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Hello there. Quite some time ago when my children were getting into those vital teen years I went on a search to see what I could figure out about the future for when. I wanted answers to my questions like, What were the top jobs for the future for them? What jobs exist today that won’t be around in 20 years time? What types of change can we expect? How do I best set them up for the future now?

It was a big ambitious now I look back but I was going through a career change and a complete change in my life direction too (some people may use the term midlife crisis I called it divorce desolation) so I was subconsciously asking all the same questions for myself.

I read a lot of social science books and I read a lot of psychology books. I read political science book and I far too many opinion pieces. Save yourself all the depression and anxiety that comes with reading those types of genres. Lots of authors in these fields appear to be fixated on promoting widespread fear across mass populations. I tackled this topic of social engineering in a post. Click the above link to deep dive into it.

Back on topic again we are looking to try to steer ourselves (or our children) towards a prosperous future. After doing all this research I found a series of books from the Harvard Business School Press called The Leadership for the Common Good. The picture below will tell you a lot more about them.


There is one specific book within the series that I want to focus your attention on today.

5 Minds for the Future Book, Howard Gardner


This book is Howard’s categorization of the types of people (minds) that he believes the future will be looking for. Each chapter goes into great detail the 5 minds, what they how and how they will be critical to the success of societies in the future.

Here is my summary of the 5 types of minds:

The Disciplined Mind

These are the rationalists, logicians, engineers, mathematicians and masters of the application of large bodies of knowledge via defined methodologies. The best future career paths may be robotics, automation or computer sciences.

Synthesizing Mind

Synthesizers are capable of quickly locating and scanning large collection of information (data, texts, articles, books, pictures, etc.) and surmising big picture trends and commonalities between them. They are also masters of combining the fine detail of things with big picture helicopter views. The best future career paths may be in the fields of big data, data mining & analysis, information sciences etc.

creative mind

Creative Mind

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. The ability to make something that doesn’t already exist. Obviously imagination is must for the creative mind. The best future career paths may be new product development, prototyping, design, research or exploration.

Respectful Mind

These are the managers/leaders of our immediate social groups. Capable of organizing and aligning small to medium groups of local people. The best future career paths may be business owners or managers on a regional scale.

Ethical Mind

The next level of managers/leaders who operate on a much larger national, international or global scale. These are the people who watch out for the best of mankind on a big scale but also for the sake of future generations. The best future career paths may be diplomats, leaders or social influencers in fields such as sustainability or resource management.


Remember this: Humanity doesn’t exist in black and white form and these 5 minds don’t exist in isolation from each other. Every one of us is a combination of all five types. We may each have one or two dominant types but all five a required to work in unison.


Who will benefit by understand these concepts

I found this book during a period of my life when I was undergoing a lot of personal growth (post divorce) but I bought it to try to help channel my kids into their leadership paths.

What I found was that this book will help anyone who is interested in matching up their own (or help someone else to) personal strengths with a job field and make that choice as future proof as possible.

What will the benefits be

  1. help you with your own self inquiry
  2. help you better understand what your children are naturally good at
  3. help you steer your children towards the best career paths for them.

What I found was that the biggest benefits you are going to get are not from what lies within the book but what lies beyond. Let me elaborate a bit. This is one of those books that will bring with it a lot of self inquiry. You will naturally just start looking into your own personality and trying to fit yourself into this framework. The framework is flexible enough for everyone to fit into.

Beyond the self introspection what I found was that i really provoked me to try to better understand my children as well. It set up a framework that I could use to better understand their actions on a more personal level. My original intentions when buying the book were to try to help steer my children into the best career paths. It turned into so much more than that.

Where can you buy it from

Amazon is probably the easier place for most people to buy it from. Also, cheapest. Click this link if you want to go to the relevant Amazon Page.

[FYI No I will not make a sales commission by linking you to this site, I am just trying to help you out]


Why can’t I work all this out by myself

To put it politely but bluntly unless you are a Harvard Professor, leading public intellectual, world renowned educator and champion writer with networks across the globe you just don’t have the required resources.

This work has taken a lot of understanding about personal psychology and also about social psychology. These are big subjects which normally take people a lifetime to master.

family help

When will these benefits manifest themselves

As is everything in life if you sit back and wait for things to manifest themselves you will never know. If you want to instigate your own change and set your own path you will need to seize hold of the knowledge yourself and manifest your own benefits. The 5 minds book has the knowledge to set you on a path so that you can realize as many or as little benefits that you see fit. Don’t be one of those followers who sit back with the other sheep and wait for some external force to manifest itself.

2 Replies to “Top Jobs For The Future – 5 Minds Of The Future”

  1. Thanks for the thorough review of Howard Gardner’s 5 Minds for the Future! The five different minds sound very interesting but I’m not sure which categories I fall into. Does the book have resources or tests for discovering which ‘minds’ we use?

    Sorry to hear about your divorce, I know that can be extremely tough. When my parents split it was difficult to understand how the love they once shared was just gone but people grow apart sometimes and that’s just part of life. 🙁

    1. No, no tests Jon.  I don’t think it is supposed to be a black and white concrete type of thing.  I get the impression that it is all about instigating conversation and changing existing thought patterns for new times.

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