Were You Trying To Be Alpha Male In A Relationship? You are being fooled!

super alpha male


I know you are upset but there really is a super alpha male out there shaping the social agenda so that you can’t be alpha male in a relationship.

This article is the fourth and final post in a series on the social hierarchy at play in your life.

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Impacts of the industrial revolution on fatherhood

Only a few generations ago children found themselves in the position where they knew exactly what their father did for work. They would live on a farm with their mother and father and see firsthand just what type of activities each parent got up to during the day. This knowledge would cement the bond between children and parents. Since the industrial revolution fathers jobs have been, for the most part, been taken off the farm and away from the home. Whilst working in a factory or office may bring the family more wealth and less risk it has weakened the bond between father and child. A mystery now exists of what a father does every day when not at home. Mystery brings speculation. If something is not witness does it really happen? The end result is a mans work becomes undervalues and taken for granted.

As more women join the workforce the same could be said for mothers. Women are encouraged to outsource the childcare.

Generation Snowflake

We are living in an unprecedented time in history where a culmination of important factors are breeding generations of feeble people (both men and women).

These important factors include:generation snowflake

  • an extraordinary long time of peace and very little large scale conflict
  • abundant wealth
  • abundant health
  • increasing life expectancy
  • information overload
  • accessible university education
  • industrialization has led to less manual labor tasks
  • very little physical risks in life (in comparison to previous generations)
  • accessible international travel
  • over-abundance of consumer goods
  • over-abundance of entertainment

The result is a generation of very comfortable people with no hardships needing something to complain about.

Human nature seems to include an inherent lack of content; no matter how well off you have it.

The Dominant Minority

One group of minority thinkers have embraced the opportunity and capitalized more than most others. Feminism has been very successful in partnering with government to benefit both parties. Women have undoubtedly gained a great deal of political power whilst the government is doing its best to double the quantity of working tax payers.

Both men and women have adopted feminism because in the start it was a good idea, then as the power increase the corruption is increasing.

If you don’t believe me go and read “The S.C.U.M Manifesto,” or Erin Pizzey’s essay titled “The Family Terrorist.”

Money, Votes & Power

The social engineering required to disband the family unit is big business. Several multi-billion dollars industries have been created off the back of the destruction of what previous generations referred to as a family.

Just a few of these industries that have been either created or inflated includesuper alpha male government

  • the divorce industry (lawyers, courts, universities, taxes, law makers, funerals, psychology/counseling, child support, alimony)
  • the family planning industry (abortions, contraception)
  • prisons
  • child care
  • marketing and anything related to selling consumer goods
  • real estate (houses need two homes all of a sudden)
  • welfare industry
  • charities (entire charity groups rely on this type of large scale destruction)
  • women’s studies (your very own career path back to where you started)
  • lobby groups
  • domestic violence industry (one of the best funded groups out there)
  • women shelters
  • and more….

With more chaos comes more or an opportunity for the governments to up sell themselves as doing something. Women are a very large demographic that politicians 100 years ago didn’t have access to.

Reproductive Laws

Laws have been introduced to ensure women has all the capability to decide

  • the difference between consensual sex and rape (sometimes even after the fact)
  • when a baby will be born (the woman has full say in
  • when a baby will be terminated (morning after pill, contraception, abortion)
  • when a baby will be adopted

While a man is held fully responsible for his offspring the only influence he has over it is the ability to abstain from reproduction.

The end result is promiscuous women not held accountable for their actions and empowered to blame men for her mistakes.

Protective & Encouragement Laws

A plethora of laws have been created to ensure a woman have the protection of the state

  • sexual harassment laws that can includes things as menial as an unwanted glance
  • abolition of men’s only spaces
  • quota’s for women in workforce
  • alimony & palimony (aka child support, spousal support)
  • laws against what they call hate crimes
  • subsidies for anything related to women doing things
  • grants for anything related to women doing things
  • and more…..

Marriage & Divorce Laws

The landscape of marriage and divorce has been dramatically changed by laws giving women more freedom within and after marriage. Some of these laws include

  • marital rape
  • no fault divorce
  • prejudiced transfer of wealth to women
  • prejudiced child access right for women

I say prejudiced because the government has a conflict of interest in these matters. The government makes decisions which influences its own ability to gain revenue through taxes.

The result is the government is now stepping into a protector role for more and more women

The age of the caveman is long gone and I can’t hear anyone complaining about that. Problem is that a lot of the hunter-gatherer biology and personality traits are still present today that we don’t account for. A woman’s need for protection is biological and is required for evolution to take place. As more and more women uncouple themselves from men their need for protection is no longer being met. This is what they want I am assuming since this is what they are saying they want.

If you know something more let me know, I think most men are completely mystified by what women say they want and what they actually need.

The government is finding itself surrogate father to a generation of kids and surrogate husband to a generation of snowflakes. The business of chaos creation has never been better.


If you still aren’t convinced, here is a woman’s point of view on the subject.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w__PJ8ymliw[/embedyt]





6 Replies to “Were You Trying To Be Alpha Male In A Relationship? You are being fooled!”

  1. All us men do think about who is the boss nowadays. In earlier times it was clear who was who in a relationship. I went through the same thing about 10 years ago thinking I was the boss until divorce happened. I saw the fangs come out of this small woman that I thought I loved. To her and the government, I was the worst man alive. I had no recourse and one day I just gave up. Let her have whatever she thought she deserved, even my attorney told me I have no chance. I was lucky to see my son and he eventually came to live with me. Not a bad trade-off!! Thanks for putting in plain English what we men have to face now!

    1. My story is not a lot different rodney,
      Three kids under the age of eight when my wife decided she was bored and wanted out. No reason given.
      My result was very similar. I traded off all my assets and all my money and future earnings for about half of the access to my kids that i thought was the bare minimum.
      The government and the legal system (and many others) made a fortunate out of my divorce. Even when I saw my kids we were that far alienated from each other that quality time became a mystical thing.
      The kids became indoctrinated by frequent visits to social workers, domestic violence shelters, counsellors and doctors or anyone else who could shower attention on my ex-wife and bolster her identity as a victim.
      I also learned fairly quickly that these issues get locked away into men’s internal closets and don’t see the light of day until something bad happens. Psychologists are quite happen to encourage that to happen as well.
      Time heals some wounds and we move on to something different. Good news is we are both free men now and know how miserable it is on the other side of the fence.

  2. Interesting blog and topic.
    The destruction you talk about is not limited to the west it is slowly and surely penetrating all the corners of the world.
    However that doesn’t stress, “there will always be a market correction”, and bubbles always burst.
    To put it in plain english, these things will keep increasing until this new age generation of women start hitting 40-50.
    And believe me it will crumble like a house of cards and I will cherish every part of it.
    So the numbers are on our side, as more women gain their so called liberation, they will loose the sheltering that men provided so far for generations and then they will start taking the blows of life that they never got.
    Pain is the only remedy to stupidity.
    So to all the cunt worshippers out there (betas etc.) Keep worshipping until you take that ugly blow and to the entitled women out there keep prostituting yourselves (and call it liberation), live a single miserable life and be the living example to the younger ones.
    For the reasonable guys, don’t marry the loose ones, wear a condom, make money, get a good social circle of loyal quality male friends and learn how to use a whip and leash.
    Birth rates will decline at this rate and that’s good for our planet.

    1. thanks najib,
      I am getting more and more men commenting on my post sharing your sentiments, and quite a few women too.
      I wasn’t quite sure how this post was going to be received. I was in a pretty bazaar mental state when I wrote that entire series of posts but I am not in the habit of adding to the sea of mediocrity that makes up the internet.
      I agree with your sentiments that men need to seek out like minded men for their social circles but the big challenge now is how to find such men and the break through their veil of secrecy.

  3. i have read all 4 components and there is some validity to all views… i kinda don’t agree that an alpha female wants to be about no man. i feel i fall into the alpha criteria. i just want a man as strong minded as me. we can live any lifestyle as long as we are together on it, which includes at the top honesty and open conversation, which breeds stronger loyalty. we are each others peace in chaos and truth telling in a world full of liars. i just don’t get those types and i send them packing for my peace of mind not to trash them. i let them live. karma deals with the type of people who only GAF about themselves and add people to the equation for their personal satisfaction. they seem to be one thing only to reveal almost gamma like qualities. I’m over it. i let silence and action guide my course for a while. no longer do i stay silent but i try to bring more to the convo not take from it as much as possible.
    i know men think differently on opening up to anyone but when a person is supposed to mean something to you and you want them around you give them the understanding they are for you by giving them what they want just like they would want you to do for them. i find my nurturing qualities being taken advantage of you can go!!! who needs that, thats not love that using and abusing a good natured person who just wants to love on you are build you up… one day the right man AND woman will fulfill my desires, until then…. more discovery of self.

    1. I hope you haven’t fallen trap to the paradigm that this entire social structure is trying to creaate LJ.
      I have got a serious question that i will pose but I don’t want you to answer publically –
      Are you desires your own?
      Have a good look at your desires and what I suspect you will find is that they have come from someone else (i.e. your social influences), you may have even internalized them to the point where you don’t question them anymore.
      During a major life moment (such as a death of a close family member etc) these interalized paradigms tend to dissapear and you can get a true glimpse of you. Have you had that experience?
      Do you really need a career to make yourself happy or someone else?
      Do you really need real estate to make yourself happy or someone else?
      Do you really need a predetermined list of relationships to make yourself happy or someone else? Family & spouse.

      Live someone else’s life too long and you will run out of time to do something original.

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