What Is Divorce Rape? Who, Why & How? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

divorce rape

If you have asked What is divorce rape I can only squeamishly imagine your situation. Fear not, I have been there, so have many men but it is still a taboo. There is a bunch of truths that don’t get to see the light of day very often. There are multiple reasons for that but mostly it is because

  • those perpetrators of divorce rape don’t want to be judged for their actions so hide them
  • most members of the western society agree that prejudiced wealth transfer from men to women is a good thing
  • the targets are left with no voice and no means of defense

This is going to be a short article because it is not a subject that I want you to dwell on. At the end I will present the methodology I used to get through my divorce rape.


The following article is my attempt to ask frequently asked questions in such circumstances. They are relevant to families with young children. It is a whole different thing without kids or with older kids.

What Is Divorce Rape? What are the objectives? How Is it Done?

To be blunt it is the forced stripping of assets, wealth and future earnings from a man to his wife during a divorce.

There is a cover story that normally gets used it goes something like this.

Man is unfit to parent his children, woman is burdened by such a responsibility, woman needs money, man has money, government steps in to force the sale of assets and garnish as many future wages as humanly possible. Man usually then does something rash to cope or to escape.

Who are the Typical Perpetrators?

The last five or six generations of feminists have all taught their daughters that they are entitled to the wealth of their husbands. No Fault divorce has weaponized marriage and a multi billion divorce industry has grown out of the social agenda.

Lawyers and legislation all work on the premise that it is the women and the children have unique needs and are not capable of furnishing these needs themselves.

Why is Divorce Rape a Taboo that isn’t spoken about?

silent treatment divorce rapeQuite a lot of the premise is a lie. Most men who get branded with domestic violence claims don’t get to defend themselves. Once the cycle has started then the industry has a very well-defined sequence of events that usher the victims through the pathway of divorce rape. Next thing you know mom has full custody, a new house, big screen TV and a dependence on the welfare system to maintain it all.

What is the sequence of event you talk about?

This is a very common story you hear all the time if you can get people to talk. Usually if you haven’t been through it yourself (or a divorce lawyer) there is no way you can get this sort of inside information.

  1. Woman breaks off the relationship and the marriage
  2. man is forced to leave the marital home
  3. domestic violence claims will be made (if he is not already out of the house police will be called in to remove him)
  4. man is restricted all access to his children
  5. divorce lawyers are called in by the woman to “get money”
  6. child support agencies get involved & welfare starts to flow
  7. mediation is attempted, man is automatically branded guilty of domestic violence, he is usually presented with an option similar to
    1. sell up everything, cash out your super and hand over 75% of all your wealth to your ex-wife in exchange for supervised visits to see your children every second weekend. No overnight stays.
    2. fail to agree with these terms and the custody case will go to trial, that will cost a minimum of $50,000 as a flag fall. The outcome will probably not change.
  8. If property settlement is agreed then the terms of a custody arrangement can be discussed
  9. child access is with held until all money is transferred in full
  10. child access to the father is ramped up slowly and under strict conditions subject to change at the mothers’ discretion

Occasionally subsequent claims of domestic violence as used to further restrict child access to the fathers if he is not behaving as expected.

Why are there different rules for men than there is for the women? Aren’t men and women supposed to be equals?

gold digger with banknoteVery rarely it will work the other way around (when dad stays at home and mom has a very well-paid job) but generally it is dad with the money and mom with the kids. There are a few underlying reasons as to why it has all been tailored like this. Take a deep breath here it comes:

  • feminists has pushed for a created victim status for any woman who wants to take advantage
  • legislation is set up to blindly adopt stereotypes of men as violent offenders and women as victims
  • women have become a very targeted voting base for government and have the ability to sway elections (hence the need for government to propagate favorable situations and hide unfavorable ones)
  • as the money is transferred in bigger quantities and more often there are a lot more opportunities for government to tax the money moving around
  • the breakdown of the nuclear family means more women (more single mothers’) will need to go out and work/pay for daycare of the children: therefore pay taxes – more tax for governments
  • as an added bonus while the kids are in daycare longer or in schools for longer they can be “trained” to act as the type of citizen that will comply with the rules of the society

 Is there a way to break out of the cycle?

Yes there is but it is not a one size fits all type of scenario. At a high level you can start of with this sort of generic advice.

  • Educate yourself on your situation and your options,
  • feed your mind with new experiences if you can,
  • exercise as often as you can (it will be a good way to relieve the stress)
  • re-connect with whatever spiritual experiences you can must
  • reach out to people who have walked in those shoes already (not possible most the time but you will be surprised how many men have been through it but keep their mouth shut)

One a more detailed level I have prepared another course of articles to walk you through a lot more facets of the recovery/coping exercise. Click the link below.

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