What Are The Different Personality Types and Can Understanding Them Help Ry Relationships? Male Social Hierarchy

male social hierarchy

You must have looked around by now and wondered how it all works. Humans are social creatures and we have formed this strange unspoken language that we are all meant to instantly comprehend. The male social hierarchy changes over time and location and seems to make some people’s lives a breeze while the majority of us lag behind ignorant to it.  I am going to do my best to answer your question “What are the personality types?”, if you can understand them I am sure a whole new world will become clear to you about your relationships and more importantly about yourself. Be careful though it may get ugly. This is stuff every young person should know leaving high school.

I have done several psychological and psychometric tests over the years as I am sure you have too. They are all interesting but they I think those test were all created by lonely scientists wearing lab coats and somehow thinking these test will make them more popular.

The personality types I want to present below were originally developed by ethologists (which is the study of animals social habits), I find it a lot more practical and certain more understandable.

These personality types have been majorly bastardized and added to over the years by the PUA community (and others) so you will find plenty of different versions online. Here is my personal interpretation of it all.



Relevant stereotype – James Bond or Jason Bournesigma-male
The Sigma male is the outsider or lone wolf who doesn’t care for the rules of society and won’t play by them (unless it suits his objectives) but still seems to win the popularity game without trying. He doesn’t seek approval from anyone which makes him the master of his own destiny.

Sometimes referred to as manipulative mastermind they understand a bigger picture of the social construct that no one else does and use this knowledge to their own benefit. These men float in and out of all social circles at will and date the type of top tier women that most alphas have never even seen.
The Sigma man is successful with women but doesn’t put any value in this success.

This personality type (Sigma) actually sits at the top of the social hierarchy because they are the only ones who can manipulate the alphas (by not acknowledging the alpha’s perceived dominance).

You will find them highly focused on their own objectives and are the ultimate diplomats but still quite capable of handling themselves in any situation, violent or otherwise.



Relevant stereotype – Good looking rich Bad-boy that is the most popular with the group ( football captain)
The Alpha males are the dominant males to the majority of people within the social hierarchy. alpha-maleTheir traits are that they are very popular, extremely social and put a very high value on social acceptance and social dominance. They love being the center of attention and come with a very high social status. Alphas are extroverts and don’t mind making fun of men below them in the social hierarchy (f it gains him more social acceptance). An alpha man is a slave to his social dominance.

External appearances are extremely important. They can be shallow at times.

Successful in their business ventures or jobs usually due to the social status and conformity.

You see them jump at every chance to take risk when enough people are there to appreciate it.

The top tier women are easily attracted to alpha men.



Relevant stereotype – all the other members of the football team not the alpha. beta-male

The Beta male travels in the same social circles as the alpha but is one step down the social ladder. Think of him as a side-kick to the alphas. Beta’s still put effort into their external appearance and carry a lot of social status but they are close enough to the alpha to know what they are missing out on and can never get. They lack self-confidence and are submissive to the alpha males and top 2 tiers of women. They put a very high value on social inclusion and conformity.

The Beta male will avoid risks, will relish the provider role (to females and to alpha males). These type of men put a very high important on their acceptance from a woman. Beta men are born followers but loyal.

They are comfortable with women and will regularly try to hit on the top tier women and feel inferior to them if they ever land one. They will typically end up with the 2nd tier women and fall in line to a follower role.



Relevant stereotype – the regular Joe’s. The Nice Guys who get dumped for the bad boys.delta-male

The Delta male is one rung down the social ladder from a Beta but not part of the same social circles (he wants to be). They don’t understand the social construct and don’t know how to play the game. The Delta fails to realize he is not a Beta, hence he is given very little social status by the alpha/beta women.

A Delta may still be good-looking and quite capable on the sporting field but doesn’t meet the social expectations required to make it into the alpha/beta social circle.

Not as much value on his external appearance will present as that placed by the alpha & betas.

Women largely see Delta’s as invisible which will make him quite uncomfortable approaching women until he comes to expect rejection from them.

All women will be treated with a great amount of respect and awe and places all women on pedestals. He will regularly White Knight to protect them at his own expense and find women mysterious, confusing and intimidating.  Landing a woman will take some time for our delta man but when he does, (which he will) he will sacrifice everything to keep her from leaving him and probably put far too much self-worth into the relationship.

The top tier and the second tier women are out of reach for the delta man.

These men are the worker drones of industry, they are the tax payers that keep the entire cogs of the nation running.



Relevant stereotype – the successful conman, social justice warrior, narcissist, violent offender.

The Gamma males are a bit confused by the whole social structure and struggle to understand it. They will not be part of the same social circles as the alpha and beta. They avoid the pack mentality and don’t conform to the social rules.gamma-male

Gammas are overly self-confident to the point that they are inflexible and hate being wrong or are uncomfortable in a good solid two-way conversation. This can make them argumentative and defensive if ever caught out saying something wrong. They have no sense of self-ownership, arrogant and will not accept someone else’s opinions/facts. Their problems are always someone else’s fault, not theirs

They are manipulative at the expense of others and overly emotional.  Short fuse.

Gammas have an unwarranted sense of entitlement, are set in their ways and refuse to compromise. They are egotistical and confrontational.

Mildly successful with women but largely invisible to them.

Gammas often think they are sigma but often forget sigmas are not social rejects like the gammas are.


Relevant stereotype – Geek video game enthusiast, no social life, no love life. Sheldon.Omega male

The Omega male is the polar opposite to an alpha male. They are typically loners They are social rejects from every social circle but their own geek circle. They are shunned by society as they don’t have the social skills or the external appearance to conform into most social circles. He will have no physical attributes and may tend to be uncoordinated and put little effort into outward appearances.

Determined and successful outside of the social hierarchy because they may have superior logical or technical skills. May be extremely successful in their IT jobs or similar technical field.

Generally not successful with women at all because they have nothing a woman wants and don’t understand why.



Relevant stereotype – red pill MGTOW
The Zeta male is again a lone-wolf who walks his own path.  This path is always directly away from the social pyramid conformists. zeta-maleHe fully understands the social hierarchy and the social rules but rejects them as childish games. They can see through the social construct and believe it serves only as a means of control and segregation.

These men are celibate by choice and don’t see that any value can be gained from playing a woman’s social games. Usually these men are old enough to master their biological urges or have been in enough bad relationships to want to break free of them.

Success is common in their life direction because without the expenditure of women or social structure energy comes in spades.

He puts a very high value on self ownership and self-improvement.



Relevant stereotype – purple pill MGTOW or pick-up artist (PUA)

A Zeta male who isn’t old enough to overcome him biological urges towards women. He will understand female nature and dates women just long enough to pump and dump them. Will travel in the social circle as a covert Beta and keep his personal philosophy about women under wraps.


What’s it all mean?

If you are trying to work out which type of man you are don’t waste your time. Your position in the social hierarchy is not determined by you, it is determined by the alpha and beta women.

 If you are a female reader, welcome, yes I will be doing a similar exercise for you. Follow this link.

These social castes are generally formed early on in the teenage years and can be hard to break free from. Every alpha and beta will degenerate down the ladder as they get older if they don’t put any effort into their inner selves.

The good news for delta, gammas & omegas is that it is possible to climb the social ladder as you get older if you are willing to understand and then conform to the alpha/beta women’s wishes for money, social status and external appearance.

escape social hierarchy CTA

As a bonus if you want to know more about female – Hot Crazy Matrix, if it doesn’t make you laugh you must be a corpse. Sorry the Original video got pulled. Please let me know when it gets pulled again so I can update it AGAIN.

20 Replies to “What Are The Different Personality Types and Can Understanding Them Help Ry Relationships? Male Social Hierarchy”

  1. “Your position in the social hierarchy is not determined by you, it is determined by the alpha and beta women”….That line just hit me like a ton of brocks…chilling and profound

    1. Didn’t they teach you Briffault’s law in psychology school Gord?
      You will have to wrestle with this one for a while but eventually you will see through the fog that has hidden the truth for so long.
      think about it though men ask the woman out (she decides) men ask her to marry (she decides) men typically ask for sex (she decides and its on her terms) after sex she has fully control over the pregnancy (keep the baby, don’t keep the baby, adopt it out, tell the man, don’t tell the man) I could go on forever but you get my point I hope.
      Of course when I say she decides I mean they decides , life is a group exercise.

  2. This is a very interesting subject. The topic itself will make one look in the mirror and define himself. The question for me is honesty or blindness. Does this self-evaluation answers what a person wants to be or what they are?

    1. ask your wife Maurice,
      If you are married I am sure she has got all the answers.
      If you are not married, be whatever man you want to be.
      As you get older and wise up to it all the hierarchy becomes less and less important but wouldn’t it have been nice to know these things as a teenager.

  3. Hi Remy,
    What an interesting post you’ve got here. It actually made me wonder what category the men around me fall. I mean My brother, dad, cousin and husband. I cannot wait to show them your post. What got me most was the fact that an Alpha or Beta male can degenerate as he grows older, I think I have seen cases like that before. Thanks for the post.

      1. you? true legend. great read.

        me? zeta.

        i have had sex with one girl in almost 6 years.

        back abstinence.

        the programming of males being obsessed with female approval is in us all.

        but we re all born different and we all battle through our own gauntlets which mould us ~ more so in our childhood years.

        some argue it is already written? potentially.

        sadly ~ but gratefully ~ true tests build resilience.

        just as heavier weights make us stronger!

        thank you and bless up brother.


        1. thanks for jumping in
          One persons trash is another persons treasure just as one persons sour grapes is another persons life-changing moment.

          The things closest to home tend to hurt the most. Why is it that rejection was strangers tends to hurt the most?

  4. Hey very interesting article when I’m currently 17 and after I read your article I immediately thought I was beta but then I read delta and I perfectly fit the description I mean I thought I was a beta for crying out loud I acknowledge I am a delta male and understand my point in society right now but honestly I don’t want to be just another regular joe also I don’t want to be just an everyday working man slaving away unable to get the top girls settling for 2nd tiers so this has struck a chord with me and I believe I can change and I’m currently trying to improve my social status since I read that the higher your social status the better you emotions regulate I have been doing stuff like going to the gym, meditating but I want to improve my social status to a beta and later an alpha and later a sigma you have any tips? I would like to message you more in-depth if possible.
    Thank You

    1. Michael,
      please do not associate your social status with your ability to regulate emotions. As a teenage male your social status is largely determined by the women in your social circle (i.e. your ability to give to them) but your emotions are yours alone to manage. Do not for a second allow anybody else to control your motions, emotions or spirit.
      You are on the right track by working out and especially meditating but the reason needs to be for you and not for the sake of others.
      The two things I wish I understood as a 17 year old were nesting & sexual market value.

      If you understand women’s propensity to nest you will understand the underlying motivation behind a lot of the things they do that you think on the surface are crazy. (i.e. testing you, cheating, demanding gifts)
      Then there is your sexual market value. As a male your SMV starts in your teens at the bottom and will only get higher and higher as you get older peaking on the other side of 40. Whereas a womans SMV peaks in her most fertile years (early to mid 20s) and then slumps downhill from there on.
      Why do you think so many 20 year old women end up with 40 year old men?
      Why do you think so many mid 30 year old women are desperate to snare a man?

      I have not written any articles on my site specifically targeting younger men but I can do if there is demand. Let me know guys!
      I would recommend you listen to some Tom Leykis Radio shows.

      Feel free to email anytime my friend remy@childneedsfather.com

  5. I’m trying to figure out where I’m located in the piramid, things can slightly change from the social/cultural environment but I can see a pattern here anyway.
    I’m 25 at the moment, I’ve always been able to fit in differents social groups because I have an acceptable look and many different interests,
    I’ve dated different kind of girls but I don’t have a great libido, good looking is obviously important but I prefer to sacrifice a bit of it in favour of a girl that has her own goals and own ideas.
    I fully understand how society works but I’m in and out of a nietzsche’s nihilism prospective of life, I don’t refuse society anyway since I can fit in groups when I feel to,
    I have lot of friends but more attention for the closest ones (like everyone I suppose).

    1. Are you aware of the concept of sexual market value alb?
      Sounds to me like SMV may be the missing link you are searching for.
      Basically both men and women have a fluctuating SMV dependant on their age (i.e. for women it is biological clock, for men it is social status).
      Women’s SMV peak in their mid 20’s and depleted thereafter.
      Mens SMV peak is in their late 30’s early 40’s (mainly to do with social status – $$$$ unfortunately).
      The discrepency beetween the two SMV cycles cause a lot of problems. The social narrative (counter-intuitively telling you the opposite) just propagates ignorance to the discrepancy.

  6. Hi, Remy. I don’t know if I am a Delta or a Zeta. I recently got out of a bad relationship. And realizing that I don’t want to be subject to “games,” or manipulation. I value leadership, and being a provider to people in my community, because my religion moves me to do so.

    However, my friends tell me that I have a high understanding of female nature. Based on what I have read about Deltas(articles entitling them as emotionally intelligent, and assertive), I feel like I may fit the category. But I’ve been reaching for a lot of Red Pill/MGTOW info lately, on the internet.

    I have some narcissism going on, but I don’t withdraw compassion.[maybe some bitterness about the dating game]

    Will you tell me based on my message if I sound like more of a Delta, or a Lambda or Zeta? I know that relationships have a burden on me, unless I’m with a right woman. But I’m curious to see if you can appraise my status, or redirect me.

    Thanks, kindly.

    1. Thanks for dropping in Rob. It sounds like i am about 8 years ahead of you in life.

      I wrote this article quite a while ago when I was still trying to work it all out myself. Now I look back I can see it all in a very different light.
      I get the impression that you are starting down the same track Rob. Once you withdraw from the external focus of things such as a relationship status or a social status you will see them with a lot more clarity.
      They are pegs in the ground, if you want to stay tethered to them they are going to bring some some limitations to what you can do with your life.
      I have chosen to untether myself from such things as I suspect you will one day.

      One thing to remember also, religion can be a tether if the leadership is not aligned to where you are going.
      Elephants are tethered to the ground from a very early age, by the time they grow up they have the strength to pull out the peg very easily but they don’t because they don’t have to willpower to do so.
      A lot of men will begrudgingly stay tethered to a relationship or to job or social role that makes them miserable and never find the will to just do something different and upset the apple cart for a bit.

      With respect to the narcissism comment, I theorized years ago that there is a thing as trained narcissism just as there is trained helplessness. Be aware of your surroundings, especially relatives/health professionals and especially social media.

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