytale?

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The fairy tale wedding myth is widely peddled as something that is ideal but the reality that most of us live is far from ideal.  Marriages are dying (through divorce) faster than they are being  replenished (through marriage vows).  Why do marriages end in divorce more often than fairytale?

The institution of Marriage is fast becoming just another one of those traditions lost to time.


How many end in divorce?

I spend days trying to find statistics that I would present for you here but eventually I came to the conclusion that statistics on divorce are overwhelmingly skewed and filtered to the point that they introduce a paralysis by analysis.

The difference sources I looked at show a range of somewhere between 50% and 80% of marriage have failed in recent years and whilst the percentage (%) is trending up the more dominant statistic is that the number of people getting married is more dramatically trending down.

In America there was a peak of divorce rates about 30 years ago that loosely coincided with all the states getting their NO FAULT divorce laws in place.

For me the lessons learned from the above statements is that we live in a society now where the overwhelming majority of people have first handedly experienced divorced either themselves, their parents or their grandparents.  They have also first handedly experienced the associated destruction of the nuclear family.

Who Ends the Marriage and Why?

The overwhelming majority of marriage instigators are women.  There is no dispute across data sources when you look to answer this question.

The bigger and more telling question is why are unprecedented amounts of women ending their marriages?

I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone even ask this question so my response will be solely based on personal philosophies.  If you don’t agree, let me know what your response is, I will publish it and you can have your 15 minutes in the spotlight.

No Fault Divorce Laws.

no fault divorce lawsIt has never been easier for a marriage to break down.  Women have a quiver of sexual harassment laws, domestic violence laws, rape laws and government programs assisting/protecting/provoking her to end the marriage.

Also there is an abundance source of private companies and private businesses all set up to promote a woman’s independence (which is double speak code for divorce).

Monkey branching.

Give a woman a chance to trade in her husband for a more wealthy man and 99 times out of 100 she will take that chance in a heartbeat and move on without a second thought.

The disposable and consumeristic culture now extends to marriages.

Government Incentives.

Every western Government that passed women’s suffrages soon after had to introduce social welfare systems and government handouts to keep the new voters engaged.

As women gained more freedom and more rights the welfare systems had to grow.  Along with the bolstering the welfare systems each country also had to change their policing, security, free speech, taxation, and company laws into what can now only be referred to as a nanny state which is starting to introduce a range of laws squarely aimed at peoples unwanted thoughts.

The Social Ladder.

super alpha maleToday’s society has a social ladder just the same as every society has throughout time.

In this context the importance aspects of the modern social ladder is that a woman’s actually climbs the social ladder by getting her divorce and claiming her victim status.

Victimhood and Martyrdom.

Victimhood is the new celebrity.  If you can’t be famous as a woman the next best thing is to become a victim.  It brings with is a lot of attention, popularity and wealth if you do it correctly.

Whilst victim is most often the individual’s career path there are women who excel and progress onto martyrdom.  These are the women who fill up YouTube with all their hype and propaganda about men.  These are often the YouTube channels that propagate divorce and or promiscuity along with false claims.


I don’t see any signs that women value commitment like men value commitment. Once the marriage hook is sunk in then all the talk about commitment will fade into the past. Afterall, it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.


How Feasible Is The Fairytale?

The reality is people that fairytales are not real.  Fairytales are generally not even possible.  It still baffles me to this day just how many people can buy into the fairytale myth without even a second thought about their reality.  Let’s take a quick look at three of the most prevalent myths that are central to most fairytales.


Love conquers all.

In this instance love really is blind to the manipulation being played out.  Men are constantly being emotionally manipulated into vulnerable states whereby they can be controlled into being or doing something they would normally avoid.

The vulnerable state I talk about is usually his addiction to that hit of dopamine he gets from the external validation he receives to reinforce that his behavior is aligned with all the social expectations thrust upon him.


Everybody has their one special soul mate and if you just keep looking you will find him (or her).

man wallet utilityThis myth is really just an extension of the above one but it is in place to make sure that those men that have taken the hook don’t work themselves free.

It also has a secondary message which is to remain blind and keep searching for that one women who can administer you the above mentioned dopamine hits therefore transforming you into her personal provider.


You’re “soul mate” will complete you.

Again this myth is a further extension to the same theme.  The difference here is that now focus is taken away from internal emotions and replaced with external validation.  Men are made to believe that an external party (their soul mate, aka a wife) is required for them to become complete or content.

This is nothing more than a lie.  Anyone can reach whatever level of happiness they need to a lot easier without interruption from external parties.  The path to happiness lies within people.


Who Stands To Benefit from Divorce?

Take a step back and ask yourself the question who will benefit from the breakdown of the nuclear family?  The answers are confronting to say the least.


Benefactor #1 – The Feminist Agenda

Feminists have been pushing for the destruction of the nuclear family for decades now.  They will stop at nothing short of female supremacy, male slavery, full government dictatorship and Marxist style communism.  Marriage is just one lamb slaughtered at the altar of progressive feminism.

Benefactor #2 – The Government Agenda

men under pressureTaxation of two incomes is better than one.  Wealth transfer (even if it the same money going around in the same circles) is good for GDP.


Social unrest and disruption leads to easier control of the swing voters.  Swing voters are overwhelmingly female.  Fear breeds vulnerability and vulnerability breeds trust in the government who gives to the feeble minded.


Dependency.  Governments world-wide are blatantly trying to create states of society whereby voters are dependent on governments for everything in life.  Big brother control extends everywhere from supply of water, childcare, food, through to internet and social media.


Benefactor #3 – The Individuals Agenda

Money & Power.  Capitalism has bred a love of money and power.  Women can gain what they think is capitalists money and power through divorce, no questions asked and no fault recorded. Win win.


A Race to the bottom.  The conglomerate effect of all these above mentioned benefactors, myths and social trends is that we live in a social construct where the bottom feeders of the society are distributed the most wealth (which is stripped away from people who earn their wealth legitimately).


What is the Social Construct Being Propagated When a Marriage Ends? A Really Big Picture View

There are several layers to the social construct that we live in and here is not the right time or the right place to peel backl every layer of the onion.

I will however discuss two introductory concepts; Socialism and the Dumbification of intelligence.



For me the story of Robin Hood best summarizes socialism.  Take from the rich and give to the poor.  What the story never followed up on was the resultant state when the poor get lazy and reliant on the wealth transfer then give up trying to legitimately do any work themselves.

The internet is full of social justice warriors now.  These are the people who are willing promoting socialism in our societies.  Take from the wealthy (patriarchy) and give to the needy (female victims or anything).

Time has also proven that socialism is the first plank towards full blown communism.


The Dumbification of Human Intelligence

Anyone who has even spent more than a half an hour studying history (the proper way, with a book, not on the internet) will soon find out that 99.9% of our history is suppressed from our awareness.

Schools are becoming more and more commercial and as such they teach a lot less knowledge.  Schools have become a grooming center for conformism.  Individuality and creativity is punished.


If a Marriage Ends in the forest and a lawyer is not there to hear; does a man still get divorce raped?

Congratulations on making it this far.  Unfortunately the answer is yes.

Nowhere in this conversation has the children made a mention.

Our children are undoubtedly the innocent victims of all these different political agenda’s playing out against each other.  Children are being used as guinea pigs in some sort of large scale social experiment.


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