Male Sigma Personality Vs Zeta Male Personality. Spiderman Vs Ninja Assassin.

Hi there. The Male Sigma Personality Vs the Zeta Male Personality Hey. Where do we start? The two types of men are right under our noses but also seem to be hidden in plain sight just like ninjas. These are the men, the Ninjas capable of greatest but dedicated to their own goals.

It is one of the most significant attributes of all the great men throughout history. They have mostly been either Sigmas or Zetas but they have more often been without woman, ignored by society (until their success) and highly intelligent men of action. [Two examples come to mind straight off the bat: Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla].

I am hoping as you read through this post two themes are going to arise for you.

The first is, Action; the second is conformance. Let me know in the comment below how these two manifested for you.

Please note that the female sigmas and zetas are in no way similar.

Sigma Male Definition & Zeta Male Definition: Recap on previous post.

If you missed my previous posts, don’t despair. Here are the relevant excerpts.

sigma male

zeta male


From the above you can see quite a few similarities but just as many differences between the two. If I was to do a comparison between every two groups on the social pyramid (sigma, zeta, alpha, beta, gamma, omega, delta) I would be surprised if the sigma and zeta pair were not the two closest in resemblance.

Before I get into the detail of similarities and differences between sigma and zeta I want to share with you some learnings my Indian readers have shared with me on the social pyramid analogy I previously wrote about.

Escaping the Social Pyramids. Yes It can be done.

I wrote quite a lot of material on the social pyramids which proved to be quite popular and nowhere near as controversial as I had expected. Follow this link to the Social Pyramids Section Front Page to access those posts.

man-going-ghostWhat I have learned since those posts is that there are a lot of people to whom the pyramids do not apply. To start with there is the aristocracy class (upper caste system) who do not need to concern themselves with such social matters. Money buys social status for them. To be perfectly honest with you the topic of money dominates every premise that social construct is build for.

Along with the aristocrats escaping the social pyramids we have the lower classes. They don’t have the inclination to comply with such social rules because social culture pales into insignificance when food and shelter are not readily available. In the developed nations we are different in the fact that we have a welfare state propping up the lower classes.

Nevertheless playing the social game (aka climbing the social ladder) tends to be the realm of the middle classes. Men strive to get money, so that they can get a better woman. Meanwhile women play the social ladder game to try to get the best man they can (until something better comes alone).

I want to thank my Indian readers for teaching me about the Indian class system and how the above concepts are relevant to the west as well.


Commonalities Between Sigma Male and Zeta Male

Social Knowledge & Life Experience

  • old-man-brainBoth Sigma and Zeta have the shared knowledge of how social structures work and how the individuals within such structures fit
  • I strongly believe that this knowledge doesn’t come from theory. It best gained through experience. Usually the type of life experiences required to gain such knowledge bring with them great heartache & suffering but then great personal growth, knowledge, spirituality and wisdom to rebuild from the ashes.


Mastery of Self

  • On the flip side of every social situation is the internal interaction with your persona (ego) and also with your inner self. Both Sigma and Zeta men are masters of both their persona (ego) and their own unconscious personality component (Freud referred to it as your Id)

Propensity for Action

  • Without a doubt these two groups of men are the men who break new ground, do new things, take new risks and innovate more than anyone else. While the alpha and betas trod the path sigmas and zeta forge new paths.
  • It takes a lot of backbone and indifference to society these days to innovate. Social group structures and acceptable behaviors have become so hard ingrained into us that conformance has become the only behavior every one knows. Everyone that is except for the sigma and zetas.


What Sets the Sigma Male Apart From the Zeta Male

Two Different Ideas Of What Success Is

  • these two men strive for completely different things. While they both strive to be ghosts that operate around the mainstream fringes they intend to do different things with the ghost status.
    • the Sigma strives to be the ghost that everybody knows about (Batman, Superman, Spiderman)
    • the Zeta strives to be the ghost that nobody knows about. Aka Ninja Assassin – unseen & unheard.

Here is a mildly related clip that I have been trying to include into a post for years. Enjoy.


Empathy & Compassion For Others

  • Whilst the Sigma men will at times defend the weak the Zeta man would much prefer to sit back and watch it all burn down to the ground (they will not participate in other peoples problems).

What Is Your Life Direction? Spiderman (Sigma) or Ninja Assassin (Zeta)?

The Spiderman and the Ninja analogies may not be the best but they are funny. 🙂

sigma maleThe last topic I hesitantly broach here is the progression through the social Hierarchy. I said earlier that such social knowledge and self mastery does not come from theory of conformance. One must tackle life and ultimately fail in certain aspects of it to truly go through the steep period of personal growth required to reach either Zeta or Sigma.

In respect to the Sigmas. Spiderman is master of the community but cursed by his need to conceal his identity. James Bond is master of the spies but cursed by his morality.

In respect to the Zetas. I see a lot of men successfully recover from divorce, go through great lengths to rebuild, only to wear off women and remain cursed by all means of personal demons.

On one or two very seldom occasions I have seen Zeta men grow beyond these personal demons and become Sigmas, and vice versa.

escape social hierarchy CTA


32 Replies to “Male Sigma Personality Vs Zeta Male Personality. Spiderman Vs Ninja Assassin.”

  1. There can’t be just these outstanding traits in a man. It seems that there is more to a person than just being one type or another and one glaring fact stuck out at me; if you have to go through a divorce, I don’t care if you call yourself a Zeta or a zebra, you are NOT a success in life! A divorce means failure to make your marriage work out and that is my honest opinion. Get counseling but don’t just dump them without trying. There’s a human being in there! I’d really hate to see how this type of male personality would respond should anything ever happen to his spouse, if she were to become incapacitated. Would he just eave her to her fate and say “well, it’s time to move on”.whatever the case, this type of person does not impress because, what has he done for others??? A person must not only think of themselves but of others and look out for their good.

    1. You are dead on right glenn, these men do not willing sacrifice every part of themselves for someone elses benefit. Quite of few of us have tried that already, more than once, and decided it is a game that can’t be won, or is to self defeating to make it worthwhile.

      I want to throw this challenge back to you. If you define yourself wholly and solely by what you can do to make your wife happy, what happens when she decides to move on and because part of the majority (divorcees). What are you going to be left with then. You have given every part of yourself away to her.

    2. We all have different interpretations of what is success in life. Zetas doesn’t neccessarily mean that they failed in life. because if they do, it means they are already dead. A Zeta male may have failed to make his marriage work but it doesn’t really matter. It’s not a real goal, The real goal is reproduction. if he didn’t produce an offspring then that is failure. on the other hand, if he did so then that is a success in it’s own right, even if he got divorced. Marriage is man made idea and not a natural law. The natural law is to replicate one self and live. The fact that a now Zeta male survived a stupid divorce is a success in life!

      1. Surviving a divorce in western culture with kids can be one of the hardest things a man will ever have to do.
        Until you have to do it yourself no one can ever explain the hardships involved. Sad part is that those who do go through it have very little chance of waking up the rest of the men asleep to the risks.
        I had to let go of all material possessions in the world, all concepts of money, plans for the future, goals in life, relationships, quite a lot of my health and well being to get through (and I feel that I did it better than most).
        Good part is that now I have let go of it all (or had it stripped, depends on your attitude) I am free from it. Free to rebuild something completely different.

    3. Sounds like your own bias coming into play who said being divorced is a failure. Marriage on a whole is not natural we only believe it is because of our social programming. Women are meant to mate with many men during ovulation so the strongest sperm wins and the strongest child is born as a result. So biology, society and religion do not match up but we continue to endorse stupid institutions anyways. Every woman cheats unless she has no better options many dudes don’t cheat because they lack the opportunity and men actually want an actual lasting relationship more than women to a woman till death means till you get pussy whooped and become unattractive to her, guys will overlook a woman’s flaws most of the time. So stop being judgmental an realize on a sigma zeta page your gonna get a dose of reality you never knew existed because you only understand reality through the lens of the society you grew up in.dfasdfsadf

    4. No one credits those of us who saw the “relationships” as fake as young people. As such, I am looked down upon for not allowing my self be tortured with forced compliance or divorce rape. Nor can I get proper respect for appropriately judging the majority of women as unfit due to their inability to make judgements outside of social conformity unless it means secret sex with dominant degenerate.

    5. Glenn, 70yrs ago your perspective and philosophy/world view held merit. But times have dramatically changed and a major paradigm shift has occurred. Its often about survival, and, in about 70% of divorces its the woman who files for it and has given up. Counseling in most cases is a joke, that profession being permeated by psuedo psychology and hyper feminism. Its a very different, and very complicated world now.

      1. cheers for chiming in EM,
        I remember the day when I had a psychologist tell me (shortly port divorce) that i just needed to jump back on the horse again be very careful of reading too much into the situation (i.e. women). I ignore that advice, a great awakening followed, and now I can see the world for what lies behind the fake facade.
        I am starting to see some serious signs of other men going through the same awakening and heaven forbid even a few women waking up to the scam that is post 2nd wave feminist marxist globalist politics/mainstream.

  2. It is an interesting topic, one that I’ve never come across. But after reading it, found myself thinking that either personality is doomed to go nowhere and would wind up as insignificant in the minds of most. I honestly can’t say either is a success especially if the Zeta has gone through a divorce. That means his marriage didnt work out. It is very important that the spouse is placed ahead of personal ambition. I have seen many marriages that were compromised because the husband knowingly risked it or didnt place enough value on his marriage, sort of like saying “oh well”. Are there any real life examples of this like say a Joe Montana? what about Muhammad Ali? Joe Louis? what types were they?

    1. it is a delicate balance between “placing your spouse above personal ambition” and “modern day slavery”.

      Personally I took the route of placing everyone else’s happiness above mine, everyone else’s needs above mine and It worked out terrible.    I don’t see why a woman would ever respect or be attracted to a man who has no backbone and has no “personality” of his own.

      If you sacrifice too much you lose your personality and you are not far from slavery.  

      They call it freedom, but if you work all day for the sole purpose of keeping someone else happy (especially a woman), I call it slavery. (even if they are happy).

    2. Jack Nicholson (married and divorced several times but still successful), Billy Joel (married and divorced a couple times, once to Cristie Brinkley, but still a successful musician), Thurston Moore (divorced once from ex bandmate Kim Gordon, still well respected musician in the indie rock community). I’m sure there are many others but those are the only ones that come to mind. I would say all of these guys are examples of Zeta/Sigma Males. People who are successful at artistic careers that are ‘non traditional’ in that their aesthetic choices don’t conform to the rigid concept of ‘traditional Vin Desiel Viking style masculinity’, and yet simultaneously not at all Beta and prey to the female. Well, KIm Gordon was a bit of a feminist at times, but the fact that Thurston divorced her ass shows to me he got tired of her shit, and that to me seems like a real Sigma Zeta move to me. Nicholson I would say is any many ways the definitive Sigma Zeta. He’s masculine in an idiosyncratic unconventional way and does his own thing. I could think of many other examples but none come to mind that also fit the ‘divorced but still successful’ narative of Glenn’s atm.

      1. thanks xylen,
        successfully divorced is a very big oxymoron, one of the harshest doubled edged swords I have ever heard to live through.
        I wonder how successful these men would have been without the failures in their lives. Failure can go two ways for a man, it can either ruin him or it can fuel him to grow into a better man.
        The important concept for me is that there is no “definitive” stereotype for any man to live up to.
        Choose your own lifestyle and don’t inhibit yourselves by performing in line with anyone else’s ideals. Especially the governments or your mothers.

    3. Your error is concerning your self with the opinions of ignorant and unintelligent people of which the majority are. Your “significance” is the extent to which you can do something better than another given the same access to resources and power….not their opinions of you

      ..and if you don’t marry for legal support in effort to produce better than average children, you shouldn’t be doing it.

  3. I always thought the Alpha was at the top of the social caste. So, there is more to man than meets the eye. The zeta character cuts across as non challant and perhaps crude. I would like to associate with the sigma character, because he shows empathy, which is a quality very lacking in today’s word.

    I’d rather enjoy having a friendly neighborhood hero than a hero in the shadows! Thanks for sharing, I will be looking at more articles from your blog, to get more understanding on the social caste system.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nicer if we didn’t have damsels in distress waiting for a hero to save her.  I have a daughter who is probably more capable of saving herself than her brothers are capable of saving her. I hope she grows up one day to now only understand the social caste system but ignore all of its trappings and limitations.

      1. She will look for a man who has equal or greater power regardless of her personal needs. It is egoic. She will think low of her self if she can’t get a man who isn’t “man enough”
        Women are hardly capable of independent assessment of other humans. Most men fall short as well.

        1. Have you heard of the 80 20 rule. 80 percent of inputs amount to about 20 percent of outputs. In this case it would be 80% of women want to land 20% of the men. Something delusional & psychotic about that when they all believe that is their entitlement. All the social media affirmations don’t help.

  4. Hello Remy, let’s me firstly commend your efforts for coming up such a wonderful article to write on the male sigma personality versus male zeta personality even to the extent of mentioning people like Albert Einstein and Nikolas Tesla and also relating it to ninjas. Very outstanding. I personal wanna say I fall to the category of zeta male, after reading the whole lifestyle of a zeta male, u know I came to a conclusion, this is just me. I believe to have been walking my path alone without even minding any social influence, and these has been helping me in working towards my goal a long time ago

    1. thanks for their p raise Y.  It was a joy to write the article and I am glad plenty of people are getting something out of it.

  5. This was a good read. I guess if I really had to pick which one I was it would be the zeta. But I’m a little confused with it. It seems to be a little confining in regards to the “MGTOW” part. I identified with the zeta type quite a bit, especially with the “the Zeta man would much prefer to sit back and watch it all burn down to the ground (they will not participate in other peoples problems).” But I’m still interested in women. I tend to avoid dating most women, but that’s because I don’t want to waste my time on relationships I don’t think will last. Is it really a requirement to be a zeta? Just seems like an odd requirement to me.

    1. What you describe is what the MGTOW chats refer to as a purple pill MGTOW.  I have written about them as LAMBA males in my post. linked here – Male Social Hierarchy.

      Dont let any of the labels define you Mike. Do whatever you want.  The reason I wrote the article was to help people start thinking about the social constraints that are imposed on them without their knowledge.

  6. wow.. this is an interesting topic.

    You have done a real work gathering this together. I must confess that this is one of the lovely post I have ever come by. I must say though ones’s personality is one of the things we must jealously work one but not at the detriment of someone else’s happiness.What can be recorded or say of a man who has a broken home already ..? is he successful as a man..?

    1. There is one thing that I really want to stress Michael.  Your success needs to be judge by you and to damn with anyone else wants from you.

      If you wife wants a BMW and you can’t afford it because you choose to spend time with your kids rather than work a miserable job.  You are a success in my eyes.

  7. Hello Remy,From my own thinking, I believe something must have transpired before the zeta metamorphosed into a zeta male. Maybe out of bad experience, they may decide to be lone wolf and decide to be celibate. Just like you mentioned in the commonalities, the zeta male might have a bad relationship which can make him decide to withdraw to himself and live a life off of the social media. If I were to choose between these two, I will rather go for Sigma male, being the ghost everybody knows is preferable to me than being the ghost nobody knows about. Another reason I am for Sigma is that they sometimes defend the weak.  

    1. I have met quite a few zeta men in their 40s and 50s post divorce but even more surprising (disturbing) is the growing number of young 20 something zeta men I am meeting.  They choose not to date even at that age which I could never imagine myself doing (not back then anyway).  Three reasons they typically state 

      1. I watched a close family member or friend go through a horrific marriage or divorce and refuse to go there.

      2. I watched a close family member or friend go through false rape or false domestic violence claims.  I have to protect myself from that.

      3. Most women aren’t worth my time or money.

      1. These men are doing the right thing (the younger ones)

        …though they need to tell women, their pussy isn’t worth it and men do not have sex with personalities

  8. I absolutely love this insightful article. This is fascinating and intriguing to me; The article was well written and easy to understand.

    I am a married man and I know the negative impact of divorce in a family; My wife is wayward but I always try my best not to divorce her because it has a psychological effect on children; I don’t want to be an examole of zeta/stigma males so I do try my best not to compare myself with others because What works for me might never work for you.

    I don’t want my marriage to be compromised; 

    Do you have any idea on the next step I can take

    1. I was in your shoes for a long time my friend.

      The one thing that I wish I had have done was to stop focusing on making other people happy and start trying to put some effort into making myself happy.  After many years of a miserable divorce I found there was no me left.

      Don’t wait until your mental health starts to deteriorate.

    2. My sister divorced her wealthy Ken Doll husband who she has a child with because he wasn’t “good enough” in the “relationship”

      Yep. Don’t man up for what ever she demands, get dumped without regard for anyone other than her.
      Her child is a boy

      It never occurred to her that valuing looks and wealth might be problematic for being in fulfilling relationships

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