Masculine Traits vs Feminine Traits vs Cultural Trends

Good evening.  I started writing this post several weeks ago as a commentary on masculine traits vs feminine traits.

Soon I came to the realisation that these biological (sometimes also referred to as primal or primordial) characteristics have been suppressed such much that I feared they would be far to foreign for you and the conversation lost.

I have added the context of the cultural trends which I honestly believe create this situation where we are living in a duality (aka dichotomy) between natural instincts (our biology) and cultural trends.  Which are the standards/rules we tend to accept without question.

The brain nerds call the primitive part of our brains the reptile brain.  It has been accepted for decades now that we all have certain shared brain programming that directly affects our personalities and our actions.

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things or crave certain things that contradict every other part of you?  Sometimes referred to as the struggle between nature and nurture this back and forth tennis match between your primitive brains and your modern cultured brain will keep you up at night.  I also strongly believe a lot of our mental health issues could be addressed if this context was not also suppressed.


Natural Masculine Traits

Now you have to remember that these traits were progressively selected by nature over the thousands of years leading up to today.  Genomes take on average several thousand years to make each little tiny change.  [For further reading this concept I refer to The Hidden History of Humanity Project website | ]

The strongest trait is also the one that both men and women share the most, it is the evolutionary drive to procreate (breed or have babies).  All the upcoming natural behaviors will all serve to promote this one goal.

Of course, on the other foot we have the cultural trends which aims to severely suppress the before mentioned similarities between us.

Competition/Dominance (Hunting)

man mammoth hunterFirst is a man’s constant sense of competition.  It originated during tribal times when men had to compete (in competitions of strength or hunting) to win the hand of a woman.  The strongest men got their choice of women.  For the men it was just how it was, for the women it was their meal ticket; they strived for the best meal ticket they could managed to marry.

Men are still competing against one another today for pretty much the same reasons.  The difference being is that strength is not required to go out and kill a wild board for food.

Unfortunately, as you read on I hope you will see that the natural traits between men and women have evolved to complement each other.  If any of them are suppressed for whatever purpose the whole house of cards comes down.


Leading on from the above one the tribal man had won his prize (the girl) his real work could now start.  The reptile brain evolved to ensue in the man a desire of self-sacrifice to give his family everything it needed to survive.  Life really was a struggle to survive so a lot of strength and intellect was required to feed and protect an entire family of dependents.

You will still be men sacrifice every fiber of their being to give to women a fairytale that they may or may not want.

Propensity to Comprehend the External world and Act

external world manAs the species developed a little more and as our brains grew a little the men formed an ability to observe the outside world, comprehend what they were seeing, derive men then most importantly guesstimate the unseen parts of the world.

This brought ability all sorts of benefits to start shaping the world to make gathering resources easier and faster.

This was the start of things like construction, weapons, houses, understanding the stars/weather and outsmarting the animals.

Sex Drive

There are not many other ways to say this.  Biology burdened man with an insatiable appetite for sex.  I guess over the millennia as so many men got eaten or died in hunting mishaps the species just evolved in this way to stay afloat.  Men couldn’t afford to be shy or procrastinate when each day could be your last.

This is probably the most evident trait on show today.  The good news though is that it dies off in your middle age.


Natural Female Traits

Again, all the upcoming traits were naturally evolved through thousands of years of evolutionary biology during tribal times.  Survival of the species was at risk.

There were no safe spaces.  There were no shopping malls.  There was no welfare and there were no safety nets whatso ever.  Your own actions determined your own survival and life was short and hard.

Nesting (Gathering)

This is by far the most important aspect to understand the natural female reptilian brain I reckon.  The picture that comes to my mind is the pre-historical women just as she gets access into her new mans cave starting a series of events aimed at making the cave as comfortable as possible for her and her soon to be baby.  She would be spared the risks of venturing form the cave too far, lest she get eaten.  Therefore, all the resources would need to be provided by the man/men.  Her comfort level would then be directly related to her ability to deploy her man/men to work.  How they did this (and still do it) is a massive can of worms we will park for now.  Let me know your thoughts.

Community dependence

Following on from above the cave woman’s safety net became the community of other cave women living around here.  The men tended to get eaten a lot, so a safety net was vital.  The purpose of the interaction was largely to benefit her chances of survival and again increase her ability to gather resources.

She probably had to quickly move from one man to the next as they got eaten and she probably had to maintain an exhaustive network of find such men and also to help work out how to snare him (after all the future of the species was at risk).

Child prominence

Now if you had gone to this much effort to make yourself comfort then train your husband to go to work just so you can give birth it should only be obvious that the child will become number one priority.  Priority might not be the right word.  The sentiment was probably more along the lines of the child gave the mothers life value.  Without the child the mother primitive value to herself, her man and her community was left unfulfilled.

Propensity to internalize the outside world

I guess living in the confines of a small tribe with the same people in the same area would make you see the outside world as something a lot smaller.

This is the trait where the left brain logical seems to take a second place behind the right brain emotions of the minute.

It is more commonly phrased these days along the lines of women live within the emotions.

We will talk about this trait more below, I left it to last because I think it is the one which is increasingly being adopted by the emasculated tribes of men.

Cultural Trends & Structures of Civilization that work against Biology

Now this is the section which I hope is going to make some sense of it all.  We still exhibit so many of the above behaviors, but they have become subconscious almost invisible driving forces that are constantly overwritten with a layer of learned behaviors working against biology.

The few concepts below are just the starting point but what I really want you to start thinking about is just how the concept roller coast of emotions/actions within you can be put into this context.  You may just find a lot of door start opening up to understanding yourself.  I certain hope so.

The turmoil that follows is an internal one.  The ever-important battle between nature & nurture, man & woman, good & evil, individual & collective, socialist & communist, husband & wife, etc. etc. etc.

One important factor to remember her is that the mental gymnastics I just spoke is a problem that is only privileged to those of us who are not struggling for food, not in constant danger of being eating, not at war and not in an immediate danger at all.  We should really consider it a problem of the privileged.  Read on, I hope you can get my point.


First up we are going to look at technology.  Men have done a brilliant job of harnessing their natural talent to shape the world and created all sorts of different devices and structures which have created this state of privilege I spoke of earlier.  Food is abundant, war is distant, wild animals are distant, weather is not life threatening and modern conveniences like shelter and electricity eradicate most hard labor.

How could this possibly be a bad thing I ask you say.  I am not saying it is bad but what I am saying is that we don’t live in a natural world anymore so our natural instincts (natural traits I spoke of above) really have no context and sometimes even very little requirements.  In saying that, they cannot just be switched off.

Here is one example to make my point.

Men are still in competition to get the most attractive girl but physical strength to go and kill a lion is redundant, so men have defaulted back to gathering resources (which is money now).

Whilst these men are battling away against each other the women are still clinging to their nesting instinct (and all the other instincts) but taking on quite a few of the male too.

The act of instigating any sort of relationship between the male and female is increasingly getting complicated because of the changes.  A lot moves from a man to express his sex drive is becoming criminalized (even seemingly innocuous acts like hitting on a girl can become acts of crime).  The acts that haven’t been made criminalized yet are just one false claim away from it.

In saying that there is also one male trait that has also been outsourced to the government.  Protection of the women is now an act of legislation.  Any act by a man that does not serve to protect women has been effectively criminalized.  This may seem stark at first but for those of us who have been subjected to the wrong side of the law it is the truth hiding in plain sight.



This one really disgusts me, but it must be said.  The above mentioned natural feminine acts of gathering resources has taken over everyone.  For some reason everyone seems to be hell bent on gathering as much crap as they can.  They have started to even value their stuff over and above their family and possibly even their children.  This is the type of evil driving force that has created situations where mothers can go out and her children just so that they can woman money worshipget more welfare and buy that new 80-inch television screen they crave for.

Again, I hear you ask, how is this a bad thing?

Quite clearly it places a very high value on material possessions which only reduces time and effort you can spend on people/raising children.

It also puts a woman’s nesting instincts into overdrive and can really create monsters.  Have a quick look around TV of social media you will see them everywhere.

Feminism and or Socialism

Without a doubt feminism has single handed brought about a complete backflip when considering most of the traits (male and female) I listed in the sections above.

Women have been raised in such a way to take on most of the male traits while men are being raised to take on more of the female traits.

Women are increasingly becoming more and more predatory when it comes to sex.  The competitive and dominant tendencies are also being elevated by societal trends.

The vehicle by which this has become popular is the legislation which government has put in place to protect the women.  Whilst it was clearly a plea for votes the implications to gender politics is a whole new kettle of fish.

The result is a constant world of confusion.  Women jump between feminine and masculine behaviours while men do the same.  Sometimes it makes you think if it was all orchestrated just to make room for a greater level of control.

I have said plenty of times in other posts that the world is becoming more feminized but now I can see that the men are becoming more feminized whilst the women are becoming more masculinized and there is a whole truck load of confused gender neutral/indifferent people in-between.

Well done if you got this far. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.  Surely you have found some controversy in there somewhere.




6 Replies to “Masculine Traits vs Feminine Traits vs Cultural Trends”

  1. I strongly agree with your observation that woman now want the government to be their protectors. In this way, they no longer need men in a long-term relationship. But that has a high cost in taxes and reduced freedom for the rest of us. An even bigger problem down the road is that these same women don’t want to be tied down by children, so the birthrate is declining. Eventually, there will not be enough young workers to pay for all the social services that women want. Then the system will fail.

    1. What you will actually see Peter is that women still have a primal urge for children but it is supressed (per cultural trends such as feminism) until their mid to late 30s when their biology kicks in a massive surge of oestrogen into their bodies.  This surge of oestrogen is commonly confused by phrases like “a woman is at her sexual peak at 40.”  She may be copping peak oestrogen production but historically (according to the evolutionary biologists anyway) the purpose of this was to get the wife to reconnect with her husband after the kids were grown.  This happens around the late 30s early 40s.  Coincidentally most marriage fail when the women are around the age of 37.  That is a very strong link in my opinion.

      In the real world what I experienced as a newly divorced man a the age of 39 was an abundant supply of similarly aged women (complete with baby rabies) who are extremely sexually aggressive and quite open about just wanting to get pregnant. At all costs.  A trap that far too many men are falling prey to.

  2. I found this article very interesting and agree with much of what you say. We certainly have come a long way from the cave man/woman days when roles were much more defined and simpler. I’ve never really thought that men have become more feminized but I agree that the women’s liberation movement has made it more acceptable for women to behave in ways that used to be considered unacceptable. The fact that there has been such a huge increase in the transgender population and gender dysphoria might be part of this whole gender confusion. Quite honestly, the whole thing is somewhat baffling to me but I think that something must be driving it. What are your thoughts?

    1. The confusion is certain on it way up.  I hope I have at least sparked a little bit more awareness in my readers.  Awareness is the first step towards some sort of balance.  There isn’t going to be any solution (within our lifespans) but there can be a balance. 

      You make an interesting point about women behaving in ways that are unacceptable.  One thing I forgot to point out in the article is that women used to hold each other account for misbehaviour.  There certainly is none of that anymore, it is free reign for women to act as they see fit.  Whilst the domestic violence, family laws, and rape laws, hate laws, gender biodiversity, etc etc laws all squarely target behaviour accountability for men. Under such a system there is no way that women can be held accountable for their misbehaviour ( women don’t and men can’t).  I hope this is interesting food for thought next time you witness a girlfriend break he own moral code. How do you respond typically?

      There is two schools of thought as to why the huge grey area exists between the genders.  Both are extremely controversial and I would prefer to not dive into.  One theory s best summarised as an illumati/elitist style agenda to use fear as a motive force for control of the bulk population and install a socialist style government.  End goal of course is money.

      The second set of theories I came across when researching your question were to do with changes of DNA/genetics/neural pathway over time.  Things like wifi, electromagnetic radiation, and the variances in the Schuman resonance (which is the natural resonant frequency of the earth’s atmosphere and our brain waves) are proposed to be impacting how our bodies function.  Very interesting theories if you can wade past the quack-pots.

      One very interesting theories that lies within the above set is Terrence McKenna Novelty theory. 

      Check out this video on YouTube, sorry I post the link from this device.

  3. Every individual has unique character. His persona maybe acquired from where he has dwelt and what kind of upbringing he was raised in. Our environment has the greatest effects on our individuality because of the influences of others and the type of repercussions we are in especially during our informative years and onto our adulthood. As a result, it molds us to become who we are in the future and what paths do we follow along the way.

    1. thanks for stopping in oxy,

      I am hearing more and more people say things like their past has defined them or their childhood has shaped them but I very seldom hear anyone mention the fact that you can acknowledge it and reshape your future.(despite your past).

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