Funny Christmas Gifts for Dad: 2018

funny christmas gifts for dad

Hello there. My name is Margery and welcome to the website. If you are here for the first time an even bigger welcome. This article is all about helping you find some funny gifts for Dad. Christmas is just around the corner and I hope we can make it that little big funnier together.

My Dad has a brilliant sense of humor which is why I really wanted to buy him a funny gift this year, not a prank gift. Dad has become really sensitive around people making fun of him since the death of his wife so I am going for more of a funny Ha Ha ironic type of gift than a prank gift. Personally I would hate it if someone decided to get a prank joke for me. All those people, Christmas morning, all the laughter, all the pointing, that is not something that my sensitive psyche could handle so I am not going to thrust it onto Dad this year (I have in past years – Didn’t go down as well as I had hoped).

There is, however, another range of gifts that match my sentiment exactly. I don’t know exactly how to describe them but they are more akin to a sarcastic joke or a perplexing riddle; a double entrendre more than a prank. It was referred to an oxymoron in one episode of the Simpsons that I remember. Sort of joke that is funny more because it is a contradiction of a joke with no real point beyond that. Just fun for the sake of fun. When was the last time you experienced that?

Now I hope that you are on board with the kind of sentiment that I am trying to create for Dad. I know, it is a lot different but that is what I hope is going to make it very special and memorable.

Gift #1 – Dehydrated Water

Believe it or not but this here is a can of dehydrated water. In reality it is a play on words and exactly what is says it is but another way of looking at it would be “It is nothing. The can says “Just Add Water”. I think this is hilarious because it plays on the everyday marketing jargon that you see all over the place but it also plays on your desires to get value for money. It made me remember all the times I had purchased something on a whim and got home only to open the packaging and realize that I had been conned.

There will be nothing more priceless that watching Dad’s face when he opens up the can and it is exactly


Gift #2 – A Mesmerizing Little box without a Purpose – The Useless Box

I bought one of these for my Dad two years ago and his immediate reaction was priceless. It was a mix of curiosity, confusion, dismay and a lot of queries about what it does.

I am going to try to explain it in words (which is going to be hard) but a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the video below and see for what yourself what it does.

That’s right, you toggle the switch with your finger and the box comes back and toggles it back to the start. Most people are so compelled by the action that they are inclined to toggle the switch again. Then the Box comes back again and toggles it. Rinse and repeat. Man vs Box.

The lack of purpose really threw him a curve ball. Dad was memorized and pushed the little lever hundreds of times in a row hoping desperately that one time it would do something different than just toggle the lever back to the start again. Backwards and forwards they tossled until Dad worked himself up into some sort of trance and smoke started coming out his ears.

It was one of the few gifts I think I have ever given him that interrupted the schedule of the day. He became so entranced with it that he wouldn’t even let the rest of us have a go.


If you got this far and want to explore some more gift ideas follow this link for more gift ideas.

Let me know what you thought below and how dad reacted!




8 Replies to “Funny Christmas Gifts for Dad: 2018”

  1. For a dad who has everything, including a sense of humor, these gifts are great!  I like the useless box the best, and I can see my dad setting this on his coffee table to see the reactions of all of his friends.  I think it would be priceless!  I see it is Amazon Prime, which makes it super easy and fast!  I am heading to visit him this weekend.  So I will wait until I am there and then order 🙂  Thanks for the great idea!

    1. The real gold is in the first 5 minutes when someone see’s it for the first time.  Remember those really old money boxes that did a very similar thing? Put a nickel down and push a button then the arm comes out and grabs it.  For some reason a lot of people remember the money boxes and just assume the Useless box is going to do something.             ………… then………….. it doesn’t. 🙂    thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a really funny blog – I am always on the lookout for funny gifts for my own dad as he is always pulling pranks on me – I need to get my revenge!!!– these suggestions are hilarious and they will definitely fit the bill for what I need, the useless box video was great and I am sold on it! – just a quick note to say cheers to you, one question, any indication on price levels?

  3. What a fun article, my brothers and I got my dad dehydrated water for father’s day when we were kids, we got him a nice tie as well.  But he really got a kick out of the dehydrated water.  Its funny how a little article like this one can bring back good old memories of my family.  Thanks for that.

  4. Of course, Dear Margery.

    What can be a better gift for an awesome Dad! than “The Useless Box”? More confusing than not ” The dehydrated Water” as a Christmas Gift.

    I love your innovative mind. Enjoyed the link, laughed, amazed, ate Aloo paratha, Watched the future vehicles on air! 

    I will just request everyone to visit this site to get your gift ideas. I am sure you will buy from here.

    Thank you so much.


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