Indigo Children Characteristics – A Fathers Perspective Looking In From the Outside

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Hi there. My first introduction to some of the indigo children characteristics was somewhat of a shock.

I will share the story with you below but first let me say that I am a lot more open-minded now than I was years ago when this all played out. I am a believer that there is a greater purpose to life, consciousness is connected and that today’s human form is responsible for a lot of the limitations we accept as our strengths. Once you read on I hope you will connect with these concepts a lot more.

So is the story of when I first heard the analogy of Indigo Children. It was during my family court custody battle. After separation with my wife. I was filing for regular access to my children and the ex-wife was having none of it. She employed all the usual tactics that scornful women use just after divorce (restricting access to kids, false claims of violence, police interventions, court orders, alienation, false doctors reports, psychiatric diagnoses you name it ) but that is not the topic at hand. She made some claims to a social worker that my house (the marital home that the kids had grown up in) was not suitable for the children to sleep at because “the kids are unsettled there and cannot be expected to spend time there. They see things there at nighttime. ”

After pressing a little harder the social worker unearthed that my ex-wife was claiming that the house was haunted and the kids has some sort of supernatural sense that only she and the kids had ever known about. The kids had also never spoken about it “not even to her” but she was using the card “a mother just knows these things about her children”.

Now I wasn’t a part of these conversations so this is all second hand or from the transcripts but the following conversation was the one where I was brought in by the social worker to defend myself from these claims.

Let’s just say now that the social worker was very good at her job, was very experienced, and saw straight through the ex-wife’s rouse immediately but didn’t let on to me.

The conversation went more along the lines of a theological discussion but I could tell there was something unsaid left in that room. This social worker slowly introduced me to the Indigo concepts and several cases where she had seen their misuse.

indigo children characteristics auraIt was months later outside the formalities of the court case that I could unfold that conversation and explore the multiple layers of lies and imaginary projection that my kids were being subjected to.

I am going to pull up stumps right there because you may be getting the idea that I am not a believer. I didn’t understand it at the time but subconsciously I was outraged that whatever positive light my kids had was being used as a weapon against me and as a means of stopping a father from having a relationship with his three kids.

Personally, I don’t use the term Indigo to explain my children. I have opened up my mind to the point where labels, stereotypes, paradigms and social groups are limitations to my freedom. I hope you can strive for the same one day.

If you are new to the term Indigo here is a link to the Wikipedia page. Have a read and come back once you are up to speed.

If you want the full in-depth document.  Search Youtube for Indigo Evolution.

Indigo Children Characteristics – My Opinion

If you have seen the Wikipedia site you will see a lot more specific traits that what I am about to list out. I am more of the belief that inclusion doesn’t have to be based on tactility. However, I am more of the opinion that the presence of the group (Indigo) or any other group is a lot more exclusionary than it is inclusive.

indigo children aura 2My take on Indigo Characteristics:

  • carried forward knowledge from previous lives on the human condition
  • heightened sensory perceptions
  • heightened awareness
  • sense of purpose to improve the world
  • a self belief and confidence beyond their years
  • high expectations and low tolerance
  • leadership qualities

A note worth highlighting, all of these qualities can be seen, experienced and further nurtured in every child.

I find that children show these characteristics more than adults because they have not been inhibited by human experience yet. The term I use is “becoming Jaded by experience.” As we get older we get “educated” on what out thought processes, actions, beliefs and thought processes should be. Hence the “education” we accept is responsible for the demise of our freedom/light/awareness/enlightenment/actualization/faith whatever term you want to associate with.

Passengers On The Bus of Light

indigo children characteristic bus of lightWhilst I have said above that Indigo is a state of being that anyone can attain to, if they want to, there is also a contingent of parents who feel this is a lifestyle choice or some sort of higher order social group that can be joined in lieu of the lower order ones.

My website is full of stories about narcissistic parents or wives, people who refuse to grow up and stories of multi-generational personality disorders serving misery on everyone within arms reach. This is one topic which really has the potential to tie together all the worst parts of those topics.

I want to start wrapping things up now but feel it is worthy to list out a few means by which you can identify the pretenders in such circumstances.

Here is a very short list of red flags to look out for. If you want more detail or more conversation let me know in the comments below.

Passenger list:

  • Narcissist parents who have decided that having an Indigo child raises her social status
  • Maunchausen by Proxy parent who create “special” circumstances for their children to
    • just generally gain attention from member of society groups
    • validate their self loathing by use of doctors diagnoses
    • gain false diagnoses for their children in order to bolster their victim status
    • obtain welfare payments or government handouts
    • misrepresent reality
  • Solipsisstic parents who
    • seek personal attention at all costs to others (including their kids)

I see such passengers every day. I much prefer to interact with them without words. Words are far too limiting in matters like this. Sometimes the simple act of turning your back speaks volumes.






2 Replies to “Indigo Children Characteristics – A Fathers Perspective Looking In From the Outside”

  1. Wow, this is really interesting, I have never heard of Indigo children before but I am not closed minded enough to dismiss it! There is so much we don’t know about ourselves that it is foolish to think it is 100% false. I am very interested to hear more about this topic and your experiences! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I look forward to hearing more!

    1. From what I can piece together Danielle the term grew either from with the new age movement or from the Pagans.  Apparently a lot of people are choosing to call their kids indigo in an attempt to make their child’s medical problems somewhat more socially acceptable.

      There is a documentary called Indigo Evolution, check that one out if you are interested.  I think it is about an hour long.  It is on YouTube.

      Thanks for dropping in.

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