Who is Mike Pence; Rules that stretch beyond the political collective?

who is mike pence rules that stretch beyond

So recently I was watching YouTube with my kids when the channel they were watching (which is a Fortnite online gaming channel) was talking about the Mike Pence Rules. I asked Who is Mike Pence? No one knew but the moral behind the conversation was interesting. This YouTuber (a married man, very popular with millions of subscribers) had elected to make his channel hosts and on-screen people all male. He will not live stream alongside women. He had jumped onto the Mike Pence bandwagon.

Naturally I had to know more and did my research, here is what I found out.

The rules themselves go something like this

Man in power at work will not meet with a female one-on-one either in a work environment (office) or in a work social event (lunch/dinner). This includes mentoring relationships, work meetings, discussions etc. Of course the short term ramifications are a woman’s ability to do her job when she needs to set up with a fairly special environment before her boss will meet with her. However, long term the ramifications are a lot different – young women will not be mentored.

The Man is not important, the message is important

First up, let me say this. The spotlight is now filled with Mike Pence but before him it was Billy Graham and before him a long list of men going way back. My first impression was that they are trying to control their exposure to the risk of a whole number of sexual harassment situations.

It reminded me of a time that my business partner and I was hiring a new secretary. He insisted on choosing the ugliest woman available to do the job. His wife was very insecure so he couldn’t afford to open up any doors for accusations. What an interesting scenario that one was. What a Pandora’s box of dilemmas open up once you put two women in close proximity to one strong man (regardless of the work/social divide).

Backlash to the #metoo movement

who is mike penceReading into it a bit more and that is precisely the philosophy at play here. There is a growing contingent of male bosses out there all taking actions to protect themselves from the new metoo momentum which grows every day and takes no prisoners (innocent or guilty). I even heard that one bloke replaced all his walls in his office with glass walls and had video surveillance installed to protect himself.

All the articles and opinion pieces I have found available on the internet focus on the one thing. Man’s Actions. The world we live in is locked into this paradigm whereby a man is only as good as his actions. I reject that paradigm.

Every man (and every women) is capable of good actions and bad actions. One action alone (or even a hundred of them) should not define that character that lies beneath the billions of actions they take.

Underlying Assumption 1: Men are different to women

I want to very quickly delve into the head of a man taking such actions and see what assumptions he would have to make to get to where he is. First up he is treating men different from women so he has already made the distinction and is acting on it. That is one distinction that a lot of people disagree with (a lot of crazy people). Obviously they are different.

Underlying Assumption 2: All women are treated the same (they are a collective)

Now we get a lot more controversial. For a man to make a blanket rule (i.e. all scenarios whereby I am alone with a woman that is not my wife poses a risk too great to take) he need to be able to think of all women as being the same. It sounds absurd when you say it at first, all women are a collective and should be treated the same but once you let it sink in a bit and look around you see a different picture. I see everywhere groups of women all banding together to fight a common enemy (could be anything, that is not important). I see as the groups get bigger and bigger, rationality and sanity seems to become a lot less relevant. Power games pursue and it tends to be the more crazy and the more progressive the woman the more allegiance she gets.

Where is it all going to end?

The Gender Wars are stronger now than they have ever been. I don’t see an end to them without some devastating event to smack sense back into everyone. I see three possible scenarios that could play out.

mind the gender gap

Scenario 1. Interpersonal Violence between family members

When husband and wife start fighting each other than you know that the war has reached its critical mass and can’t grow much more. Same goes for mother and son or particularly with father and daughter she types of fights have already become common place. Gender politics is breaking up families and will continue to do so until a bigger disaster takes hold.

Scenario 2. A quiet separation of cultures and politics

I heard this scenario spoken about too. It is a scenario where the right and the left get to a point where the divide is so great that they can’t work with each other (or won’t) and start to set up their own shop away from one another. I heard it being spoken about in a geographical context (i.e. the east coast of America would become autonomous to the west coast). In a recent interview I did with MGTOW Mike he spoke about a collective of men already well on their way to walking away from the mainstream of both sides of politics.

Scenario 3. Cultural slavery

cultural slaveryAs with all battles eventually there will have to be one winner. In this case either male or female. I see that if the culture is still intact the winner will take control over the other and a situation of outright slavery will ensue. Mainly psychological slavery (which is already happening) but it may stretch to physical slavery (you could argue that modern day work practices are a big part physical slavery already).

I see a combination of the two books happening. 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. We will have all the violence and mind games of 1984 with all the crazy sexual antics of Brave New World.

I hope that none of the above options ever play out (even in part) so I am going to suggest my own option. I call it the technology bath option.

Preferred Scenario 4. Technology Bath

I am running over my word count so I will make this short. Let me know if it warrants a separate post.

I would love to see a drastic shift in the level of technology we all rely on. A big shift backwards that it. A shift that moves focus back to simpler things in life, like food and shelter. It will make everyone grateful to be healthy again and stop all these idle minds from creating problems that just don’t exist.

Can you think of any other ways?


2 Replies to “Who is Mike Pence; Rules that stretch beyond the political collective?”

  1. I am with you that I really wish we could put technology back in the “bottle,” but I’m afraid it is not going anywhere, and it is only going to get more intertwined with our beings until we all walk around with computer chips in our brains.  Who needs smart phones and computers?  It’s ridiculous.

    I agree with you also that men in this country are becoming afraid of being falsely accused of wrong-doing, and I do think a lot of them are now second-thinking hiring a woman for a position that would be a close relationship between the boss and that employee.  I can’t say I blame them for the fear, for God’s sake if the country could turn on a man like Judge Kavanaugh just because someone said he did something 35 years ago, well, why wouldn’t they fear?  An honorable man like that, and nobody wanted to hear his side, the woman was automatically right?  No, I don’t think that was right.

    1. cheers babsie,

      I found the most important part of your comment there was the phrase “the woman was automatically right”.  The female collective voice has gained so much power within america that I think it has gone to their heads.  Whoever they are! The faceless people behind the liberation movement I guess.

      I fear that it is going to take a vocal and perhaps even militant group of females to revolt and make any change to what we now see as the status quo.  Stand by for more crazy antics such as the Judge Kavanaugh thing, and the backlash too.

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