Most Matrix Movie Reviews Miss This. The Life Analogy.

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For those of you that haven’t seen the Matrix movie you must have been living under a rock. This article is not a movie review it is an article to introduce you to the cult following and the impact the movie has had on our society. Pretty much all matrix movie reviews have totally missed this concept.  The matrix movie framework has become analogy to life with many of the movie references becoming part of your everyday vocabulary.  Did you even notice?

One Example is the references to red pill or blue pill men on dating sites!

The Social Construct

The movie centers around a completely fabricated reality lapped up by most of the inhabitants of the matrix. It is fabricated by the controlling party purely for the purpose of keeping the masses docile and manipulating them to conform with the agenda. The controlling party goes to great lengths to keep this agenda secret from the masses.

For those people still under the control of the matrix their indoctrination is so well accepted that ignorance becomes their desired state of being.


Having said that there is a small resistance fighting the indoctrination of mankind.

The Morpheus character is the leader of the resistance. He has the knowledge that the controlling party doesn’t want the masses to know. Morpheus also combines wisdom with action. His partiality to fighting makes him a very small but very powerful foe.


Without going into ridiculous amount of analysis here Neo represents mankind s ability to see the matrix for what it is combine knowledge with violence/action and for one person to beat the entire system. This makes Neo the ultimate soldier in the fight for truth but it also highlights to me just now open to attach the system is if one person can bring it all down.

Red Pill

Do yourself a favor and watch the above clip again if you haven’t seen the movie for a long time. This is the scene what Neo is offered a choice, the Red Pill or the Blue Pill. The Red Pill is his permanent way to unplug from the matrix, escape the social construct and learn the ugly truth. I say the truth is ugly become it is not for the feint hearted. The truth is clearly a bitter pill to swallow.

Blue Pill

Taking the Blue Pill will throw Neo right back into the ignorant state of the social construct. This will put him straight back under the control of the Architect and his indoctrination will continue until he is a feeble follower not capable of resistance.

The Oracle

matrix movieThe Oracle is a stealthy character and probably one of the most important I reckon. Think of the Oracle was your own ego, it tells you want you think you want to hear, then you have to choose whether you want to take that course of action or choose your own.

For those people who believe in fate you may disagree and that is what makes the Oracle (your ego) such a complex character.

For those of us who believe their ego controls them you have already taken the blue pill and I see a life of conformance in your tea leaves.

I applaud the enlightened readers who can see their ego for what it is.


Cypher is the Judas of the story. For those of you reading this who don’t know what I mean by that he betrays his leader and trades away his freedom. Cypher, once tasted the red pill, make the decision to give up his freedom and all the work associated with it to plug back into the ignorant bliss what is the mainstream matrix.

The Architect

Now the Architect is an interesting character to understand. This character is the creator of the social construct. Whilst he contains all the authority and power required to keep such an elaborate lie afloat he also recognizes the vulnerability and the inevitability that such a system of control (for no good) cannot be maintained forever.


Modern Day Red Pill Cult Following

As I said above the Matrix Movie is just one of those movies that seems to have become part of the culture and part of the social construct itself. It is like the controlling social elite use it to mock us.

Please leave a comment below if you disagree and still believe that you are a free agent operating within a Western culture.

How Does All This Relate To Our Lives

There probably have been times when you have felt like you are plugged into one of those human farms and being sucked dry of all your energy. You may be spot on. Not the human battery farm part but there are certainly plenty of people and plenty of corporations out there hell-bent on moderating your behavior and will use any means possible to cut you down to size. That is your personal social construct at work each day.

At each major life stage you get offered a choice to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.

The Red Pill in this analogy represents control of your own life (the road less traveled) and the rejection of the social engineering control thrust upon us all. It represents freedom, and all the ugly truth that comes with it. Humans are meant to be free.

red pill blue pillThe Blue Pill in this analogy is your choice to conform with the mainstream social agenda, plug back into cable TV and enjoy all the fruit that apathy provides. Unfortunately the fruit is also poison and will lead to your slow and steady decline if you let it.

The above mentioned life stages include your transition to adulthood, choice to marry, divorce, deaths, births and health events. In my case I got caught up in the divorce revolution and got the Red Pill shot down my throat at great speed.

The good news is that life unplugged comes with freedom and opportunities that the conformists could never even imagine.

Let me know your stories below and let me know if you share my analogy or have your own?

For me two serious red pill moments were when i first heard Briffaults Law or when I realised that my marriage had been hijacked by an unrelated third party.

6 Replies to “Most Matrix Movie Reviews Miss This. The Life Analogy.”

  1. This is a really interesting take on the subtext behind the film. I’ve only seen each one a few times myself, but it falls into a genre I frequent often in the library. I took a Theory of Knowledge night class when I was at school, and I am very familiar with the debate on how cultured society has become oppressive.

    You mentioned that taking the red pill versus the blue pill can be synonymous with dating, and you compared it to people that you meet online. Could you go into this a little deeper? I’d be interested to know your thoughts a little better.

    1. If you believe anything they taught you in college Claire you have already made your choice.  Blue Pill.

      With respect to your dating question here is a few Scenarios from people around me who inspire some of my choices

      Scenario 1: Middle aged Divorced man, with kids but burnt in the breakup so he pays the bulk of his wages to visit his kids for a few hours every second weekend under supervision (who he has to pay).  Give is a few months of doing this, normality sets in and the pressure starts to build (social pressure) for him to jump back into another relationship, get married again, have more kids and expose himself to do it all over again.  His choice is red pill (opt out of dating) or blue pill (opt in and take the risk).

      Scenario 2: Younger man raised by a single mother without a father in his life. No male role models to speak of at all but a long history of listening to the constant male bashing that surrounds him.  He grows up wanting to protect women from all those bad men he is made to believe are everywhere.  The more of a nice guy he is and the more he wants to protect women he sees he is actually becoming less and less attractive to them. His choices are blue pill (lower his standards and couple with someone beneath him) or take the red pill (put dating on the backburner, try to shed himself of the emotional baggage left over from his childhood, improve himself mentally, financially and physically then weigh up his options to date much later on).

      The “Theory of Knowledge” college course sounds likes like a filler subject you take to prop up your grades in-between real subjects.  

      Here is mildly related buddhist koan on thoughts for you to ponder in you knowledge class – 

      You have got five senses right , sight/touch/taste/smell/sound, your thoughts are really just another sense, you can’t control them anymore than you control the other five senses.  They are mostly based on your memories and external influences.  How would your life change if you fully accepted your thoughts as just another sense?   e.g. when you look at a tree, the thoughts that arise are given the same weight as the thoughts that arise when you see a person. any person.

      good luck.

  2. That is a great analogy you use regarding life choices. I totally agree that not a lot of people will have guts to pick red pill to see the ugly truth. And it is not only to learn it but to coop with it after. Cypher learned the truth and could not coop with it.
    Another thing I totally agree that TV is one of the blue pills sources. A lot of propaganda comes through government regulated social media (such as the majority of TV channels). The sad part that even children channels and programs have that kind of propaganda. In our household we opted out of cable/optic/any other time of TV. Instead we have play times and family movie nights.

    1. Congratulations Anna,

      Wise move to opting out of the mainstream media control.  Not a lot of people are strong willed enough to see the problem let alone do anything about it.

      Your kids will be better people for it.

  3. The Matrix is an excellent film in portraying the social elitist world we are living in. Power and control of the masses is their goal and the media is the perfect tool to shape, influence and manipulate the way in which people should think, dress, eat, feel etc.
    I agree that the film is like the controlling social elite mocking us. I guess for some, taking the red pill is hard to digest as the truth is always hard to digest. But to have freedom for the mind, body and soul…I know which one I’d take. Reading this has inspired me to watch it again. Thanks for sharing.

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