The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men

The women liberation movement evolved as a way for women to regain some sort of power they thought they had lost. I propose that it has also exposed a lot of truths about female nature and given a lot of men a higher level of awareness they needed to forge more independence never before seen in history. An unprecedented freedom.
Freedom is a very adult concept that very few people contemplate. For me freedom is not the ability to get a home loan, buy a house and live in the suburbs sacrificing 40 years of my life to keep on top of interest payments on a house I seldom get to spend more than a day at a time in.

Freedom should be the ability for you to break free from your ego, (including the influences of that collective ego created by everyone around you) and pursue your own personal life mission, whatever you decide that is.

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New Skills Brings New Opportunity For Freedom

men change miserable womenGoing back a few generations it was not rare to find a man that had never cooked himself a meal, washed his own clothes or done the dishes. His inability to do such chores created in him a dependence on his marriage to get through the day. Whether he was unable, unwilling or disinclined is somewhat irrelevant to this discussion.

Today you will find that none of these day-to-day dependencies exist for a man. He is not only capable but expected to perform all the domestic duties that a woman can perform.

This brings with it an independence that the women liberation movement never accounted for. Women’s value in a man’s life slowly became eroded as more and more the genders become equal. There is still some value but the very services created for women to free them are being used by men to further devalue women.

New Service Industries Bring New Lifestyle Choices

Here are a few examples of service based industries that have been created (or become accessible) within the past 80 years or so:

  • workplaces are becoming made into more and more social environments (to attract or retfreedom from constraintsain women)
  • entire industries of fast food, restaurants, food delivery have been created
  • cheap and reliable cleaning services can be easily outsourced
  • child minding industries allow the bulk of your babysitting needs to be outsourced
  • social media and social applications mean you can get as much social interaction you need
  • stylists can choose and buy your clothes
  • hairdressers can cut your hair
  • you can even pay for someone to come and organize your closet for you and arrange your drawers
  • personal assistants (or apps) can arrange your time
  • interior decorators can come and furnish your entire house & arrange it to your tastes
  • grocery shopping can be done online and delivered to your door
  • the stigma of being single no longer inhibits your career
  • financial planning services, budgeting services, bankers can all keep your finances in place
  • sex can be easily dehumanized (toys, aids, dolls, hookers, robots, videos, porn etc.)
  • babies can be formed without a sexual partner (egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates, designer babies)

Very few of these types of services existed back in my grandfathers time. They were mostly created to assist with women entering the workforce but their use by single men has allowed them to outsource their should-have-been wives, further exaggerating the gender divide.
Take a minute to ponder the implications and leave your thoughts below?


Male-Female Relationships Are No Longer Exclusively Social

Back in my grand fathers generation women did not work and all interactions with women were purely social interactions. Fast forward two generations and there will soon be more women in the work force than men. What has this done to relationships. It has undoubtedly shaped men’s understanding of female nature. Females can now be colleagues. Not a partner, not a friend, not a relative, not even a social acquaintance but just a colleague (which really means the interaction amounts to nothing).

Those types of interactions never existed 100 years ago.

I struggle to imagine that men will consider intimate relationships with women a purely emotionally exercise in the future. As men as exposed to more and more women in the workplace and see for themselves the dark side of female nature their rational minds will kick in and a risk assessment of sorts will take place. Perhaps better defined as a cost benefit analysis. A mind dump of all the possible negative outcomes will be weighed up against the likelihood, consequence and the benefits that may arise if such a risk was pursued.

On the flip side there is also now the ability for marriages to be created in the workplace. A lot of men and women meet and work but the risks are high.

The Possible Future Implications

freedom for menThere is also a multi-generational trend that I think will pan out. It should to evident to everyone that the new normal is for children to grow up without a mother and father living under same roof. Those days are gone. The tradition of a husband and wife staying together to raise children has been broken and I can’t imagine it will be reintroduced. What implications does that bring with it? If you push aside all the day to day implications, have a look at the big elephant in the room. Men will no longer be director providers for women. There is a pseudo-provider relationship going on now where the government has mandated that it performs a role of stand over thug (taking resources from the fathers and redistributing to the mothers, in exchange for votes) but give it two or three generations and men will wise up to that means of slavery and create alternative lifestyles independent from said governments. That is the big elephant in the room I spoke about earlier, entire societies devoid of their workhorses, the 18-60 year old male tax payers.
A society without sufficient taxes will inevitably crumble.

Lastly, don’t waste your last few minutes reading this article share your thoughts below in the comment section.




2 Replies to “The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men”

  1. Hello Remi
    Super interesting post mate and I read it with great interest. You have pointed out many facts that most people who are involved in have never given a second thought. The repercussions of women’s lib and equality in the workplace have far-reaching consequences which you have very cleverly pointed out. I got divorced many years ago and am much happier going it alone with no need only ever a choice to have a woman in my life.
    My lady friends are kept at a distance so I can enjoy my freedom and concentrate on becoming the best possible person I can be. Thanks for the insight mate. I am already a part of what you are predicting will happen
    Cheers mate

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