The Two Social Hierarchy Pyramids Join To Form The Social Ladder. A Very Slow Train Crash.

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This is part three of a four part series on the social hierarchy.  Whilst other posts focuss on unique aspects complimentary to this one they are all inter-related and best read in conjunction.  In this article we join the two social hierarchy pyramids to make a social ladder.

If you haven’t read the first two part you can find them here:

Briffaults Law

Robert Briffault was a surgeon from the early 1900s who found fame as a social anthropologist.

His infamous statement goes like this:

“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

There are a few corollaries:

1. Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

2. Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)

3. A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.

Every man should have this imprinted into the psyche from an early age in my opinion.


The static pyramid vs the dynamic pyramidsocial hierarchy pyramid

One key consideration when joining the pyramids is how different they are in terms of change over time. The female pyramid is rampant with change, a woman can jump in and out of mindsets dependent on the conversation and social group in front of her but the male pyramid remains stagnant for years on end.

The male pyramid is archaic whilst the female pyramid is ever-changing

Men don’t move fast enough to understand the game and because communication between men is negligible most men will never be told these truths or be able to rise above the challenges and be able to see for themselves.

I was lucky I got ejected out of the matrix in such a violent way that I could escape its attractive forces luring me back in.

Importance of biology

Key points to male biology

  • males are valued for the utility (i.e. what they can produce and provide)social status & biology
  • above all else the male will seek the same bond from a woman that he experienced from his mother or yearns to experience
  • the male will bond stronger than the female will bond and he will continue to blindly hope the bond can be reciprocated (which it can’t)
  • men are hunters (i.e. they explore to external world and turn the unseen into resources usually by means of violence). male being is based around externalizing the world around them
  • men operate alone and compete against other men for resources

Key points to female biology

  • females are valued for their appearance and physical attributes above all else
  • women are wired to seek a male partner with higher social status than them
  • female brain will flood with hormones to make her bond with her baby immediately, this is an extremely powerful bond (a type of bond that the male brain is not naturally capable of) that all other relationships become secondary
  • as a result once a woman gives birth the father becomes a very distant low priority (both to the mother and to the child)
  • fetal cell microchimerism is the phenomenon during pregnancy and shortly after where a woman and her unborn fetus exchange cells through the placenta which create a physical connection between the two strengthening the bond
  • women are gathers (i.e. they collect as many resources as they can to build a nest for their young and better the chances of survival). female being is based around internalizing the world around them
  • females operate in social groups to gather resources and will without hesitation protect someone within her group and attack anyone outside the group
  • the woman controls when sex will happen.

These are just a few key concepts on biology. A future post will explore the topic in greater detail.


The influence of female group think

There is no denying that females are social creatures. I remember someone try to explain to me once that even a females feelings have feelings.

The social dynamics can be summarized as:female group think

  • in every social situation there needs to be an alpha woman
  • every group can only be as strong as its weakest link
  • the group direction gets lost in communication (everyone who has played the Chinese whispers game knows how it goes)
  • every women is reliant on the group for her personal direction
  • every women will illustrate an in-group preference (that means they will staunchly defend their own group members regardless of actions because other members are seen as a project of themselves). The resultant is if you call out one woman for doing something wrong prepare for all of them to take if as a personal attack and defend themselves (all of them)
  • Decisions are made at great stress and as a group.


The result is Hypergamy (women marry up)

Hypergamy has been evident in culture ever since the beginning of time, it is a natural force driving women to choose the best genes to propel the species forward. With feminism it has evolved into something a lot uglier than choosing the best genes. 95% of women today routinely demand that the top 5% of men are available for their personal womanly desires. This leaves a lot of men coming up short, but don’t fret these the 90% of women who don’t get their first choice will settle for second choice and collect the male genetic material they desire, than divorce him, collect the material wealth they desire, gather up the kids and move onto the next man. The ugly combination of biased family courts, laws, and Tinder will allow women to do this at will from their comfort of a free couch.


As hypergamy is escalated to greater depths the equality between the sexes is getting further away and nothing good can come from that. Female privilege is becoming a real thing most men don’t see until they have lost everything.


Marriage is no longer seen as a long-term way of climbing the social ladder

After all that is said and done the collateral damage in all this turmoil escape-from-marriageis the once honoured institution of marriage. The evidence of this is abundantly clear when you look at both the sharply increasing divorce rate and the sharply decreasing marriage rates all over the western world. Clearly marriage is not seen as a long term option for social stability. Marriage does have massive rewards for women, on a financial basis, but the social rewards are no longer what they used to be.

But wait; there’s more!

Clink this link for Part 4, The union of the Alpha Female and the Super Alpha Male.

9 Replies to “The Two Social Hierarchy Pyramids Join To Form The Social Ladder. A Very Slow Train Crash.”

  1. I wish i had have known this stuff before I got married Remy. I was very much used as a means to get money then dumped to the kerb when it was convenient.
    Government stepped in and made sure all my money still goes to her.

    1. welcome gareth,
      it’s funny that you mention the government because the last part in the 4 part series is about the government role on the social pyramid. Think of them at the super alpha male, coming in to couple with all the alpha females who just want the resources and not the man.

  2. This is an amazing juxtaposition from what we are usually told or understand which is that women tend to lose their value as they age which causes the male to leave for a younger mate. Nothing is ever said about if a male loses his money or social status and the woman leaves, for example, if an alpha male marries an alpha female and then drops to a lower status and then she leaves before she gets too old. This whole thing really makes one wonder what the whole point of life is…Is there truly a “love” or is it all just commerce?

    1. Biology probably plays just as big a position in this equation as does sociology Gord,
      the male wants a completely different thing out of the relationship than a female does.
      The male nature is to look for a female to give him the same level of emotional connection he felt from his mother or yearned to feel (which is impossible). Sex is just a mask for it.
      There is a philosophy on Youtube called Stardusk that goes into it all in great detail he refers to it as a “male mother need”.
      Whereas the female nature is to look for a male to provide her with protection and resources to keep her babies safe and happy.
      I don’t know if the word juxtaposition is quite strong enough to explain that one.
      My next series of posts will go into it in great detail but again it smashes down all the paradigms we were indoctrinated into. I hope my son can learn in time.

  3. interesting article, I learned a lot reading, especially in the biology section. it is interesting that men and women really are different in sooo many ways. i had also heard that marriage rates are plummeting and divorce rates are rising…makes ya think. thanks for the article.

  4. When you say that Biffault’s statement was infamous, does that mean he was lambasted as a result? I found much of this article to be very interesting and close the experiences I’ve had. I even went back to read the previous two articles on pyramids. I wonder though, would you say that your stance is negative towards how men are treated by women? Or are you going for a more objective point of view?

    1. Good morning Neil , and welcome,

      I am starting to realise that our past and our experiences influence our perception of reality a lot more than any of us give give credit to.  All of our past relationships and all of our past experiences create our own personal little lens that we see the world through, our own personal version of reality if you like. 

      My past definitely shapes the way I see the world and I have recently started an exercise in trying to smash through the paradigms that I live by.  Not an easy thing to do though by any-ones measure.

      The pyramid articles have been amended several times now and I will continue revising them as people comment and I see things different.  The key thing for me though is the discussion.  People seem to be more keen on the conversation and the introspection than the articles themselves.  Not a bad thing.

    2. I don’t know how Robert Briffault’s book was received. He wrote several books but the one I mentioned in my post was called “The Mothers,”.

      I have never heard of it. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence I can see of criticism or acceptance. I don’t know why I wrote infamous.

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