Princess Mentality Syndrome & Feminism

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I have had several requests over the last few weeks to expand on the topic of the Princess Mentality Syndrome. My previous articles were surprisingly well-received: Peter Pan Syndrome in females and

Personal Autonomy Vs Moral Autonomy Maybe my posts are becoming less controversial, or maybe the population is becoming less tolerant of spoilt bratty women full of demands and threats.

Now you are probably a lot more familiar with the term Peter Pan syndrome for men who choose not to grow up, get a dismal job, accept his servitude, take on a wife and kids, then a mortgage and slowly work himself to death. I think that stereotype died with a lot of the big multinational bank back in the GFC.

What I am seeing now is a combination of that Peter Pan syndrome and the fourth wave of feminism into something completely new. It is commonly referred to as Princess Pan Syndrome or Princess Syndrome. In this case women really can do everything a man can do and a lot better.

How are the two linked? Take a step back from what you have been told, open you mind up a little bit and give me a chance to explain.

Fairytale Mentality & Modern Gender Politics: Princess Syndrome

If you think back to the old school Disney cartoons from the 80s you will remember Princesses’ who are well taken care of, don’t do a hell of a lot apart from look pretty and get themselves into trouble, constantly needing someone to do something for them and expect their savior to perfectly match their ideal of tall, dark, rich and handsome.

Fast forward to today and you will see that gender politics has taken over the social narrative. Most people only see the discussion for its face-value, what they want to see.

Men are strongly influenced by their own self value which is usually gained by saving the princess in distress, so they often created princess’ and distress where there isn’t.

Women are strongly influence by the resources on hand to them and who is around to see. In simpler terms success is often pictures as her ability to get as many people as possible to help her out of trouble in front of as many people as possible and in the process maximize emotional energy coming to her from the group.

The modern technological society develops this situation brilliantly, it gives our wannabe princess’ the three things that they need most: ready supply of obedient men, outward appearance of beauty/youth & resources.

The Princess Factory: Tinder, Beauty Products, Social Welfare.

Princess Pan SyndromeAny modern self empowered single woman will tell you that men grow on trees. She is the catch and she will dispose of dozens of men until she finds a man who matches her ideology of a Princess Charming: Tall, Dark, Rich, Handsome and Social status through the roof. Apps like Tinder give women the ability to attract and discard men at will and gives them a false sense of unlimited supply. Some would even argue Penis is becoming a commodity. Sad part is that 90% of women are chasing 10% of the men due to their tilted standards.

Our next building block is the beauty industry. I don’t think I need to expand on this very much but the end result is that pretty much every women can get herself a professional makeover and instantly mask her natural appearance into that of a socially accepted predefined look of beauty. Ever noticed why so many women wear such heavy makeup, accessorize to the roof and tend to look very familiar.

Lastly, the welfare system acts with rich daddy providing women with their means of survival (money) without the need to work for it. If I was in that situation I would feel like royalty too, wouldn’t you?

When I say welfare I don’t mean just unemployment benefits I mean the entire wealth transfer system set up by the legal system, criminal system, health system, political system, social security system, education system & family law systems. These systems can easily be gamed by a crooked woman to obtain money with not much more than a few claims of hardship or perceived violence towards her.


Protection of the Weak propagates more Weakness: Princess Pan

There should be no denying the fact that a woman’s social status is dramatically increased when her victim status gains momentum. The weaker she is the more people she will have knocking down her door with gifts, money and emotional energy to support her.

What the end result of this is a third generation of women who feel they don’t need to lift a finger to gain all the material wealth and emotional support they need to prosper. As they get rewarded for the weakness it just encourages them to continue on. If you don’t believe me just look at all the women making a living on Instagram or doing private live stream videos. Social media platforms are set up to bolster a weak person’s need for emotional energy.

The Fuel for the fire – Weak men masquerading as Princes

gold diggerNow we come to the real point of my article. I don’t blame the weak Princess’ for being weak. They have social influences, biological influences and behavioral influences molding them into pawns in a much bigger game. What does disappoint me is all the men and stronger women who jump onto the band wagon and make a bad situation worse. I would love to see a single mother get publicly chastised for making false abuse claims against an ex-husband. I would love to see all women held accountable for their actions the same way that men are.

In the meantime here are ten actions you can take to distance yourself from Princess Pan behaviors:

  1. Say No. Just a simple response with the word No works wonder. Don’t say No thanks, don’t say not now, be strong and just say a firm No.
  2. No more second chances
  3. If you are a man don’t pay for dates (we live in the age of gender equality – women want to be equal remember: give it to them)
  4. Have a look into how much of your tax money goes into public welfare system. You will be disgusted – last time I looked it was something like 35% of my taxation money went towards welfare.
  5. Remove yourself from all dating apps, dating websites etc and adopt the gender equal philosophy that women should be asking men out on dates (probably more often these days because there is more single women)
  6. Encourage someone to go out without all the make up on. Wouldn’t it be a different world if we all dropped some of the masks we hide behind
  7. Work on building your own self-esteem: don’t expect someone else to give you self-esteem or build your self-worth for you
  8. Men – stop being a doormat, stop running about doing jobs for women who will never date you, if you have been put in the friend zone it is because you don’t match her standards and never will
  9. Deal with the childhood trauma that influences your beliefs on what a relationship should be
  10. Accept the fact that reality does not exist inside the frame of a mobile phone or laptop, it is out there in the real 3d world. If you can’t do something without your phone, laptop or internet access you are living inside a world of make believe. Fairytales very seldom come true and if you want to hold out for the One in One Million chance be prepared to be disappointed, old and bitter.


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8 Replies to “Princess Mentality Syndrome & Feminism”

  1. Thank you for your article. I think we need to go even further with this, as our current society doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and many are living in the state of entitlement. 

    So many people are just rude and self absorbed, don’t even have the time to acknowledge another person or use common courtesy anymore. Parents many times let their kids do whatever they like because it’s just so much easier not having to deal with it and then they wonder that they are uncontrollable. I’m guessing that’s where all your princes and princesses come from. No boundaries whatsoever. 

    We need to get back to having and showing respect for each other. Men and women alike. No one is better than the other and relationships can only work, if every one is willing to do their part. 

    1. I am glad you chimed in and went there Petra,

      As a man living in the society we live in I need to tread very lightly on topics such as this one.  I think of the problem being more akin to egotism, idealism and group think.  No one seems to have an individual though to provide anymore.  Kids have no imagination and can’t play without structure activities.  Every minute of every day needs to be filled with distractions such as TV, social media or YouTube. 

       Why do women say they don’t want to be objectified the regularly spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and their appearance? The contradictions baffle me.

      1. It seems like we all need to dread so carefully these days as it is so easy for everyone to get offended.

        Anyway, I agree with what you’re saying. I wouldn’t even know what to begin with to change our society. I think one of the biggest problems comes from watching TV and taking part in social media. We are influenced so much by everything we see and hear.

        We’d be much happier and wouldn’t spend so much time and money on what we think we should be and look like and wouldn’t care so much about what other people think of us just because of the way we dress etc, if only we could get away from all those distractions.

        Sorry you have come across a princess who clearly has some growing up to do. But know that not all women are like that. There’s hope yet. 🙂

        1. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that comment too. Not every woman is like that.:)
          I just finished reading the book 1984 a few months ago. Political correctness(aka control of language) plays a huge part making people think alike and act alike. Obviously the people guiding the political agenda (and mass media) and guide the masses to think what they want you to think.
          I have never heard of anyone trying to help you bust out of your paralysing paradigms.
          thanks for stopping by again.

  2. this is one type of woman that I run Away from as fast as I can. Princesses syndrome women are usually toxic people. You will be her servant most of the time. Other times you will feel like being her parent. Taking care of everything she needs. The end is you will get so tired all the time. There is no way you can be happy unless you are a mommy’s boy type.

    1. You NAILED IT kit.  Unfortunately I lived that reality for the best part of 20 years. She actually got worse as she got older and the external influences around her encouraged it.  

      What is even more unfortunate is that quite of a lot of men are prepared to play that role of mommy’s boy and get beaten into submission for a living.  I blame their fathers for not teaching these boys that they need to stand up for themselves, be independent and their happiness does not exclusively depend on their ability to provide resources for a woman.

  3. WOW I know even knew there was something as a Peter Pan Syndrome or even a Princess Syndrome well now I do thanks for the eye opening experience now I know why so many people hide behind they makeup or beauty products and why do people treat others with so much disrespect.

    Very informative reading and good job   

    1. cheers,

      I hope I didn’t destroy any props holding up your world.  It is important to understand what is going on around you but it is a lot more important to take ownership of how you react to the craziness.  You can’t change anyone else but you can change how you react.  By not reacting in the way they want you to react you can sit back and watch the inflated ego quickly deflate.

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