Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men: Christmas Gifts 2018

stocking stuffer ideas for men

Good evening and thanks for jumping in. I have taken the liberty of analyzing our survey results to make a few recommendations for stocking stuffer ideas for men. Christmas can be a good opportunity for you to show dad just how much he means to you and just how much you appreciate all the things he does for you through the year.

When we asked our readers to share with us the three biggest mistakes ever made when buying gifts for their men a short list of common mistakes jumped out above all else. I am going to share those things with you now so that you can be sure to avoid making the same mistakes. They are pretty obvious once someone points them out to you but very seldom will that happen. Thanks for investing your time into choosing the perfect gift and together I am sure we can get it right.

#1 Gift giving mistake when buying for men

We are going to start off with the least obvious first. Too expensive? Yep, that’s right. Dads are evidently modest creatures who don’t like a fuss and don’t like overtly expensive gifts lavished on them. I have got theories as to why but I will keep the focus on the gift for now.

The key thing here is the complete contrast between buying gifts for mum and dad. One on hand you have a no brainer jewelry, diamonds, gold and silver can never fail but flip the gift giving to dad and you will not get the same reaction.

Naturally you can go too far the other way and not spend enough money. I would suggest in this case that thoughtful gifts and personal connection trumps everything else. I have two kids of my own and hands down the best gifts I have ever received were hand painted or hand drawn by my kids and they didn’t cost them a dime.

#2 Gift giving mistake when buying for men

Of course the right gift is all about the message behind it. Looking back I would tell when my relationships were in trouble when I started receiving bad gifts. Nowadays gifts like socks & jocks scream out to me red flag, red flag. If you are getting the same gift from a work secret Santa thing as you do from your wife/husband you should be thinking long and hard about what the underlying problems are. Another post, another day.

Please don’t make this take. I can only assume that by taking the time to read this post you have already made the commitment to yourself and to you dad to get it right this time, knock it out of the park and rekindle that personal connection with your dad.

#3 Gift giving mistake when buying for men

child gifts for dadBy far the biggest mistake identified that people make when buying gifts for men in their lives was to buy things like power tools, garden tools, power cleaners or leaf blowers etc; things that immediately scream out to them “Here is a bunch of new chores that you can now do.”

One the surface these may seem like reasonable gifts but sooner or late when he wants to take a rest he will instead be expected to put them to “good use”.

These are surefire ways to get dad off side, he won’t show it but lying under the surface he will be fantasizing about a time when he can put his feet up, lie in a hammock and enjoy hands down the peace and quiet.

Dad’s life is already full to the brim of chores and things that need to be done. Please don’t add to his burden. If you can take this lesson and flip it on its head you are bound to be onto a winner. No I am not going to suggest you buy him a hammock.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #1 – Photo Dog Tags

Now that you know three of the biggest mistakes we can put our heads into gear and come up with the best stocking stuffers that avoid these pitfalls but still give your man the right message.

Here is an idea that is inexpensive, it won’t involve dad having to do anything and if you personalize it with the perfect picture is sure to bring a smile to his face every time he looks at it. Believe it or not you can get a face or a photo laser engraved onto a set of dog tags (military style identification tags worn as a necklace).

I bought a pair of these with a very important photo on them (a photo of a love one who has passed on) but you could also pick a photo from decades long gone or one of the kids pulling funny faces for dad. Sky is the limit.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #2 – Minimalist Wallet

If there is one thing that men cherish more than anything else it is their wallet. Try to part your man from his wallet and you will soon get what I am talking about.

These days we all carry around less and less cash so a huge big leather wall full of coins is going to weigh him down. I introduce you to the new wallet design called a “Minimalist Wallet.” In an ambitious move to try to make the modern mans wallet more sleak, lighter and efficient the makers of this thing has peeled away all the superfluous parts of a wallet and left him with just the bare essentials and nothing more.

Stocking Stuffer Idea #3 – Six Pack KeyFinder,

Imagine giving a gift that removes all the daily frustration he creates when losing his keys (or wallet, shoes, remote control, belt, this list could go on forever). Here is a little device that dad can use around his home to point him toward whatever is it that he has lost. Attach a tag to the item you can to keep track of them whenever you find dad in a spin mumbling under his breath looking for the said item you can connect it back to the base station and have it sing out an audible tone so that dad can find it. Problem solved. I have had one of these attached to my car keys for a few months now and I am surprise how often I need to use it (probably once a week – normally Monday morning when kids are late for school).

This really is one of those cases when technology can provide a service that us mortals just aren’t up to a lot of the time.

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  1. Very informative I definitely learned something from your post. I love your layout and the topic you chose amazing.  theme goes well with your topic also. Fathers all over need to learn and read this thanks! Again perfect topic to cover.  I have certain taken aware more than a few good stocking stuffer ideas. 

    Thanks and have a good day.

  2. Thanks for this post it has been really helpful, I have always have difficulty in choosing the best gift for my dad because it is difficult for me to know what he want. Since men don’t really much about all this gift things, after reading this article now I know how to pick the perfect gift for my dad. This will really make him happy, thank you once again for this article it has been very helpful especially as we are approaching this Christmas time.

  3. Thank you for taking the time out to prepare your findings. All of the stocking ideas are great. 

    I particularly like the six-pack wallet. My dad recently had a mini stroke and this would be highly ideal as he can get help to find things especially, as his vision is poorly.

    1. It happens to the best of us choannah.

      I am in the prime of my life and still spend a good hour a day looking for something right under my nose.

      stay safe.

  4. This article appeared at just the right time for me! I always struggle to find my dad a gift because he never wants anything in particular and I always end up getting him something like a garden tool which I know is never a good gift but I just can’t think of anything better. But now you have given me so many ideas just in time for Christmas so I can make sure my dad gets the gift he deserves! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Stocking suffer ideas for man is really hitting the nail on the head, i just wish my mother could be reading this so she could see that giving gifts has to have a message behind, not to just buy for a man. It is really important to give the right message to your man as a woman. I really love your ideas.

    1. One key message I forgot to mention and you reminded me is.

      Don’t mistake buying a gift for someone as automatic opportunity to make amends for a whole year of poor form.

  6. Hi there, permit me to commend the domain name: child needs father. It so lovely as a potential father to see such sites and dedication to us. The stocking stuffer ideas for men is  great especially considering the way the site outline the mistakes of the people surveyed.

    The gifts that stand out to me is the six pack key finder. This really helps in finding a lot of things around the home with out too much hassles. That to me is 100 % awesome for any dad.

    1. Good luck with the new baby Edwin and don’t forgot to drop by again.  Don’t be afraid to reward yourself with a quality gift too.

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