Western Cultures Produce Disposable Male Slave Worker Drones

disposable male

I have written here about men being expendable in a military type of scenario but I want to expand the conversation to the domestic scenario as well. The culture is degrading to a point where Men are Disposable. Disposable Male thinking has denigrated masculinity down to work drones or workhorses devoid of many rights.  Follow me in to see how western culture produce disposable male slaves.


Evolutionary Biology

Humans have evolved through something like 40,000 generations since that huge asteroid hit earth killed the dinosaurs and allowed humans to become a dominant species.

Until the last few hundreds years humans operated predominantly in tribes with set roles. The men hunted, the women nested and gathered.

For the species to continue more women are needed than men. One man can quite easily impregnate several women but one woman with access to several men can still only have the one offspring. It is also this way to ensure genetic variance over the ages (inbreeding is bad for all you rednecks out there). This long history of evolution has undoubtedly hard-wired certain behaviors and biology into our human brains.
child needs fatherWe are all born with hard-wired neural highways to dictate certain behaviors (more than likely for the greater good of the species):

  1. men need to protect women
  2. women need to protect themselves and their children
  3. the bond between mother and child is stronger than mother and father
  4. men compete with other men for the best women
  5. women nest when baby is imminent
  6. men provide for their women and their families and will take incredible risks and sacrifice themselves to do so
  7. women are in tune with their emotions
  8. men are in tune with the natural world around them (both the seen and unseen worlds)
  9. men are physically stronger, taller and hairier
  10. testosterone spikes in men in their late teens through to their late thirties, in this time procreation tends to dictate all things in life
  11. a woman’s fertility peaks in the late teens, early twenties then diminishes until her late 30s when it is basically gone

These small things tend to cause significant differences if you want to focus on them long enough or ignore them.

They cannot be suppressed without consequences to ones mental health.

Nature vs Nurture. Sex Is Now A Legal Minefield And

marriage help for menSex and Procreation are now legal minefields and there is a third partner involved, the government.

Whilst all the dot points above at natural phenomenons (we are born with such tendencies) there is a big role in all this that the society and environment we live in plays. I believe third wave feminism has played a huge role in nurturing the divide between the sexes.

The increased legal power women were given to control sexual encounters over men further exaggerated the downsides of excess hypergamy.

The laws introduced to satisfy the 2nd wave feminists have a new normal where women not only have immense control over a man’s ability to procreate but also his state of imprisonment and livelihood (through the unjust use of rape laws).


No Fault Divorce Minefield

Another disaster that emanated from the 2nd wave feminist movement is no fault divorce laws. This one law has destroyed the institution of marriage more than any single act. Statistics vary greatly depending on which point you are trying to make but conservatively you can say that divorce rates are well over 50% and well over 75% of those divorces are instigated by women (who stand to reap significant financial benefits from their decisions).

man slaveMarriage is no longer seen as a life long commitment and husbands are no longer seen as permanent fixtures in a woman’s life.

A lot of women are openly admitting that marrying a wealthy man just to divorce him and claim half his assets is a preferred career choice.

Epidemics of Single Mothers, Professional Welfare Dependents, Cougars & Homeless Female Retirees.

What has the sexual revolution and marriage breakdowns got to do with anything you ask? The impacts never get discussed out in the open. Single Motherhood is at all time highs. Welfare dependents are at all time highs and multi-generational. Hypergamy is at all time highs leading to either Cougars prowling for rich men or 50/60 year old single women homeless and destitute without a means of supporting themselves.

All these scenarios place a larger burden on the government to raise taxes and further take care of the problem they wanted. After all the more voters dependent on the government the better for votes.

Ask yourself though, where does the taxation money come from?

Men are routinely being asked to pick up the tab, work harder, do you bit.

Generations Of Boys Raised Without Male Role Models

There are huge number of boys being raised in houses without fathers or even men present. This is not just a problem spanning today’s families. Second and third generations of boys are growing up without even any men in their family trees. Anyone who tells you that a single mother can raise a child just as well as a mother and a father (even in separate houses) has got rocks in their head and is trying to justify some sort of insufficiency to themselves. Ignore them and ask yourself how is a man supposed to learn how to be a man if not from a man.

Men struggle to understand themselves, single women certainly can’t be expected to understand them well enough to teach masculinity.

Emasculation Of Men

Man-gender-confusedThis is a topic for another post but you have got to be blind not to see the effects of all this on masculinity. Men are growing up as feminized versions of their single mothers. Men are growing up with a preconceived conception given to them from their single mothers that all men are bastards and rapists and all masculinity is toxic.


The Canary Down the Mine Is Already Dead What Are You Going To Do?

Birth rates per 1,000 women in America and in all western countries continue to plummet to all time lows. The births that are occurring are being pushed out to women in the 30s and 40s.

Government debt is at all time highs. Unemployment is starting to regain to normality after hitting all time highs during the global financial crisis. Welfare spending is soaring to keep up with demand.

Media Outlets, Movies, TV’s, Advertisements, etc all routinely attack masculinity as a part of pop culture now.

Women are becoming more and more vocal about their unhappiness and the lack of “good men out there.”

Male Suicides are soaring. Incarceration of men is sky-high.

Old men are now routinely stereotyped as pedophiles or rapists.

Young boys are being medicated with ADHD drugs in record numbers.

Men are starting to avoid marriage, emigrate away from western cultures or invent alternatives to mainstream weapons used against them.

Technologies are being developed to bridge some gaps mentioned above such as robot aids, alternative currencies, digital lifestyles, male contraception pills, surrogacy for men to have babies. Some people are even toying with an artificial womb.

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If anyone knows much about Japanese culture can you see the same parallels that I can?



2 Replies to “Western Cultures Produce Disposable Male Slave Worker Drones”

  1. Hello!
    I agree that children, especially boys need to have a male figure in their life. Even if it is not their “father” the male presence is much needed to help raise a well rounded and fully developed child. I know many parents of boys where the father is not in their lives and they make a point to bring other males around them in an effort to ensure their child has a chance to see the role men play in our society.

    1. I hope one day to see a world where everyone can acknowledge the role men play in society. Preferably before the society in question has to crumble to the ground.

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