Live Minimalist Lifestyle with An Abundant Living Mentality – The Key To Good Fortune

minimise and live

Good evening and welcome. Put your feet up, pour yourself a cup of tea and let me propose a concept to you that I hope will improve your situation a bit. The post title pretty much says it all “Live Minimalist Lifestyle with an Abundant Living mentality is a key to good fortune.”

What is means is that the Minimalists approach to your material world coupled with an Abundant Living Mentality can strike a perfect balance between the physical and mental worlds.

Such a balance should be the aim for everyone (especially those of us recovering from a divorce) who wants to make the most of every minute we have here.

The Minimalists Lifestyle

What is minimalism?

People in the west are increasingly and voluntarily giving away all their worldly possessions to live a non-materialistic life.

Why would they do such a thing? The trappings of debt and the enslavement of corporate life doesn’t always provide the freedom that a lot of people desire in life.

This non-materialistic approach brings with it a simplicity and a clarity that you will struggle to find in life elsewhere.

How are they doing it? You may have already heard of the Tiny House Movement, Van Life, Downsizing, Grey Nomads, Global Nomads, Tree Changes, Green Changes, The Minimalists, Decluttering or countless other social trends.

The minimalist community is growing. As our mainstream becomes more and more sick and greedy the negatives of a traditional lifestyle (marriage, corporate job, house in the suburb, kids, debt, divorce, alienation and isolation, mental health problems) far outweigh the positives.

The common thread between all these trends is making that peoples are making the choice to trade in the traditional lifestyle (filled with debt, long work weeks for someone else, corporate treadmills and false economies) for a more alternative lifestyle filled with less stuff and less expectations. In some cases the younger adopters are avoiding the trad con lifestyle altogether and adopting new internet based careers and lifestyles.

How do you do it? First step is to minimize all your possessions down to the bare essentials, then cull most of them out too. As time goes by you will find you didn’t need all those different things you thought you did. The next step is to attack your finances and rid them of all your debt.

The Forced Minimalism of Divorce

There is a terrible trend going on out there which is very much continuing but never spoken about.

It is the act of leaving your husband but doing it in such a vindictive way that clears the house of all the contents as well as clearing out the bank accounts essentially leaving him destitute and penniless in his own empty family home.empty house

Until you come home from work and get smacked in the face with this reality you will never be able to even imagine the associated anguish. For my fellow brothers who have also journeyed this path and survived, I salute you. I also want to offer a moments silence for those of my brothers whose journey was cut short, rest in peace. It is a terrible betrayal and not everyone is strong enough to make the journey alone. Isolation is also part of the course.

While it is a force situation it is also a situation that thousands of people are trying to get to (and struggling) for their own well-being.  Try to think of it as a forced head-start.  There are a lot of possibilities if you can get past the short term heartache.

Here is a link to an Article I think will really help you in this field.  It’s about unresolved childhood issues following you into adulthood.

The Abundant Living Mentality

The mentality of living with abundance is really the mentality of giving. Usually the wealthy are more inclined to give generously because they are surrounded with abundance so giving small amounts goes unnoticed. To do it successfully though is when you can give generously enough to impact your own well-being and not inhibited by regret or apprehension.

Think of the old saying “EASY COME, EASY GO.”

The benefits of being able to free enough with your apprehensions is that you can now take action and life will not pass you by. By taking action and by accepting the good with the bad you will open up a lot of new possibilities in the world otherwise could not be realized.

This abundant mentality can also be thought of in the framework of risk. Do a little bit of research into most millionaires out there and you will come across plenty of stories of bankruptcy prior to good fortune. Having the resiliency to take risk and bounce back will serve you well. Start small though and work your way up.


The Combination – Minimalists Mindset with an Abundant Living Mentality

Freedom. What I am suggesting here is a path to the type of freedom you may have never experienced before. For a lot of us Freedom is the ultimate end goal when recovering from divorce and trying to set up a new life out of the rubble.freedom from constraints

As you can strike the right balance in these two concepts you will bring upon yourself a new level of freedom. This will ultimately deconstrain you from a lot of those things that that were holding you back like fear, conservatism, laziness, greed, competition, worry, anxiety, concern, you get the point.

For all the divorcees out there struggling to get back on your feet I hope I have offered you with a new slant on your situation and planted an idea of possibility going forward. Do not repeat the same life path that got you into the dumps in the first place. Reject traditional slavery and embrace a new and less materialistic future.

Do not waste that fire you have in you now that is probably driving you towards revenge. It can be redirected for your own good.

Lastly, I want to add there is a community of like-minded people out there that have been through similar experiences and who are trying to get to the same end goal that you are. If you are struggling to find your end goal take comfort in the fact that the internet now offers you with a lot more opportunities in life that weren’t readily available to you 20 years ago. Some of these minimalists have become global nomads traveling the world working from a laptop to pay their way.

The best revenge I believe is success.



4 Replies to “Live Minimalist Lifestyle with An Abundant Living Mentality – The Key To Good Fortune”

  1. hey there
    first of all I must say you have chosen a bold topic for discussion.
    freedom is a very difficult concept.. it must be understood properly or the results can be devastating.. a balanced way is also wise
    Overall I liked you article.. keep it up.. and ill keep following your posts..

    1. Freedom is your natural state.  All the social conditioning and emotional hardships you go through are the building blocks which create your ego then your shadow and next thing you know freedom seems like a hard thing to achieve.  First step would be to start identifying the paradigms which constrain you.

  2. Love your boldness. It is a journey, isn’t it? The entrapments are continually everywhere and they abound.
    Jesus said of the poor widow that gave her last two mites that she had out given the rich.
    I have been attempting to walk the generous, minimalist road for a number of decades. We are considered an odd bunch, particularly by our loved ones. Our family does not have a single first-hand piece of furniture (excluding mattresses) in our house. And why should we when the barely used stuff is dirt cheap or free all around us?
    Any way, I’ll get off my soap box. Love niche!

    1. thanks for stopping by CT.
      the most successful people in life are always the ones with the drive to get themselves out of poverty or out of whatever situation they desire to get themselves out of. Those so called fortunately people who grew up with everything laid on for them most often grow fat lazy and apathetic. You’re kids will be much better off if they learn to work for what they get. Have a good day and speak soon.

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