Peter Pan Syndrome In Women The Growing Trend

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Have you ever watched one of those Bridezilla shows and seen the spoiled little princess brides stomp their feet on the ground and demand ridiculous things?  I reckon this illustrates the worst of Peter Pan Syndrome in Women.  Grown adults that can’t bring themselves in line with the real 3 dimensional world (the one away from facebook or instagram. Do these people ever grow up?

The common stereotype that jumps to mind when someone says Peter Pan Syndrome for most people would be a 20 something year old man sitting in a bean bag playing first person shooter video games all night.

Believe it or not but the Peter Pan Syndrome is not only isolated to men; like most things I write about once you scratch the surface a seedy underbelly presents itself.

Having dealt with raising my kids through their terrible twos and also having to deal with my ex-wife (then also assisting numerous other men deal with their ex-wives) I can honestly share with you that the parallels between some women and 2-year-olds are unquestionable.


Logic vs Emotions

Have you ever tried reasoning with a 2-year-old when it is throwing a tantrum?  Or Have you ever tried introducing logic into an argument with your wife when she is not getting her way?

The results of both circumstances will be the same; lots of noise, lots of emotions, lots of extreme demands but very little contemplation or listening.

If you come across any grown adults that can’t regulate their own emotions there is a very good chance you are dealing with a man child or woman child.

Whilst women are the more emotional sex that doesn’t help out if the emotions can’t be regulated and tempered when required.

The society we live in is becoming a lot more emotionally centered than it was 50 years ago.  You never would have had to deal with any of today’s social justice issues or political correctness back then.

Cosmetic Abundance

Have you seen those Japanese hentei girls who wear all the make up to look like porcelain baby dolls?

The cosmetic industry has exploded in the last 50 years.  I think it is a sign that more and more women are trying to make themselves look a hell of a lot younger than they really are.

Is it all that far fetches to say that once someone looks younger than they are soon they will start acting it as well?

Social trends play a huge part in impeding peoples progression into adulthood.



Self-sacrifice and compromise are two things that most young children haven’t learned yet and judging from the stories I hear from divorced men many of their ex-wives struggle with also.

It is drummed into women from a very young age that they are all just one knight in shining armor away from being a princess.  Most fairytales all work off the same trope, damsel in distress batters her eyelids or goes to sleep and a knight comes along falls in love with her (for no reason in particular) and next thing you know she is elevated to Princess status and all of its entitlements simply just for being needy.

Sooner or later most of us figure out that the fairytales don’t come true and I think that is when the true fairytales believers that don’t want to let go of their future entitlements need to make up reasons as to why the knight is not coming.  You guessed correctly if you either of these words popped into the skull; feminist, man haters, man bashers or delusional princess wannabes.




One dead giveaway that a woman hasn’t grown up yet is her promiscuity.  It seems to be touted as every young woman’s rites of passage to sleep with as many men as she can get her hands on.

It contradicts the entire concept of monogamy which in turn can only lead to a contradiction of the institution of marriage.  If women want marriage so much why demeans it’s very base by sleeping around.

I can only guess that the end goal is to climb up the social ladder from one man trading to the next.

Check out this related article about Hypergamy and the social ladder.



This is one topic that no one wants to touch with a twenty-foot pole.  The majority of men I hear from will quietly share their experiences of dealing with a violent wife.  The domestic violence industry (yes, it is a multi-billion-dollar commercial industry making a lot of people very wealthy) is extremely gynocentric and refuses to accept that fact that women are very often perpetrator of violence towards men.

The word for today is gynocentric.  Best not to use it in a sentence at work though.


Extremely Materialistic

materialistic woman childEver heard of a McMansion? Or an SUV? These are just two of the millions of products capitalists have dreamed up to exploit a woman child’s need for material possessions.

Again, this is a natural phenomenon that gets taking out of all proportions and turned into an extreme event.  Women nest, every man who watches their wife or partner go through a pregnancy see the transformation in her when it becomes time to nest.  There is definitely an obsession there for material things but normally give it a few months and the phase will wear off.

Women who haven’t grown up yet will constantly want to gather resources or gather possessions by any means possible to fulfill some kind of inner desire.  I don’t know much more about the reasoning why, I just know what I see.


The Perpetual Victim

I have left the best for last.  When I say the best, I mean the most destructive trait of a female peter pan.  Some grown women seem to be stuck in this perpetual merry-go-round of apathy, blame then victimhood.

When a two-year-old blames their sibling for something as a deflection from when most good parents will be capable of seeing straight through the lies and calling out the liars.  Honesty forms the basis for long term trust.


Again, there are entire industries set up by governments to capitalize on those women who do speak up as victims.  They don’t even have to be victims of something to become monetized.


Opportunity Breeds Corruption When It Comes to Divorce and Child Access

divorce opportunity feminismNot every woman will behave like the creatures I have explained above but it is the worst and most childish women who have forged a well-trodden path way through the divorce courts with their lies, dishonesty and misandry that presents the opportunity for every woman to exploit.  The lure of hundreds of thousands of dollars can often be stronger than the morality achieved when telling the truth.

Sadly, divorce is the majority demographic when it comes to relationship and the opportunities to exploit their situations are ever increasing.

It is not uncommon to hear women open admit that divorce rape is now a chosen career path that their mothers have taught to them.

Be warned men.  Always expect the unexpected.

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2 Replies to “Peter Pan Syndrome In Women The Growing Trend”

  1. I was one of those men taken to the cleaners in the divorce courts remy.
    talk about a well trodden path. the pathway for a women to destroy her husband is considered a normal way of operating when you reach the court system. Sharks circle from everywhere and a man is only as useful as the size of his liquid assets. Anyone involved in this corruption should be ashamed of yourselves.
    do not get married men. the risks are far too great and the benefits are fleeting.

    1. you are not the first person I have spoken to that referrs to the family courts as a criminal system hell bent on corruption and wealth transfer.
      the largest wealth transfer is scheduled for the next 5 years. it is really going to be the last death throws of a generation of gynocrats who worship money over family. Good news is that the younger generation of men has cottoned onto the game governments are playing and refusing to get married.

      Even more than that younger men and affluent men are moving overseas and renouncing their american citizenship in ever increasing numbers. The benefits of not having an american citizenship when it comes to taxation and protection from government corruption is fantastic. Check it out.

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