Spy Cameras For Home: Good Idea or Recipe for disaster?


Good Morning. I hope you are well and welcome to my site. There is a big piece of this site that covers topics such as divorce recovery and marital problems which is why the subject of “spy cameras for home” comes up fairly regularly in the comments threads. I have been reluctant to expand on the notion because to be perfectly honest it brings back some really bad memories of when I was going through my separation or child custody battle.

The following comments are going to be heavily influenced by my personal experiences which I feel I should at least summarize before we go on. I want to get through this as fast as possible. I was the subject of a regime of spy cameras twice. First time was in my own home while the husband was still living under the same roof but we were separated (about four months – don’t ask). The second was soon after during the agreed interim child access orders.  Cameras were set up in the driveway we used to do the child swap.

First Lesson & Most Important lesson if you are going to use spy cameras – Don’t Get Caught!

At all costs do not let your subject find the cameras. Both times I became aware of the cameras and it became a living hell. I am a big advocate of personal freedoms so having my own personal space invaded in such a way cut deep into the bone. The inevitable outcomes of such a campaign mean that there is a very high chance that the spy cameras will either get found or that you will capture something then need to fess up to planting hidden cameras.

The implications of getting caught are life long. Once broke the trust cannot be rebuilt without a thousand fold amount of effort more than it took to break. So to this point I say take a good hard look at your reasons then decide if you want to go forward. If you go forward with planting hidden cameras be prepared to have every aspect of your decision pulled apart and criticized in open warfare (also known as court).


Second Lesson – Is there a purpose to it?

In my experience I have only ever come across one logical reason to deploy spy cameras within your house. That is to gain evidence which contradicts someone’s allegations towards you. Most cases which fall within this category that I have come across are men protecting themselves from false domestic violence claims (that is also what my scenario turned into, see more below in the section on blow back).

The overwhelming majority of cases though appear to be just outright intimidation or paranoid delusions. Don’t be one of these people who don’t have a purpose but just plan to throw out a net and see if you can catch anything.

The take away lessons here is that negativity breeds misery. If you don’t have a definite risk that you are trying to mitigate and you aren’t prepared to make that risk public then you may be inadvertently taking a knife to a gunfight. For those of you who have genuine concern I feel for you, read on and I will show you my recommendation below.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The videos that you see of babysitters cams are all staged. Don’t go there nothing good can come from it.

Third Lesson- Be prepared for blow back!

If you are trying to secretly spy around your home be prepared for the consequences. It is an extremely polarizing feeling to have a truckload of mistrust unloaded on you. Logic and sanity tend to get overpowered by the emotions of the situation. Even for those cases where you are spying on completely strangers or thieves around the outside of your home when you surprise them with a camera filming their every move one of two things are going to happen.

1. Direct and immediate action is going to be leveled squarely at you (not the camera). Best case scenario is that you will get away with just a verbal barrage of profanities, the worst case is that the situation will escalate to violence.

2. Your subject will carry on regardless and everything you capture justifies his/her actions to third parties as rational. Some people call it Karma.

If I was going to do it – these are the cameras I would use.

There is only two scenarios in which I could ever conceive that I would put my cameras into my home. Here they are along with recommendations on the type of hardware I would use.

Scenario 1 – Outside surveillance cameras for the purpose of protecting against property damage

This product is looks exactly like one of those external light fittings that you see everywhere but it has a bunch of hidden functionality to give you all the surveillance options you are looking for.

You can keep a close eye on what’s going on outside your house. It also has plenty of remote functionality and you can raise an alarm to deter anyone well out of the areas. The key aspect of this thing for me is the fact that it will go undetected. The last thing that you want is for someone outside to get wind that you have a security camera in operation.


Scenario 2 – Internal Surveillance for the purpose of protecting against false domestic violence claims

The options inside the house are endless and people are coming up with new ideas all the time. I see a lot of products which are really small (like the ones designed to go onto drones) and I also see ones designed to look like USB chargers to go into wall sockets. I do like the technologies involved but for me I like the idea of not going cover and having something hidden in plain sight. It can be a lot closer to the action and it’s clock decoy means that if can be noticed without blowing your cover. This thing has all the geeky tech functions that you need. I won’t go into them again here.

Thanks for visiting.  Let me know how you went, leave a comment below. I read all of them, usually with a wine in one hand and cat in my lap.

2 Replies to “Spy Cameras For Home: Good Idea or Recipe for disaster?”

  1. I have considered buying a hidden camera to protect myself from robbery. But I did not buy one (probably due to too much procrastination) and unfortunately I was robbed many times. I also did not know that I should have hidden cameras in order to avoid false domestic violence claims. You know what? I like your post, you definitely convinced me. I will get those cameras right now!

    1. Cheers Fred,

      Of course a camera will only protect you after the fact.  If you are concerned about DV your first line of defence should be to remove the risk (person) from your house.  Put your boots on and give them the boot.

      Good luck, let us know how you go.

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