What Does Social Engineering Mean to the Everyman?

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What does social engineering mean to you?  It means lots of different things to lots of different people but here at childneedsfather.com not a lot of the more common social engineering definitions are relevant.  Different industries use the same term.  Social engineering as a word is used in intelligence vocabularies, hacking circles and with respect to the social sciences or political sciences.

It is the political/social science aspect of the phrase this article will focus on mainly with only a brief mention of its origins (for the purposes of furthering our understanding).

From my research I found that the original use of the word social engineering came out of military or intelligence community whereby field operatives were using “social engineering,” to manipulate people so as to achieve their particular mission.  Here is an example to provide clarity.

Example 1: An undercover cop infiltrates a group in a dance party and manipulates them (manipulates their emotions aka social engineers) to gain their trust and obtain the sources of their illegal drugs.

A second (and directly related) use of the term social engineering has resurfaced recently by a community who calls themselves “Ethical hackers.”  They are a group of people who you can pay to come in and covertly hack into your company’s network, thereby testing your security systems.  Ethical hackers claim that despite all the technical computer skills to bypass software it is the human aspect of hacking that proves the difference.  They use the term social engineering for activities they use to manipulate people into providing them access (physical or technical) into certain parts of the target network.  Allow me to provide another example.

Example 2:  You engage an ethical hacking (Sandy) company to target your computer network and provide you feedback on how secure you are.  Sandy first tries to target people within the organization to get access (social engineers).  Sandy calls up your remote IT service provides says he/she is getting blocked from a particular website and asks the IT rep to click go to the site and check if it is supposed to be blocked.  Sandy owns the said website and when the IT rep clicks on it sandy has a setup whereby the IP address can be recorded and a tunnel into the network quickly follows.  Entrance granted.

Neither of these will have much of an impact on your marriage (or your life) but the third example I am going to share with you will.

Example 3:  Manipulation of Mass populations through long term social engineering policies.

Fake news.  I bet you have heard stories in the news about of the fake news stories being broadcast online and then being picked up all over the media.  I bet you have even listened intently to one or more stories, absorbed the fact that a lot of news (both online and offline) are fake and created for the express purpose of further one political agenda over another.  Alas, I also bet that you continue being herded into the metaphorical sheep pen they want you confined into.  The only ways to avoid the propaganda are to either instantly obtain all the knowledge in the world (including peoples private intentions) or tune out enough to develop your own sense.

Political scare-mongering.  Just one of the many reasons for all fake news is to try and get you to maintain a constant degree of fear, about everything (usually a threat of some sort to your freedom. aka war, violence, civil unrest, etc.) Just watch the news or read the mainstream papers for more than 2 minutes and you will quickly conclude that crime, war and bloodshed is around every corner and you are only a split second away from your oblivion at any moment.

What good could ever come from so much focus on the negativity?

social engineerI am not part of the inner circle that makes these types of decision but there are plenty of motives I can guess, here we go:

  • Dependency, they are trying to convince you that you are defenseless by yourself and you need big governments or big corporations to save you, submit and you will be rewarded with safety
  • Consumerism, it is well documented that alcohol and sugar sales are directly related to consumer confidence
  • Socialism, welfare systems are underpinned with the threat of societal collapse
  • Defense/Military spending, all those tax dollars can be used to either benefit the government/elitists or the people- fear creates the environment in which the people can be cheated out of their tax money
  • Intelligence spending, as above
  • Education, suppression of the intelligence of the masses ensures that there is no chance of an uprising. Fear creates the environment in which the masses do not dare to show their individuality.
  • Control of Vocabulary, Fear of reprisal and being shunned by your community (among other fears) provides an atmosphere whereby political correctness restricts the masses and leaves a bland and uniform existence for all the sheeple.

Hiding the past from you. 

History has become a mystery to most of us.  Knowledge from the past is systematically suppressed and destroyed to stop you from knowing too much.  As the saying goes KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  Your power is being minimized by all the efforts made to decrease your knowledge on history.  Schools curriculums are heavily filtered and structured to provide politically correct and unquestioning jaded graduates.


Manipulation of money systems.

Taxation, wealth re-distribution, fiat currency, petro-dollar, regulation, hyperinflation, liquidity traps & fractional reserve banking, new world order, Agenda21, gold market manipulation. If you understand all of these concepts you will understand the social engineering going on within the money markets.  If you don’t understand these terms feel free to plug them into google and start an unlearning process.  Good luck.


political correctnessManipulation of you freedom of speech.

Political correctness has been used to shape the way you think.  Vocabulary undoubtedly defines your personality and shapes your sense of yourself.  If you can’t think for yourself (or express yourself) freely in your own words, or concepts, you are being censored and effectively a huge part of your consciousness has been carved away from you (the part of you that now has to remain silent because of the threat of violence against non-conformists).

I have linked an article above that I wrote on the subject.

Substitution of Westernized Universal Law for Natural Lore.

This is going to be a very foreign conversation for the most of you so first we need to differentiate the two words.

Law = a collection of rules imposed by authority

The system we live under now is nothing more than a set of rules created by a government authority figure for not much more than the purpose of maintaining and extending their authority.  The very nature of modern democracy creates the conflict between:

  • Sacrifice: Long term prosperity in exchange for short term adversity
  • Suffering: Submit to the adversity, wallow in it and let it define you.

Which one do you subscribe to Sacrifice of Suffering?  Comment below.

Lore = Traditions, Rituals or knowledge passed from generation to generation 

Lore is a set of behaviours and knowledge passed down from descendent  to descendent for the express purpose of making your children’s lives better than yours was.

Natural Lore had its rough points too though.  If you slept with the wrong girl at the wrong time you could expect that girl’s father to hunt you down and gut you like a fish.  No need for lawyers in that circumstance and if you are man enough to kill your attacker suddenly the tide is turned.  Violence wasn’t always the go-to action though.  Spiritual leaders tended to reside over the tribes and their intervention in matters often made the difference between resolution and open warfare.


One extreme end of the argument you have the socialists claiming that there is a need to bolster the deficient (by taxing the prosperous) but at the other end of the spectrum you have the balancing act (imposed onto the prosperous) of risk vs reward. i.e. you tax the prosperous too much and they will stop taking the risks required to prosper hence drying up the source of money going to the deficient.


It should be pretty obvious to you why the substitution of law for lore will be a huge detriment to your personal and immediate opportunities to thrive.


social time controlDegradation of your free time.  Distraction.

Distraction is undoubtedly a very powerful tool for the modern day social engineer.  200 years ago families lived together, learnt together, ate together, worked together and prospered together.  Outside intervention from external parties (or technologies) was at a very minimum.  Social conventions in parenting have now created this weird norm where a child’s activities only carry value if they are organized and capitalized (consumerism meets parenting?).  All this “extra-curricular” activity brings about structure, invoices and a distinct lack of free time.  Greetings to all the soccer mums reading along.


Ultimately the end goal of all this manipulation is to define your paradigms.

If you don’t know what a paradigm is you really need to.  A paradigm is a subconscious set of rules that you live by usually shaped by experiences from you past. For example, if you grew up with an alcoholic mother you would be subconscious more predisposed to becoming an alcoholic yourself, somehow being exposed to it makes it more normal.  That is probably not the best example, here is another one.  Imagine you (as a male) went to college at one of those extremely feminist run institutions where the men were constantly being “trained” not to be so misogynistic.  The resultant paradigm would be that you need to distance yourself from women and let them control all your interaction thereby keeping yourself safe from claims of harassment.

I hope these two example illustrate how your external atmosphere shapes your internal system of paradigms and all this happens, most of the time, behind the scene of your psyche and you just carry one without knowing most of the time.

Very few of us ever challenge our own thoughts! When was the last time you really looked into yourself and tackled one of your own belief systems?  I bet it is not something you have even considered to be an option right.

Here is a video if you are interested in learning how it all started.  Beware it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.


What all this got to do with your day to day life?  Why should you care?

If you are not outraged and pissed off enough to take action, protect yourself and change the least you could do it accept the truth and elevate your awareness of the real world around you.

There is an entire system of social engineers out there hell bent on shepherding you (inadvertently) into their discrete pen, control your inputs for the benefit (to them) of being able to control and dictate your outputs.  Try not to think of yourself as an adherent pod stuck in the matrix view of the human battery farm.


For further reading on Law vs Lore check out this article.  Law and Order vs. Lore and Orders?

Awareness is the first step towards your sovereignty.  Congratulations on making your first baby step, I hope together we can muster up the resolve for step 2.



2 Replies to “What Does Social Engineering Mean to the Everyman?”

  1. I had a great read Remy.

    I should say thank you for the time you invested in writing this eye opener.

    The sad reality is that many don’t really see what’s wrong or aware enough to actually know the results of the unconscious engineering happening around them.

    I choose sacrifice. Pay the price for the prize. Be intentional about life. Check what you’ve heard from the environment. Examine your beliefs. These are my guiding ethos.

    Thanks once again Remy. Every man is a product of what he has heard and believed.

    That’s why I really valued  the information you’ve shared.

    Please continue this great work. I will definitely be back to learn some more.

    1. You are welcome Festus. 

      Looking back on the post now I remember I had just finished reading the George Orwell book “1984” and was half-way through the Aldous Huxley book “Brave new world.” 

      Two mind bending books in one month was enough to drastically focus my attention.

      talk soon.

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