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Remember when you are a young child and you were uninhibited enough ponder the big questions in life such as Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is life? What is existence? Remember also when you got to that age where you were bold enough to actually start asking people as well. What happened? What did that innocent, curious and wisdom seeking little kid go? In this article, which is ultimately going to lead to a great awakening definition; we are going to take a quick journey back to that feeling of existential yearning and then circle back on ourselves today in order to contemplate the journey between. First up we need to explore all the many contexts in which you may be familiar with the word Awakening. I will try to be quick so that we can get back to the meat and potatoes of the definition but Context is key to understanding. Forgetting context is also the key to understanding in a lot of cases.


Historical Context 1 – The Evangelical Great Awakenings

Probably the most common context is the historical periods of sudden spikes in religious interest. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia. The link to Wikipedia Great Awakening Summary pages goes into a lot more detail if you are interested.


Modern Movie Context 1 – Skynet Great Awakening

great awakening machinesFirst up let me preempt one thing. The Terminator movies are fiction. When it comes true I will stand corrected but until then I will run under the impression that they are fiction. Skynet in the movie series was an artificial intelligence network (more precisely an artificial neural network-based conscious group mind. At a point in the movie the AI goes through an AWAKENING period, becomes self-aware and breaks free from it’s programming, thinks for itself and proceeds to exterminate all the humans. The context to consider here which is important is an entity breaking free from its restrictions or constraints to think for itself. The conscious group mind is also an interesting spiritual addition to the story.


Modern Movie Context 2 – Matrix: Take the Red Pill Neo

Another movie which quickly came to mind when researching this AWAKENING topic was the Matrix movie series. Again the scene from the movie which comes to mind is the scene where Neo is offered the opportunity to choose red pill or blue pill. Choosing the red pill indicates a conscious decision to AWAKEN and all the esoteric knowledge hidden from him (and all humanity) will be unveiled. Again a context of gaining access to knowledge or Truth by removing restraints (in this case being broken out of the human battery farm and living life in the open air for the first time).

Modern Movie Context 3 – Fight Club

My favourite Fight Club Quote- Tyler Durden: It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything

Closely following by my second favourite quote – Tyler Durden: We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no great war. No great depression. Our great war’s a spiritual one…our great depression…is our lives.

I guess you could say the theme of the Fight Club movie is one of Materialism vs Self Actualization. The characters go through a series of seemingly random events which cumulative to distance them more and more from the mainstream collective notion of an honest American lifestyle. I am talking job loss, homelessness, violence, crime and ultimately terrorism. Interestingly along this journey the characters (who turn out to be not at all what we thought) gain incredible freedom of spirit and freedom from all the things that had previously constrained their lives. Again a context removing restraints to gain freedom.

Modern Political Context 1 – Drain the swamp

dollar-bill-illuminatiNow we get to the reason I actually wanted to write this article. Last month President Trump mentioned in this SOTU address about a great awakening coming and after a bit of research I found his context. Brace yourself for this one.

At the time of writing this article our POTUS is waging war against what he refers to as a domestic threat, the Deep State. The Deep State goes by many names but I think they are a well known group of elitists that most of us would have heard referred to by now who rule the world from ivory towers, control the money and play sick games with all of our lives for kicks. In this context I see POTUS referring to a great awakening as the America population waking up to the bureaucratic and social constraints they have idly sat by and let the deep state shackle them in. The awakening will bring about a systemic change in the social structure and a lot more self awareness for individuals to ultimately stop working for the benefit of the few and start working for the benefit of those whom they choose. It could also be boiled down to a fight of good vs evil.

The Context of Enlightenment

The one thing I believe all religions have in common is this yearning for a final great awakening. Also known as enlightenment, holy spirit, theosis, revelation, illumination, transcendence, ego death, Nirvana, unity, non-duality, absolute truth, pure awareness, nothingness, self actualization, rainbow body, Shiva, etc. etc.



It has been quite a journey researching this article and I can honestly say the dozens of hours I put into it proved very beneficial and definitely rose my spiritual awareness.

Here is what I have learned. I hope you can gain something useful from it.

spiritual great awakeningThroughout all of time humankind has been in search for the ultimate boundless infinity that is reality, otherwise known as existence.
Modern organized religions strongly favors belief and ritual but they didn’t always.

Mysticism is the origin of religions and is the practice of experiencing existence.

Understanding existence is experiencing the answers to these questions- Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is life? What is god?

God is existence but it is also the direct experience of understanding existence by using the right contemplative and meditative practices which are hidden from you. You must gain the esoteric knowledge to unhide the practices.

God/Existence is not veiled from you because if there was a veil over god/existence that would be a limitation and god is limitless (omnipotent) there can be no limit to god and therefore there can be no veil to existence. The veil is over you, it is your ego and your paradigms, it veils you from seeing the ultimate reality.

The veil is voluntary and the veil takes many forms. It can be language, the limitations of you five senses, rationality, logic, ego, paradigms, beliefs, rituals, addiction, slumber, apathy, technology, distraction, government, trauma, society, materialism, religion, deep state goons, killer robots, expectation, ex-wives, child support agencies, abuse, paradigms, finances, gluttony, temptation and many more.

To Awaken is to lift the veil. A growing number of people are rejecting the distractions of western society to seek their freedom.

A Great Awaken is a mass population all lifting the veil and seeing god/existence/reality together. Enjoy the ride. I think we are well overdue for another one.

I have a series of posts outlining one process to remove your paradigms and gain your own autonomy.  I call it Autonomy Blueprint. Feel free to join in.


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  1. I enjoyed this article and yes, God/existence/ will always be – its our own part to take the veil off to see life for what it really ought to be. We are meant to exist in love, God is love, Dialogue without creating wars that hurts our souls, Stop hatred because it breeds followers easily and celebrate the diversity in our existence. Red, Yellow, black and white, We are all precious in God’s eye! thanks for this awakening!

  2. Wow incredible insight! I have seen all the movies you mentioned and definitely see the awakening you are referring to in all these movies. What do you think will occur in society when the great veil is lifted? I agree that a great awakening is coming, but what occurs from it I hope only the best. 

    1. There are only two groups of people I have heard even ponder the prospect of a modern day great awakening.  The New Age folk have their Ascention theory and DNA evolution theories.  The Q movement people talk about defeating the evil overlords but haven’t heard much about what lays beyond.

      Personally I like the idea of human evolution (DNA evolution) to a point where we are each capable interacting with the universe in more ways than just our five senses.  Certain Egyptologists have predicted some of the ancient civilisations were capable of use 32 senses.

  3. This is really an insightful review into this article. The great awakening, it’s really good to have gathered such information about movies that were fiction. Before now I always thought the movie terminator was real, but come to think of it, how can a robot break free from its programming. This question of great awakening is for all races. This is really a wonderful article. Thank you. 

    1. The robots today can actually learn and don’t need anywhere as much programming as they used to kg. Artificial Intelligence is already proving to be going down the same lines as the Terminator.

      Did you know that Chinese has an operation video surveillance network that they call Skynet. Soon to be couple with their social credit system is a truly scary prospect.

  4. Your insights on the awakening are simply spot on. I can say I have had a few veils lifted, just by knowing that it’s in my hands to lift them or not. 

    I’ve learned from your post, that, to be awakened is to decide to unveil ourselves from our self imposed limitations and let ourselves explore the limitlessness of God and existence. 

    Thanks alot, for this eye opener.  

    1. You are welcome Peace,

      Can i also mention the need for Esoteric knowledge.  A lot of the tools required to really manifest a group awakening is now common knowledge, not emotionally led and certainly not logical.  

      In ancient times (before the distraction of technology) such societies were prevalent and such wisdom was often shared.

  5. This is really incredible. I read your whole post and I have seen most of the movies you have mentioned in your post and just like you said I have seen the awakening you were talking about in all those movies. I also agree wth you about how the great awakening is coming. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    1. What are you going to do to contribute Sunji.  The great awakening is something external that happens to you.  It must be invoked from within.

      In saying that though a lot of people believe in the 100 monkeys phenomenon.  I hope they are right.  For those of you who have not head of it, it can be summarised something like this

      100 monkeys are stranded on a desert island with only one completely foreign food source they have never seen before

      The food source is a type of nut that needs them to crack off the shell before it can be eaten.

      Tthese monkeys don’t know how to use the tools required to crack the shell and a lot perish but a very small fraction worked it out and slowly the numbers of monkeys using tools grew until

      Tthe hundredth monkey learnt which instigated something magical – all the other thousand or so monkeys inherently knew what to do within have to learn.  Some sort of shared group known on a spiritual level.

      Again there is hope.

  6. Hello Remy, I must commend you for a well researched article. The modern movie context 1 got me frightened. The good thing is that it is a fiction and not non-fiction. I know that AI has really gone a long way as a result of advanced technology, but reading through where the AI went through an awakening period to the extent of breaking free from its programming and exterminating humans got my hairs raised. I love that quote by Tyler Durden, it is just like an adage that says, he who is down, fears no downfall. I quite agree with you that God is limitless and omnipotent, what mostly limits us are mainly material things and you left nothing out in the list of veils that limits us. Truly a lot of people are awakening, and it is indeed the right time for that.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Gracen.

      On the thought of materials things, I draw a lot of brilliant inspiration by movements like the Tiny House movement.  It is clear from looking at all the people making the conscious choice to downsize and reject their mortgage rat race that a change of times has already started.

      Apparently there is also a big resurgence in Russia of people living in nomadic herds.  Very well hidden from the public though.

  7. This is a nice article and an incredible one. 

    This writeup has just aroused my spiritual awareness. Actually God’s existence is not veiled. I have learnt being veiled is relative and can be in any form be it addiction, rituals, technology, language, government, belief and so on. We just have to lift the veil and live a life of reality. 

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Michael.

      I hope we can meet in that higher realm of reality one day and share a drink around the camp fire. Fuelled by Free Energy.

  8. Hi there, 

    I must say I really enjoyed this article and also referring back to all the movies you have mentioned here, I have watched “matrix” several times and yes you are right about how neo was offered the blue and red pill. 

    God/existence/ will always be because God is limitless and it’s in our own power to take the veil off to see life for what it really ought to be.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Cheers,

      I hope you have the required faith and perseverance to destroy that veil not only for yourself but also for your family and community. The sad part is they probably need you strong more than you do.

  9. I can totally relate to this piece. We’re at a point right now where if people don’t snap out of the spell they’re in, we’re in deep trouble. I was just thinking about the AI thing the other day, as I’m working on a blog about its impact on the future of employment and I can see a whole slew of new problems this is going to bring, far beyond employment. We’re not far from Terminator territory when you have robots from Boston Dynamics doing backflips and learning from their own mistakes. Add the “invisibility cloaks” they’re working on that are made from these meta-materials, along with the latest in armor plating and you pretty much have a Terminator who can not only take your job away, but destroy you on command. It won’t be long before someone combines these technologies and brings them into the fold of the Internet of Things.

    I do believe POTUS brought a degree of attention to this that everyone’s been ignoring for years. This was once thought of as “conspiracy theory” and I’m one of those people who got labeled at a nut for pointing out how untouchable some of these elitists really were and how they lived by a completely different set of rules. I’m all for exposing them for the modern-day slaveholders they are. The only reason we’re not picking cotton anymore is because votes are the new hot commodity. All they have to do to keep themselves in power is dupe us into controlling our own population, abandoning our family structures and traditional values and buy our votes with a bunch of free stuff and promises they can never deliver on. It is one really sick mess out there and I really do hope people wake up soon or we’ll all be toast.

    1. thanks Mark,

      The good news is that there is a growing community of people who have already woken up as you have.  My kids are well aware of what the “pyramid with eye” signifies.  I share your hopes that POTUS will push the awakening but it will never happen to anyone who sits back and waits for anyone else to do anything.  For a lot of us it is one distinct event or a series of events that lifts the veil.  For me it was a series of deaths in the family followed by a marriage breakdown and reaching that magic 40 year old milestone in life.

      I have never heard of the invisibility cloaks.  I am researching now.

      If you want to refocus your efforts in a positive direction so some research on the global consciousness project, mass meditation effects on terrorism or the dwindling industry that is the mass media in 2019.

      Thanks for mentioning your blog.  Best of luck.  You are the news now.

  10. I find your opinion quite interesting, it is an impactful article indeed. it’s really good to have researched and collected such information about movies that were fiction, yes the robots today can actually learn and don’t need anywhere as much programming as they used to do. Artificial Intelligence is already proving to be going down the same lines as the Terminator. But deep learning also helps. I had seen some of the movies you mentioned in the article and definitely see the awakening you are referring to in all these movies. What do you think will happen in society when the great veil is lifted? I agree that a great awakening is coming, but what occurs from it occurrence. I hope it going to be a peaceful occurance and an experiential one.

    1. I think there will definitely be a period of great turmoil following any sort of awakening Topaz.  A lot of people would argue that such turmoil is already well in place.  Have a good look around you and pay close attention to all the “inversion” that is going on.  A lot of Words now means the opposite to what they used to.  A lot of Actions now means the opposite to what they used to.  A lot of good deeds of yesterday are no longer the good deeds of today.

      These are all signs of turmoil but I honestly believe that good will prevail if enough people stand up and fight for their own freedom. 

      Of course there will be a cost to all those people who sit back and criticize the efforts whilst waiting for someone else to battle for their freedom.

  11. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.i so much believe there’s God. He’s plan for us is to exist on earth as planned. This above mentioned movie explain the great awakening, I strongly believe it’s coming soon when the great veil is lifted. What an insightful article. 

    1. I hope you are right Adam.  There are lots of signs in the world today which would lead someone like yourself to think chaos times are happening now.

  12. Hi Remy,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational post, it is really nice and motivational post. I have read it very attention.The great awakening, it’s really good to have gathered such information about movies that were fiction. I have seen all the movies you mentioned and definitely see the awakening you are referring to in all these movies.This is really a wonderful article.

  13. Wow, this is intense, but also timely for me. I can see where you’re getting at through putting it all into context by outlining the meaning and drawing in various themes and references from movies, and current political reference points. I too have recently been exploring and working through aspects of awakening in my own way, and can relate to the letting go of our own personal perspectives and paradigms which impair and influence our abilities to lift the veil. In my experience, I’m finding the letting go in the form of forgiveness, allowing me to let go of negativity from those who have hurt me, and allow myself to learn to rise above this into acceptance and neutrality. We’re all on a journey of awakening for sure. Thanks for sharing and putting it together so articulately. 

    1. I have been working on Letting go of negativity for years too.  What works for me is to trying to understand why the people around me seem to thrive on negativity.  Understand their paradigms and you can challenge your own.

      Unfortunately a lot of psychology text books and open university time required though.

  14. I have so much on my mind after reading this but, in an effort not to write a book in your comment section, I will say that I believe the “veil” is the programming we have had since birth.

    The only thing that makes me feel ‘safe’ in this world/waking reality is that ‘god/the divine/Great Spirit/goddess/the great ‘oneness’/the’no-thing-ness’ lives inside of me and I AM IT!  I am, my first line of offense and my first line of defense.  I AM everything I mirror everything and, I’m not separate from anything.

    I’ve spent at least 26 solid years de-programming myself from what I was told I should be, except for one thing, I never argued about treating others the way I ‘think’ I should be treated.

    I’m with your reader Funmi, love is where I dwell.  I am not very particular on where the true light of love comes from but, for me, it’s palpable even in its pure energetic form.

    The awakening?  I was pondering this 2 days ago (again) and, something you wrote triggered a thought (or 3)–the Fight Club quotes.  Our lives do seem to have become the great depression but, what are we doing in every community around the globe to heal that great depression?

    “We have no great war”  *again, so so hard to briefly comment* War is everywhere.  War on religions, War on genders, War on any and every belief system justified STILL to this day by some form of “Killing In The Name of_________!””

    “Our great war’s a spiritual one” I don’t believe that either.  Spirituality and my personal journey isn’t a war it’s an awakening.  The moments I stop and, give thanks for what I have and forget about the have-nots…the veil lifts.

    I still wrote a book, apologies.  I will end with saying that, unlike my beliefs 20 years ago, the moment an overwhelming number of individual veils lift in this universe is the moment a palpable universal veil will lift.  We can’t do any better for the lives we are connected to unless we’ve done the proper work for ourselves first. *thank you for tolerating my ramblings!*

    1. Feel free to ramble on all you want fyre.

      I have been meditating for a year or two now and have only had a few very brief glimpses of that place of love that you talk of.   One in particular was enough to change an entire life trajectory.

      My kids and my work colleagues really don’t understand the journey and think it is all mysterious waste of time and energy.  I guess if you were looking in from the outside nothing really would look different.

      Of course I dare not lecture them or tell them what they are not quite yet ready to hear.  

      The older I get the more ancient the wisdom I seek.  

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