Things That Emasculate Men. Plus the first step to a resolution.


Following on from a post I wrote titled Ways that women emasculate men   I wanted to continue on with the important topic but this time really look deep inside ourselves and come up with a path forward to protect ourselves.  It is not only women that emasculate men.  There is also a social construct that promotes a separation of masculinity from men.

Take a moment to compare your typical modern-day man to that of 100 years ago.  Back in 1918 men were being drafter to go to war, WW1.  I shudder to think what type of war we would have now if our 18-year-old men were drafted and had to put down the mobile phone long enough to go to war.

Separation Of Men From All Male Role Models

In the westernised cultures of 2018 it is extremely common for boys to grow up without even one male role model to guide them.

Schools are devoid of masculine men.  I need to define what I mean by a masculine man, but not here, in short you can think of modern men that fit into three categories

Masculine men – men who are true to themselves, live within their own means and live for their own sense of self-satisfaction without ever being manipulated by external parties or circumstances.  Please note that self-satisfaction is a lot different to selfishness. Personal sacrifice is a very large component of male nature and masculine men have the ability to sacrifice for the greater good of others but not past the point where additional sacrifice becomes their own self-destruction.

Shadows of men – These are the men who cannot curb their sacrifice.  These are the men (usually long term married men who have been worn down by their wives) who have sacrificed everything for so long that they no longer have enough spirit left in them to define themselves.  I was one of these men and from what I can see 80% of men married for more than 5 years get to this point and subconsciously hate it but the denial is far too strong to escape from.

Feminised men – these are the men who sacrifice nothing but still have very little by way of a sense of self-identity.  Their idea of self comes from belonging to a group.  Their entire psyche is outsourced to an external body of thought and you will find they express themselves in terms of victim status or short term immediate status of their ever-changing emotions.  They will do nothing that will jeopardise their position in the social group.

university female think tanks

Eradication of male spaces

A long time ago men could socialise with each other in spaces where women did not frequent.  Men could see, hear and learn from older men and more masculine men first hand without being judged and decide for themselves a role model to follow.  Those opportunities do not exist now.  Masculinity is more often defined by the single mothers bring up their children.

Condemnation of male nature

Without going into the specifics of what male nature is I want you to acknowledge the biological fact that men are different to women and that certain male traits are all too commonly considered in a negative lightered, thereby being publicly condemned.

Example 1.  Male Sex Drive

Male biology has developed over thousands of years to drive men to seek a sexual partner.  Evolution depends on it and the social fabric of our society is actually based on it.  Men are the ones who need to ask a woman out.  Very seldom will a woman take that kind of risk or open herself up to the public ridicule associated with rejection.  In saying that the feminists have also put in place an entirely new set of legislation and gender specific dogma that can be used to criminalise a man for taking the risk and approaching a women (for whatever purpose).  Don’t believe me?

The epidemic of false rape claims and false domestic violence claims should be evidence enough.

The complete rights to all interactions of a sexual nature being men and women have been handed over to their sole control of women.  A few worth nothing are

  • The decision to go out together (female)
  • The right to be wined, dined and romanticised over without lifting a finger of paying a cent (female)
  • The right to accept all the above-mentioned attention without giving anything back in return (female
  • The decision to consent to sex (female)
  • The decision to use contraception (female)
  • The right to decide on adoption, keep the baby, abortion (female)
  • And the trend carries on right the way through to divorce where the female because sole rights to decide the outcome and legally start the wealth transfer.


Effectively these rights can be abused by malignant women for their purposes of power and money aggregation if they see fit (And a lot of them see fit).

Male nature is slowly becoming criminalised.  Some universities are even openly coming out and creating programs to repress masculinity.

Has sex been turned into a commodity?

sex emasculationThe increase in female promiscuity has changed the very nature of sex.  It is no longer something respectful to be worked for that takes months to achieve.  It is now used by women as a tool for power games usually not even targeted towards the man.  There is a much large power game going on between social groups.  Most people in this new age of “connectedness” do not directly associated themselves with their own actions.

If you are one of those people who think you can jump on tinder and jump into a new partner every few days without any repercussions you are living in a world of denial and also living in a world where you have sacrificed your own individuality for belonging to a social group.

Going through the same motions over and over again each weekend with a different partner will not get you to a point where you can disconnect from a group identify and create a personal identity.

Sacrificing your sexuality and individuality for the right to conform to a groups social rules is too much to sacrifice.


The buck stops where? When does self-sacrifice become more?

First step to take on the road to recovery is this one.

Very few people will responsibility for their own actions, we live in a society is full of gynocrats, who would much rather identify themselves with a collective psyche than stand alone as an adult.  You need to separate yourself from those anchors who will only drag you down.

Traditional old-fashioned Masculinity as defined above seems to be the best guide to helping you stand on their own two feet, take responsibility for your own actions/thoughts then set a fire within yourself of determination, drive, focus and action.

I will repeat it again just so you don’t have to go looking for it:

Masculine men – men who are true to themselves, live within their own means and live for their own sense of self-satisfaction without ever being manipulated by external parties or circumstances.  Please note that self-satisfaction is a lot different to selfishness. Personal sacrifice is a very large component of male nature and masculine men has the ability to sacrifice for the greater good of others but not past the point whereby additional sacrifice becomes their own self-destruction.

Ultimately no one or no external set of circumstances can force you to sacrifice your own masculinity.

Once you gain your own masculinity (and that is not a small feat in itself) you can only blame yourself for the emasculation that happens within modern marriages.  Next topic will be the can works associated with How do you gain your masculinity in the first place without any role models?

2 Replies to “Things That Emasculate Men. Plus the first step to a resolution.”

  1. A thought provoking article! Looking around, I can see those types of men around me, based on your three categories above. I’ve realized there are different types of men but you break it down succinctly and precisely.

    True enough, male role model are not abundant nowadays making it difficult for us to learn from one another.

    I just wonder why are married men being emasculated by their wives? I thought marriage happens between a loving man and woman so what could happen that changes the man so much?

    P/s: I’m not yet married which is why I’m really interested in this issue.

    1. What I hope you find now Isaac is that your eyes now be open to see more and more of this behaviour around your.  

      Here is a list of articles which answer the why question but in a nutshell I think it all comes down to Shame.  When you really open your eyes up to look at the western society for what it really is masculinity is punished.  Everyone else seems to get a provided a leg up whilst the masculinity role model gets beat down.  Here is just one example of thousands; go to the website for your local university and pull out the list of scholarships & grants available.  There will be on for every other person except for a straight male.  There appears to be a political agenda aimed to removing male competition and success from the face of the earth. Probably to make room for someone weaker who can’t compete.

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