How is Political Correctness Destroying America?

political correctness destroying america

Today it feels like political correctness has clouded the minds of the masses and it has taken on a life of its own controlling our actions and unapologetically destroying America, Europe, Australia your freedom of speech and possibly even your marriage.

How did we get to such a state of disarray?  Come on into my office and strap yourself in for an uneasy ride.  I bet that you have always just trivialized political correctness but I really beg you to think again.


The Origins of Political Correctness (PC)

I remember being fairly young when this term political correctness starting creeping into my every day.  I never could have imagined the impact it was going to have.  Don’t be fooled by the hype, political correctness is killing the America that you once loved.

I promised myself I was going to try to keep this a bit lighter hearted than most of my other posts but I will still throw in a few curve balls, here we go.  My first recollection of PC was the changes we were expected to make in our vocabulary.  All of a suddenly we were getting ourselves in trouble for saying everyday words as well as for swearing like truck drivers.  Image the angst!

Here is one prime example: I remember climbing into lots of manholes back in those days (those holes in the roof that gives you access to the ceiling cavity) and all of a sudden, they all disappeared:  Person-holes (WTF).  Feminists had no presence on the construction site telling us how to speak amongst ourselves, what is going on here!


It is probably not much of a surprise that this change in vocabulary was orchestrated by the second wave feminists.  But how did this fit into their agenda?  Let’s see if we can unearth some skeletons shall we.


What Has Feminism got to do with Politicians being Correct?

political correctness killing americaVery little in fact.  Obviously, the feminists are a strong political force now that are not to be reckoned with but 30 years ago they were more a social movement.   The simple fact is that political correctness was originally enforced by social groups such as schools, families and community groups who just bought into the propaganda that changing our speech patterns would somehow change something else.

It is probably a bit hard to comprehend for anyone under the age of 30 but communities and social groups were actually self-reliant back in those days.  A community could pretty much choose its own fate and there was very little external governance coming in from the internet or very little interference from the federal government when it came to local issues.

Life was a lot simpler back then, people had a lot more freedom to act as individual’s and they were personally held accountable by a local group of people they respected, feared and cared about.

As more and more words became Taboo what happened to our Freedom Of Speech?

Well it took off like wild fire.  Our work sites became regulated.  Our homes became regulated.  Schools became very regulated and sooner or later we have the speech police everywhere we turned shunning for saying every manner of simple terms like gay.

For us old blokes, one day the word gay meant happy then overnight, f+ck me, it meant something completely different and somehow offensive.

As the years went by and as the feminist/socialist agenda gained more momentum very small changes were made in the legislation (apparently to reflect the changes in society).  Have you ever heard the phase “Death by a thousand paper cuts”? Well that is what happened.  Several thousand small and seemingly innocuous changes to a myriad of well-hidden laws led to the police state we now live in and loathe.

The political correctness framework has taken over every aspect of every western culture.  Whilst the feminist agenda may have started it now it has grown into a hate speech agenda and something to do with terrorism.  Every minority group imaginable has jumped on the bandwagon and also it has turned into a way of ensuring that all the unemployable single mothers get their welfare checks.  Try to explain that one!  I can’t


Your Actions Are Becoming  more Restrained aren’t they?

Political correctness ideology is not just limited to the realms of speech and vocabulary.  The very apt phrase comes to mind, Give them an inch and they take a mile, applies to the ideology now.

Somehow by questioning everyone’s speech, it turned into a question of everyone’s intentions and turned into a question of everyone’s character.

As soon as your character was in question and you were on the wrong side of the social circus the risks started mounting up very fast.  Risks to your freedom, risks to your relationships and risks to your sanity.

Restraint became the order of the day.  It still is today.  In order to not offend anybody by saying the wrong thing it has become very import not to say anything of substance at all.


Our Children at getting Dumbified whilst our adults are getting Pacified!

The restraint on our speech grew to epic proportions and before anybody knew it public institutions were self-sanctioning themselves to mitigate the risks of a public outcry and litigation.

Anything in the history books that didn’t match the public opinion of the time had to be filtered out of the curriculum.  Schools are now more like indoctrination centers set up to enforce compliance into out kids.  Knowledge of the past or growing skills for the future seems to be off the agenda.

Corporations starting training adult workers how to speech and punishing non-compliance.  People could all of a sudden be sacked for not complying with the company policies, even if you didn’t agree with their political point of view.

When these companies demand compliance, they were mandating that corporate behavior should be mundane, boring, safe, non-confrontational, non-imaginative and most importantly EVERYONE HAD TO ACT THE SAME WAY.  Deviations from the norm became punishable too.


You Fear To Speak Up Don’t You? How did the court of public opinion become so powerful?

shut up and get in line

Here is two examples of common behavior today that wasn’t common before political correctness.

Example 1.  Participation in a meeting at work.

If you sit in a meeting full of managers today (or most other work meetings) you will see one person talk and pretty much everyone else agree.  The silence is deafening.  If you ask a question to the group, you will get stunned silence.  It is like everyone is scared to speak up.

Example 2.  You witness a pub brawl going down.

Many moons ago a pub brawl would be an event that everyone got in on.  Now, if you do happen to come across anyone drunk enough to step out of line you will barely see any of the bystander acknowledge the event.  More than likely you will see bystanders swiftly avoid the event and pretend they never saw it.

These are just two examples of how fearful the American culture (and most western cultures) has become.  Fearful of anything that doesn’t perfectly comply with the rules set down to them.


How Does All This Effect Your Marriage?

By taking a backward step and falling into line with the culture something terrible has happened.  The vocal minority groups who are steering the social conditioning have assumed the helm of the ship. That is a nautical term that means they have taken control and are driving us in their chose direction.

Whatever crazy demands the minority groups have dreamt up they have typically been granted with open arms.  When it comes to your marriage whoever dreamt up the crazy demands clear had an agenda to ruin the nuclear family.  Sex became common and free.  Divorce became simple and financially lucrative.    Men’s sexual advances became criminalized.  A man’s right to his own earnings became questionable.  A child’s natural born right to grow up with a father became some else’s choice.

Thanks for reading, I know I promised to keep it light but once again I failed.

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4 Replies to “How is Political Correctness Destroying America?”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this post. I found it very interesting to read through your ideas. Political correctness is a funny thing and I agree with you that at times it seems to be destroying the fabric of our country. Sometimes I think that things will settle down over time and other times I fear for the world that our children will inherit. Thanks so much for shedding light on this and I intend to stay tuned in case you have any other insight on the topic. Take care!

    1. It seems to be a fairly popular topic of discussion around the traps Jennifer.  I have recently been pointed towards a few resources where people have done comparisons between present day society and Rome during it’s fall.

      Both political correctness and the welfare state were fairly significant contributors to the downfall of the roman society.  Along with inflation of the currency.  Alarm bells are ringing quite loudly to those people who have taken the time to study the past.

      I have also found some other people doing similar work studying the fall of greek society and a few others.  Perhaps another post will be in order.  Let me know if anyone out there is interested. 

  2. In my own opinion I think all this PC stuff has gotten way out of control in all of the Western world, to the point where you’re virtually not allowed to say or do anything without fear of offending someone.

    You are dead right when you mention that freedom of speech has virtually been stripped from society. Today you’re only allowed to say what you’re told is okay to say. That is, if you bother being politically correct, which I don’t.

    Thanks for an insightful and thoughtful read.

    1. good one darren,

      The attack on the internet has started ramping up recently too.  Censorship on Youtube is getting lots of attention.  If something isn’t done soon we will found ourselves in a quasi socialist police state.

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