Men Going Ghost! What’s it all about and Why The Drama Ladies?

men going ghost

This term “men going ghost” is like a lot of terms used on the internet, it means different things to a lot of different people. From the most benign conversations on dating sites (where it could mean a man she is dating doesn’t return an SMS within 5 minutes) to the most extreme cases (doomsday preppers completely taking themselves out of civilization and off the grid) the general theme is one of men walking away from something other people think he should be doing.

It seems to be a massive deal these days when a man decides to grow a backbone and walk a different path to all the mainstream followers. I think these are several reasons for this, some pathetic, some fearful, some jealousy so let’s see if we can take a closer look.

Implications of men going ghost

In the short term a man going ghost could just mean something very simple like a woman won’t get what she wants immediately. In a much longer term view of the situation it could mean the society won’t get what it wants from that man over a longer time frame. For men both of those reasons seem to be someone else’s problem.

Marriage is seldom a man’s priority and nor is paying for someone else’s fair share of taxes.

The implications to the man himself are much more personal. He could be trying to extract himself from a toxic relationship; he could be trying to rebuild his own self-esteem and work on his mental health; he could be making a stand against all the injustices done to him over a lifetime, but the one think you will find (and I toast) is that these men are all doing it for their own constructive benefit and no one else’s.

The Princess on the pedestal dilemma

The world seems to be full of empowered women that want everything from a man and aren’t prepared to do anything for it. From early childhood girls learn that if they cry they can get what they want. As they get older their techniques may change a little if the crying loses its effectiveness but the point here is that the concept of give and take in relationships is long dead.

Here are a few phrases I am sure you hear regularly

  • happy wife happy life
  • keep her happy, at all costs
  • the wife is always right
  • what’s mine is ours and what’s hers is hers
  • marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband
  • a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle
  • all men are assholes, all men are rapists, all men are cheaters……etc.

It has become a part of the modern woman’s psyche to believe men need to be made inferior. At any cost. The reason for this is a total mystery to most men.

The constant threat of false domestic violence claims, restraining orders, no-fault divorce, false rape claims or other such means a woman can use the legal system to attack a man effectively not only put her up on that pedestal but it put a loaded gun in her hand too.

Middle aged men going ghost

man blameThe strongest of the demographics going ghost I suspect is the 40-50 year old divorced man coming out of a long term relationship. These men have been conditioned by their ex-wives to pretty much do everything for themselves (cooking, cleaning, housework, sex, conversation) so re-engaging into a relationship with one of the before mentioned Princess’ dishing out criticism from her pedestal seems like a massive step backwards in life.

You will find these men are focusing their efforts on a cause. They are studying psychology and publishing their theories on female nature. They are educating younger men on how to protect themselves and how to undo the social conditioning western civilizations insist on.

My prediction is that these are the men who will create the change required to tackle our mental health problems, better understand the human brain and bring about the next major advance in humankind.

Technology plays its part

As always men have built technology to meet their own ends. The internet porn industry now gives men the quick fix they want without having to make any effort at all interacting with women.

The future of the sex robot industry will undoubtedly bring about more men walking away from marriages or relationships and electing a more predictable future.

Social conditioning is catching up

Every time you open a newspaper or take the time to listen/read any mainstream media now you got a constant stream of

  • men need to do more of …….
  • women need to be given more of …….
  • domestic violence …………
  • rape ……….
  • all men are ……..
  • women can do anything
  • women don’t need men
  • blah blah blah

Men are starting to understand the political bias towards women. The politicians need votes, the women are easy prey, and easily led so not much more to say. The fight is lost now, women outnumber the men and the woman’s demographic forms much larger groups of like-minded voters.

This bias is evident in all the new gender biased laws introduced over the past 30 years. I challenge anyone to even keep track of them all; let alone understand them and their implications. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were into their thousands by now.

This partnership between women and the government form a powerful force when focused on extracting wealth or taxes from men. After a few generations of seeing men’s lives destroyed by these situations it is only natural that some men will try to protect themselves from the harm and educate each other.

What does it all mean?

gender balanceWe have discussed several topics here that have all seem fairly inocuous on their own, but put it all together and you start seeing a different song.

Men are starting to wake up to the social conditioning thrust upon them from an early age.

The traditional conservative ideals of a relationship offer very little value to an awakened man anymore.
The future advances in technology will inevitably lead to more men going ghost.

Marriage as an institution and the taxation system will be compromised if the trend becomes mainstream.

A growing team of men are becoming awakened and re-focusing their efforts on strengthening their cause.

The superficial needs and or wants of a government/feminist partnership are insignificant to these men.

It is a statement of their self-ownership.

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4 Replies to “Men Going Ghost! What’s it all about and Why The Drama Ladies?”

    1. welcome Andy,
      thanks for taking the time to stop by.
      i spent close to 15 years trying to balance a life that only served to keep other peoples ego’s inflated.
      it wasn’t until that entire life got taken away from me that i was left with just me.
      A strange thing happened, my life balance was regained when i focused less on external influences and starting exploring my own internal influences (the past, repressed memories, personal goals, relationships, family you name it).

  1. I like the comprehensive approach you have taken to this term. personally, I think we all have different ways of looking at things which will often bring the commotion and bitterness if you think about it.

    For me, I stopped relying on what people say about men or women and just started doing what i thought was right, what i would want to be done for me, and it works just fine.

    It is as simple as it gets. 🙂

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