Families need fathers – Did you/Do you have a father?

children need fathers

This is an article in response to all the public comments I heard in the mainstream media about women not needing men. I really don’t understand the constant war on men and public humiliation that news outlets or TV shows rain down on men. It reminds me of the saying my grandfather used to say to me “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Regardless of your political or social beliefs families need fathers and fathers need families.  Follow me in if you dare.

Boys need fathers

There is a lot of things that only a father can teach their son. I have two sons and it has been my experience that certain topics as a lot easy explain by a father than a mother and certain questions from the son will only be asked to the father.

One of the most important roles a father has to provided in the modern day is discipline. Disciplining children is an absolute minefield in the world of political correctness and social justice. It is also a minefield that most typically choose not to enter into. To the detriment of the children.

Girls need fathers

I fail to see how anyone can expect a girl growing up without men around her to understand men. I was married to one of these train wrecks and the lack of understanding causes so many relationship problems’ that really don’t need to be there.

The essence of these problems’ comes down to the understanding that men are different to women. Having understood that concept we then need to grasp the reality that equality of two different halves will need be evident. Mothers cannot understand masculinity themselves let alone teach it to their daughters just the same way that men would never be asked to try to successfully explain femininity to a teenage daughter.

The success of daughters future relationships are strongly dependent on her relationship with her father. A poor relationship with a father will lead directly to poor relationships with men.

If not for anything else you would think that this point needs to be address before all others.

Wives and women need their children to have fathers

I have embedded a video link at the bottom of this article which explains the need for two parents to best raise children. Any single parent out there will tell you just how hard it is to raise children alone. I believe them, you should believe them too. The problem is that a lot of women are taking advantage of the no fault divorce laws, cashing in on divorce, and choosing to become a single parent. Once they have cash in and established themselves as a single parent cue the victim hood statements, requests for handouts and welfare dependability.boys need fathers

Don’t get me wrong it is still the fathers who are footing the bill but with all the middle men within the new money stream it is the children who don’t get what they need.


Feminists need a society filled with fathers

Contrary to their entire belief structure all those millions of feminists dominating the social construct out there are reliant on a society full of quasi father figures to keep them afloat.

I want to response here to three of the most commonly accepted feminist myths.

1. Women don’t need men to have babies

Of course a man needs to provide the sperm which fertilizes the egg so that a woman can incubate a baby in her body. Without the sperm and without the egg there is no baby. Emotions and injustices don’t create babies. Test-tube babies and IVF treatments still need both a sperm (which comes from the man) and an egg (which comes from the woman).

It is true that a woman decides and controls the entire process but in whatever scenario she chooses there still has to be a sperm come from a man to impregnate her.

Crazy feminists who ignore the truth like this one will only bring about a strike whereby men will stop donating sperm to sperm banks. Hopefully this happens and the pink haired lesbian hair army pit feminists out there who still want to have kids get their applications rejected due to lack of supply.


2. Women don’t need men to raise their children

I guess this comes down to what type of child you want to raise. If you want to raise a stable, well-rounded and mentally developed child which becomes an autonomous adult you will need a man to provide the other half of the picture. A society which is full of men will not go away and in the most part neither will heterosexual nature.


3. Women Can Have It All – Work and Children

All attempts for women to work full time and have a child without a father in the house will only end worse off for the child.

Typically, the tendency is for a modern go-getter women to put her power child into government subsidised child care facilities while she works to pay for it. There is no way that a child care facility can provide the same amount of nurturing that a caring parent can, don’t even waste your time responding to me on this ladies.

Having said that I can foresee a situation where the child raising is handed over in full to a grand parent. I don’t consider this situation to be responsible parenting and even in the corporate world outsourcing your work doesn’t get you the same accolades as doing it yourself.


Governments Need Fathers

Men make up the majority of the demographic who pay the overwhelming majority of taxes to the governments. Without this demographic the financial taxation system would come crumbling down overnight.
Additional to the financial role father figures play to the government they also provide the muscle and the labor that keep the infrastructure, public utilities and industries turning. Without these men electricity would stop, cars and trucks will park up, IT systems will crash and chaos will prevail in no time.


Don’t believe the hype. Even though you all have it easier now than ever throughout history and resources are abundant/utilities they do not come out of thin air.

Societies were built by men, are maintained by men and still are very much reliant on men to do all the dirty work women and effeminate men refuse to acknowledge.

In closing please take some time out of your day and watch the video link below.

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4 Replies to “Families need fathers – Did you/Do you have a father?”

  1. I did not have a father in my life. It was not good. It was always me and my single mum growing up, and she struggled to no end. I can’t wait to pay her back one day. She deserves the world.

    I’m just glad I can be there for my boy and girl, as I am still with their mother. At leas they won’t suffer like I did.

    Cheers for the eye-opening post.

    1. I talk to men in your situation quite regularly Brandon they make up the bulk of the mainstream out there. Oblivious just how close to edge of the cliff you live you life.
      I was in the exact situation not so long ago, married, kids, house, mortgage, corporate job, big plans for the future, white picket fence, etc.

      One thing I try to stress over and over again, without success, is that as a man and or husband in a western society everything you work for and hope for in the future can all be taken away from you at the drop of a hat. Things can go downhill fast without a reason, without a cause, and without any recourse to you to change the trajectory.
      There is a whole legal system built up to ensure your wife and her lawyers will decide how often you get to see your kids and what kind of relationship you will have with them.
      Have a think about just what you have got left if you were kicked out onto the street and legally required never to step foot near your life again. That’s the society you love so much.
      Wake up to the reality of life as a western man and stop thanking people for putting you in such a dire situation.

      But that won’t happen to me! I hear men say back all the time. 🙂 It happens to the best of us and more than half of us.

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