What does MGTOW mean? An Interview with Mike Part 2



Hello readers. I have got a treat for you today. I have tracked down MGTOW Mike for a follow-up interview. [If you missed the first interview, which was called What Is MGTOW?, follow the previous link. This time I am focusing on the question of What does MGTOW mean?

I never really got any tangible conclusions from my first interview so I planned round 2. I want to continue on where I left off last time but also try to move on from the What question and into the Where and Why questions. Cheers.

Interview with Mike: What does MGTOW mean?

What is MGTOWRemy: Howdy Mike. It’s been months since the first interview. Thanks for agreeing to my interview again.

Mike: No worries.

Remy: Last time we met I was asking a lot of questions about What is MGTOW. I have come up with a summarized version of the whole interview, listen to this statement and let me know how far off the mark I am.

Mike: Sure

Remy: MGTOW stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”. They are a group of men who share a common belief that the majority of benefits to a man when living in a first world civilization have been exploited past the point of them being beneficial. Exploited by means of taxation, legislation reform, social reform and changed attitudes to male/female monogamous relationships.

Mike: MGTOW means different things to every person I speak to Remy. If, that is what it means to you that is all that matters. It means something different to me, just as it means something different to every man.

Remy: What does it mean to you then?

Mike: To me MGTOW is more like me a man prioritizing his efforts to benefit himself first. If you are not careful it is very easy to get swept up in this so called romantic notion that the greatest purpose a man can serve it to sacrifice himself for the benefit of a maiden in distress. MGTOW’s acknowledge the maiden’s claim about distress is exaggerated and step back so that she can prove herself equal by saving herself from whatever distress she is responsible for getting herself into.

If you ask me tomorrow I may articulate it in a slightly different way but the general theme of protection and refusal to play someone else’s games will remain.

Remy: So is it a protest again what you think is an unjust family court system then?

Mike: It is bigger than the family court and it is not a protest. Minority protests fall on deaf ears, this is a boycott on a scale and of a type that has never happened like this before.

Remy: How is it a boycott? Who is boycotting and what are you boycotting?

what does mgtow meanMike: Men all over the world are withdrawing their brainpower and muscle power from the overly socialist communities. Have a good look around manufacturing industries are crumbling in the west, fertile farming lands are being abandoned, production rates are declining, family businesss are closing doors & exports of goods are declining and innovating is slowing down.

Remy: Is it true that MGTOW’s target feminists.

Mike: It is a futile battle, they won’t be swayed, they won’t be reasoned with, over 100 years and several generations of social engineering can’t be undone overnight. I prefer to let them be outraged. One thing that you learn pretty fast in this game is that people often only become outraged when there is an audience, without the audience and without the attention all the drama goes away.

Remy: So you react to feminists by ignoring them then?

Mike: In a public group setting I would, on a personal one on one basis I treat them the same as I would treat a man. That is as a competitor.

Remy: What are you competing for?

Mike: I compete to get the best value return for my efforts (whether it be my brains or my brawn) whilst the bulk of my competitors compete to extract the maximum amount of my value away from me from my efforts to cover up the fact that they are incompetent, not capable of producing anything useful themselves and running at a loss. Usually through taxes but also through fees, levies, forced charity or just outright demands for money. I refuse to prop someone else up if they refuse to work for a living or are bad at what they do.

Remy: Where is all this going to lead? What is the end goal of MGTOW? When will you know you have achieved what you are aiming to achieve?

Mike: I don’t know if there is an end goal. There are lots of different factions within MGTOW doing different things. Some men move to third world nations such as Vietnam or Indonesia, set up there, denounce their American citizenship and probably hope to sit back and watch it self-implode from a safe distance. Alternatively, some men have moved away from the cities and live off the land off the grid; away from taxation systems as a minimalist. They are probably hoping for the same; a view of the demise from a distance.

Remy: What demise and what self implosion are you predicting?

Mike: There is a few parallels with more than a few civilizations that have crumbled in the past but nothing concrete. Humanity has always lived in cycles of abundance and devastation the future will be no different. Everyone seems to be hoping that technology is going to step in and save all the humans from each other. I doubt it somehow. There has never been a long term successful civilization in the past that was ruled and governed by women. Egypt had isolated female rulers and not much more than that.

Remy: That’s my last questions, thanks for participating in the interview again Mike. Again I feel like all we achieved was more questions. How would you feel about answering questions from readers? Do you have any closing remarks?

man-beach-mgtowMike: To be honest Remy I don’t spend a lot of time on the mainstream part of the internet so I can’t promise to answer many questions from readers. In closing, I just want to add that I don’t hope for a breakdown in society. I am a subscriber to the new theories of global consciousness uprising, unlocking the power of human conscious evolution & building new mechanisms to share resources without feeding the looters.

Remy: What other parts of the internet are there?

Mike: Most of the internet is becoming censored to align with the mainstream sympathizers. There are still sections of the internet that the censors can’t access and also new technologies being created to grow beyond the infrastructure you now know as the internet.

Stay tuned.





6 Replies to “What does MGTOW mean? An Interview with Mike Part 2”

  1. It’s so refreshing to read an interview like this online. In the summer of 2006 my ex wife decided that the marriage was not working out, and moved into a house taking by then baby son with her…

    Unfortunately she wanted a clean break from everything – and I didn’t realise this at first. 

    I’m in the UK (Wales) and I spent the next four years of my life going through court in an attempt to get my son in my life so that my parents could actually meet him properly – it was a complete joke and I lost 4 years of my life…even though I won the case in the end. 

    Although I’m still not 100% clear on what Mike is aiming for with MGTOW – I know there is desperate need for these sorts of movements/ideas in modern society for fathers. 

    A great article – extremely interesting to me. 


    1. thanks Chris,

      thanks for sharing your story.  The more men like ourselves who share such stories makes it that much easier for the younger fellas to make the right choices in like.  Hopefully don’t repeat our mistakes.

      MGTOW seems to be an enigma that keeps on growing but keeps on changing.  I hope you have got a solid relationship with your son now.

      I have three kids.

  2. Hi Remy,

    MGTOW Mike sounds a lot like John Galt in Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged.

    And, I can identify with him in that I know that society slants laws toward women – especially when it comes to a divorce situation. 99 times out of 100, the courts will grant child custody to the wife with all things being equal.

    I think Mike is right when he says that men should put themselves first – and not become the sacrificial lamb in helping women out of any difficulties they get themselves into. Let the women get themselves out of their messes for a change.


    1. I have read the book Jim but I hadn’t quite put the same pieces together as you had.  I can see now the similarities between John Galt and MGTOW Mike.

      cheers mate.

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