What is MGTOW? An Interview with Mike – Part 1

what is MGTOW an interview

I present to you a feature interview which has taken a lot of effort to put together the topic is “What Is MGTOW?”.  We have been working on this interview for weeks now and I can honestly say that it has brought me more than a few watershed moments.

Below is the transcript of an interview held with a man who can answer the types of questions about MGTOW that I have been wanting to ask for years now.

He requested his identity remain anonymous so we will refer to him at Mike going forward.

Remy:  Hello Mike. Thanks for accepting the interview.  Why are you guys so hard to find and so hard to get an interview with?

Mike:  We keep to ourselves.  There is generally nothing beneficial that can come from sharing our ideas with the mainstream.

Remy:  Why can’t you use your real name

Mike:  There is a gender war going on.  Don’t you see it.  Control of the internet and the media has been lost to the feminists.  Court systems and families were lost a long time ago.  Most people are still blind to it.  Quite a few MGTOW men have made their identities public only to be tracked down, publically shamed, ridiculed, attacked to the point of losing their jobs and reputations at the hands of false claims.

Remy: How many MGTOW’s are there?

Mike:  Not enough to make any sort of serious impact but even if there was millions of us the impact could only even be a by-product of what we do.

Remy:  What do you do then?

men going their own wayMike:  We stand on our own two feet, protect our sovereignty and don’t let anyone (woman or government) take away our god given freedoms.

Remy:  How do you do that?

Mike:  Firstly, by educating ourselves on other people’s natures, motives and agendas then identifying their expectations of us and refusing to play the game. Walk out own path, for our own good.

Remy:  What’s the aim, what’s the long-term vision for MGTOW?  How do you know when you are achieved what set out to do?

Mike:  There is no organized structure or direction to speak of.  We don’t have a plan, we don’t want to help you guys achieve anything.  About there only agreement there is with respect to the future is that western societies are on a trajectory of collapse and no one is driving the bus.

Remy:  How do you guys share your ideas or align your thoughts then?

Mike:  We post our videos on internet forums like YouTube, reddit, mgtow.com all over the place really.  It is a scattergun of different individuals all doing their own thing.  There is no alignment required because we are all free to walk out own path.

Remy: There is some big MGTOW YouTube content creators.  Last time I looked a few had over 100,000 subscribers.  Is YouTube the central hub for MGTOW content.

Mike: It is definitely the highest profile at the moment (2017)  but Youtube is quickly expelling MGTOW content.  The feminist owners don’t agree with our message and every week you see MGTOW channels being deleted by google under the guise of community guideline strikes.

Remy:  So, feminists are your enemy then?

Mike:  Feminists should be everyone’s enemy.  They are hell bent on destroying the fabric of society and they are doing a bloody good job without even getting a lot of backlash towards them.  Feminists are just the puppets though, being controlled by a group of elite banker type of aristocrats who are hell bent of making more money and taking more control over everyone.

Remy:  How do the governments fit into your view then?

Mike: Governments are the enforcers of the agenda.  It is the legislation that give the women their right to vote, their right to no-fault divorce etc. and it is the lack luster biassed enforcement of those laws that allow things like false rape claims, false domestic violence claims or strategic restraining orders to go unpunished.

father son MGTOWRemy: What’s your back story then.  How did you come to be a MGTOW?

Mike:  I was living the great American dream once upon a time.  Got married in my mid-twenties, two kids, finished my trade and worked my way up to a management gig then started my own company and employed half a dozen carpenters, we built a series of family houses to live in, each one getting bigger and bigger and bigger until one day the boredom and monotony of married life got too much for the ex-wife too and as she puts it “she pulled the pin on her escape plan.”  The very short story goes like this:  Police turned up on my doorstep out of the blue one day while we are all at home together; served me with a restraining order and escorted me out of my own house.  The wife actually said to me on my way out “sorry I need the house so you have to go.”  It was that simple, once the restraining order was in place it set in motion the all too common sequence of more false claims, charges, money grabs, alienation from children, isolation and eventually financial and emotional ruin.

Remy:  How often do you get to see your kids now?

Mike:  I am lucky now I get to pay for the privilege to see my own kids for 4 hours every second weekend in a supervised access center.   The kids hate it, I hate it.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to just walk away go to Alaska and take up professional ice-fishing.

Remy:  Is this a typical story of other MGTOW’s you have met?

Mike:  No, there is nothing typical about MGTOW’s at all.  Sure, a lot have been burned by society in one way or another but there is also a lot (old and young) who have learned from the experiences of other men before them and just never entered into the fray.  MGTOW is kind of like a protective measure for them.

Remy:  How do the younger guys or less experienced guys learn from the elders and what sorts of things are worth them knowing?

Mike:  Education and philosophizing the nature of things seems to be a very important aspect of life for a lot of MGTOW.  It is pretty rare that you can openly voice your opinions let alone find someone who can openly agree with you when you are in you day job so we turn to the internet.  A lot of men (and probably women) will agree with us when they look deep inside and find their morality but they would never openly admit it.  Too much of a big deviation from the mainstream path of gynocentrism and too much work to reconcile all their own actions.

Remy: Do you think MGTOW has been a big help in your divorce recovery and rebuilding?

Mike:  Definitely.  I thank my mate Joey every week for sending me that first video which woke me up to the world of MGTOW.  Without those shared experiences with other men and the sense of community I fear I may have become one of those thousands of middle age male suicide statistics that no one cares about.

Remy:  What would you like to pass on to other men battling through their divorces by themselves?

mgtow maleMike: First up, don’t do it alone.  Once your broach that subject with other men you will be surprised how many of them have already walked in your shoes.  It is quite eye-opening and scary how many men’s divorce stories are all very similar.  There seems to be a standard script that the divorce lawyers and the police pull, very unimaginative and very nasty if you are on the wrong end of it (the male side).  There is a wealth of information being shared by MGTOW which will help you through it.  If your wife left you for another man (or woman) search up hypergamy or monkey branching.  If she was just a bored gold digger search up solipsism, narcissism, female nature, Briffault’s law, all with MGTOW in the title as well.  There is also a lot of men telling their stories which you will find great solace in.  If you don’t find what you are looking for certain content providers like SANDMAN will take requests and customize a video for you.  Join into the forums and find yourself a support group.

Remy:  Do you guys have meetings or is there a central point of access?

Mike: No

Remy:  Thanks for agreeing to answer my questions, I feel like I haven’t even asked any of the right questions yet.  Can we sit down for a part 2 interview in the next few weeks when I can get my head back into the game again.

Mike:  Certainly, as long as I get to ask some questions next time too.


21 Replies to “What is MGTOW? An Interview with Mike – Part 1”

  1. Remy,

    This was a very intense post. This topic is so very controversial and has come to light recently due to the expolosion of the internet and social media. I may not agree with everything that is said in your interview, but that is the beauty of the constitution.

    Well written and very deep. Mike is a great person for giving insight, first hand is always the most intriguing. Much respect to both of you. 

    Do you find this movement to be something that is gaining traction, or quite the opposite?


  2. I found your article to be very interesting and truthful. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live through a painful divorce and how that changes your everyday life, as well as your outlook on the future. It seems like you’re taking a very positive approach to your continued journey. The quote from your interview that really stuck with me is “walk our own path, for our own good.” I truly believe that if more people embraced that sentiment, more people would be happier and the world would be a better place.

    1. thanks tucker.

      If you read some of the other comments below doesn’t take long to see how many people are all walking through life with their blinders on oblivious to any individual or creative experiences unique to them.

  3. Sad as Mike’s story is, you still didn’t define what MGTOW is in the interview.  I am a woman and I don’t think it’s fair for a woman to make up stories about their husband or boyfriend or anyone for that matter.  It may ruin the accused’s life.  I don’t think either party should stay in a relationship that no longer serves them.  Sometimes people grow apart, and paths may divert.  You see it a lot in couples that marry young.  I got married young and one day my husband that told me he loved me but was no longer in love with me.  I know all about starting over.  I am a single mom and I don’t hold any grudges against him.  He’s remarried and seems to be doing okay.  Many people may start a journey with you but it’s not a guarantee that they’ll be standing by you at the end of that journey.  

    1. You express the sentiment very well Margarette.  For some reason people still think it is okay to take marriage vows one day and then break them a few years late.  No accountability and no repurcussions.  

      Why take the marriage vows in the first place if they mean so little?

  4. I had never heard of MGTOW before reading this. But it sounds to me like you got burnt badly in your marriage. What your wife did sounds really nasty and inexcusable. However, that does not make all marriages bad, nor does it mean you cant marry again. It just means you married a mean woman who cares only for herself. I hope you will get to see your kids more often and not under someone else’s eye, and I hope you find peace within yourself.

    1. If you find the holy Unicorn Hollie let me know.  I speak to plenty of men on their second and third marriages.  

      They have a lot of lessons to teach and I will take my lead from them thanks.  

      Marriage is a dying institution anyway. Just look at the statistics.

  5. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this post. I had never heard of MGTOW before but it has brought up a lot of points that I hadn’t considered before. Due to being new to this, I am unsure as to whether these men are women haters or just hate what society expects of them? If it is the later I can completely see where they are coming from. Men shouldn’t be expected to hold doors open, and they should have more of a fight in custody cases. However, if it is the former then I don’t really know what to say. Very interesting post though, has definitely opened my mind a bit so thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Tthe thing I took out of the interview Celeste which I don’t think you have picked up on is the theme of individualism.  If you were alive back in the 70s you would be familiar with a cultural move away from the establishment and more towards individuality.  There is were all the creative music, hippies, beatniks etc originated from.  Unfortunately it all got squashed pretty hard on the head and the 80, 90, 00, 01’s saw almost all people falling in line with their chosen social groups foregoing any sense of individuality and following the crowd.

      My hope is that a new tide of individualism is starting.  

      I don’t identify myself as a MGTOW, 

      Anyone pursuing individuality or autonomy should be striving not to identify themselves as any social label used by others.

  6. As a woman this interview is an eye opener to issues our male counterparts struggle with , Men are looked at as masculine and strong with little or no need of support especially when undergoing difficult times .I think this mgtow movement may be a great avenue for the Men to get moral and emotional support when going through times of extreme challenges. Can you recommend open forums where both men and women could discus their issues and get help?

    1. REDDIT used to be the goto forum but social sites such as YouTube, REDDIT, Facebook, Twitter etc have recently banned most of those types of discussions from their sites.  Too much heat and probably too much freedom of expression.

      Best recommendation I can make is the Society for Mens Freedom.  It tries to be the middle ground between MGTOW and the radical feminists without subscribing to either.

  7. Thanks, Remy for the article. For me, this is a very painful subject. I have four children from two wives. I now live with my third wife and her seven-year-old son. He calls me Daddy sometimes, but more often in the name. I also got to leave home twice, mainly for the sake of the kids. My ex-wives try in every way to disrupt the communication between me and my children. The relationship with children is also deteriorating because I see them more and more rarely. It’s painful for me.

    1. It is a terrible disaster when a Dad doesn’t get to see his kids.  There no grieving process that fits the situation.  There is plenty of good resources on this website andre and plenty more to come.  I searched for support in all the normal places, family court, social workers, counsellors, doctors, lawyers, family, friends, psychologists, alcohol, solitude, religion, meditation, spirituality and dozens more but couldn’t find anyone on my side and of the same opinion as me (except my late grandfather).

      I made my website in an attempt to fill the void. The Autonomy Blueprint is my attempt of combining it all.  Check is out.  It is still a work in progress but any and all feedback you have will be very beneficial in shaping its future.

  8. Hi, Remy.

    Read your article/interview and right from the beginning, did not know quite what to think.

    First and foremost, I did not know what the acronym MGTOW stood for until I googled it.

    As soon as I realized that it meant “Men Going Their Own Way,” then certain things discussed by you and Mike started to take some perspective.

    I was divorced in 2001 after seventeen years of marriage. I have one child who is in his mid twenties attending University.

    I used to work 16 hours a day (sometimes seven days a week) as a professional chef and I believe that this was one of the reasons that contributed to my ex and I going separate ways. 

    I have heard of many horror stories as expressed in your interview about how men always get the ‘Short Stick,’ so to speak.

    My situation was very different in the fact that it was amicable. I always had access to my son and both sides made strong efforts to move our lives forward in a productive and responsible manner based on our resources and needs. For us it was not a divorce swelling out of spite.

    Perhaps I was just one of the lucky ones.

    Mike said:

    “There is a gender war going on…Control of the Internet and the media has been lost to feminists.”

    I am of the understanding that feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal and social equality of the sexes.

    I wonder if you or Mike would elaborate on the control being lost to feminists a little further.

    Mike goes on further to say:

    “We stand on our own two feet, protect our sovereignty and don’t let anyone (woman or government) take away our god given freedoms.

    Shouldn’t  “woman or government” read “man, woman or government?”

    The interview seemed very lop-sided to me.

    Thank you for posting, though and I look forward to round two with Mike if it comes about.

    I learned something today.

    Good luck on your journey Remy, and I hope that you will find the success and happiness that you seek.

    Kindest regards,


    1. Here is a link to Part 2 of the interview Paul. 


      I am glad to hear you made it out alive and relatively unscathed Paul.

      On the point of woman and government; I say, it is taken for granted that men will fight amongst themselves that is what we do.  It is bred into us to compete against each other for the best resources on offer.

      On the matter of internet control – censorship is becoming a very big issue on all social platforms.  Freedom of speech on the internet is a thing of the past.  If your content doesn’t meet with approval of the social justice warriors it gets flagged, reviewed, removed then banned.

      1. Hi, Remy.
        Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

        Thank you for your response and the link to part 2 of the interview:
        “Were You Trying To Be Alpha Male In A Relationship? You are being fooled!”


        Although the link provides some very important and useful information, it was not the part 2 interview with Mike.

        None the less, thank you for some very valuable information.

        “Men will fight among themselves that is what we do. It is bred into us to compete against each other for the best resources on offer.”
        Does this not also occur in the Animal Kingdom?

        Time to change the ‘breeding habits’ among men (and women) who are ultimately on the top of the food chain so to speak.

        I agree with you as far as Internet Control is concerned.

        Good site, Remy. I have it bookmarked. Do you offer a subscription to your site for notification of new posts, etc.?

        Your work is appreciated and will offer much value to those in search.

        Kindest regards from Canada.

        Paul Mindra.

        1. cheers Paul,
          changing the “breeding habits” is not something that is easily consciously done. You have to remember that a millennia of biology is at play here as well.
          I did have an email list and subscription thing running last year but when the new GPDR regulations came in I had to scrap it. Thanks for the kick, I need to get back onto it again.
          I tend not to write the day to day stuff anymore. I am focussed solely on the Autonomy Blueprint course now.
          I have a writer Margery who I like to give the controversial stuff. I am amazed at how a similar perspective coming from a woman is received completely differently to if I was to write it.
          my personal email address is remy@childneedsfather.com if you want to check in anytime. good luck paul.

          1. I think that I get it, Remy.

            I will check in from time to time to see your progress and to contribute if I can.
            Appreciate the email address.

            May you continue to shine brilliant.
            Cheers and regards from Canada,


          2. I am setting up a mailchimp account now Paul.
            Give me a few days and I will email you with an invite to join the list.
            I am glad I am not in Canada. I hear gender wars have reached epidemic proportions.
            Do you watch the SANDMAN video channel on Youtube. He is Canadian. I assume he is still around. Youtube may have taken down him too.

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