Equal Rights For Fathers! A Hidden Realm Of Lies.

equal rights for fathers

We are living in a time of never before seen turmoil in the realms of parenting and gender politics. Equal rights for father’s seems to be a topic that has been blacklisted from all public commentary. Fathers rights groups do exist but they are the source of much public ridicule.

I write this article as a service to my children. I hope that one day you can read this and understand (in part) the world in which a father can be systematically removed from his children lives and turned into something more akin to a teller machine. My hope is that by the time you get to read this such a world is long gone.

Fathers Influence Before Birth

As we learn from Robert Briffault it is the female of the species who determines all the big family decisions. Females have a long list of rights when it comes to parenting that father’s do not: Here are a few.

Females bias include things like:

  • she has the ability to determine what behavior constitutes flirting, asking a woman out or sexual harassment
  • When it comes to sexual harassment claims; she has the ability to pretty much put him behind bars based on her word which will not be question and have the poewr to ruin his livelihood
  • She has the ability to advise the father or not to advise the father at any time, or never
  • she has the monopoly on birth control (women have almost all the birth control choices)
  • she can choose to keep or abort the child (either morning after or next week or next month)
  • she also has the privilege to lie about her birth control choices (or lack thereof) with no repurcussions
  • she can determine the difference between consensual sex and rape (based on her opinion alone which will not be questioned and can change at her whim)
  • she can even poke holes in a man’s condom, admit it, fall pregnant to him without consequences and continue on to claim his alimony


Father’s Influence Just After Birth

brides with gunsPlease be bold enough to put aside the entire conversation about rape laws and assume consensual sex leads to babies. We now find ourselves in a distorted world of female bias when it comes to the decision’s available to a pregnant woman.

  • She has sole decision to keep or adopt out the child
  • She has the ability to advise the father or not to advise the father at any time, or never
  • In most places she determines whether a father’s name goes on the birth certificate or not. Or even another man’s who is not the father
  • she can lie to one man and get him to act as a father to someone else’s child (if she ever gets caught there will be no repercussion for her but he has to continue paying child support for the kids that are not his)
  • In a lot of states the mother determines if a paternity tests can even legally take place


Fathers Influence In A Child’s Upbringing

man blameIf the mother and father are separated government systems (family laws) are set up to automatically award all parenting right’s to the mother by default. Any rights a father wants will need to be fought for and justified by him.

For some reason women are always automatically presumed to be natural and perfect mothers without question and without any need to ever illustrate the ability. Whilst a father is often portrayed at best as a work in progress, at worst a scary old man.

In the now rare cases that a mother and father are still together the ever present threat of separation is sufficient to keep the father subservient to her desires.  Men don’t mind taking risks on themselves most of the time but when it comes to imposing risk on their children (post separation risks) they will largely render themselves subservient.


Divorce Outcomes

For the majority of couples family negotiations during separation do not make their way into court. From the evidence I have seen to date the outcomes all tend to be very similar regardless of the circumstances. A woman will get what she wants or very close to unless some monstrous crimes have been committed by her.  One thing that no one wants to say out loud is that child access for the father’s is routinely traded for money to the mother (either upfront as a property settlement or ongoing as alimony aka child support, palimony, blah blah blah).

It sickens me that family lawyers can sleep at night. If you look into the eyes of a family lawyer you will see someone devoid of consciousness, spirit and humanity (a ghost who walks who has lost their soul).

If you are going through your divorce now, click here for my Article Divorce Help for Men.

Child Support Agency Taxation Scam

In what world does a fixed set of needs (a children need for shelter, food and sleep) not cost a fixed amount of money. Child support system around the world all operate on a false economy where children cost as much as their mother & father are inclined to earn. The result of such a flawed system is a race to the bottom. The parent to earn the least money gets the most money transferred to them. The person who does the least amount of work get rewarded with free money.

On top of that; a cloak of secrecy surrounds these organizations. CSA workers are rewarded with bonuses for extracting money. Rulings are final and not to be questioned. Threats are a standard order of business. No tolerance is practiced with an iron fist. One size fits all. Child access is leveraged against money as a matter of course BUT NO ONE TALKS.


The Welfare System Built For Women

The welfare systems worldwide are all built by governments to attract womens votes. There is a strong correlation between womens suffrage (their right to vote) and the rise of the welfare states worldwide. It is perfectly democratic to do so but it has some fairly serious implications for men.

When you boil down the above paragraph to its essence you have a government that is mandating, through a legal system (which is not much more than a popularity contest) a large scale redistribution of wealth from men to woman.

What do women get out of this exchange? Women get all the financial freedom they need to raise children (A good deal for the government who needs a next generation of voters)

What do men get out of this exchange? Obviously a lot of their financial freedom is stripped from them and sold for votes. Scratch the surface a little deeper and you will also see several more layers of implications. The Second layer consists the erosion of the father’s role as provider to his family. There is a competitor in the tent now. The Third layer then results in a lack of respect for a man who has no traditional value because he can easily be replaced with welfare. Forth layer becomes distain and so on.


So What’s Left For Dad?

Good Question.  I find myself at a loss to answer it most of the time.

Emptiness. Servitude. Hope. Sacrifice, and simple pleasures such as sunshine and rain.

For any of you women who want to comment below and say that you deserve all these privileges because you make the babies, I response: It takes both a man AND a woman to make a baby, you incubate them not make them.

There is a growing movement of men behind the scenes cultivating alternatives and awaiting for the beforementioned governments to implode or become bankrupt.  Subscribe to my email list above and comment below.


2 Replies to “Equal Rights For Fathers! A Hidden Realm Of Lies.”

  1. Nice article. About 6 years ago I divorced my x because he was very abusive towards me and his kids. I gave him opportunities to change ie stop hurting us emotionally and physically. He was unwilling to seek help and was unrepentant for his actions. I had to seek help using the domestic helpline. The point to this was, I was shocked how much rights I had. If I so much didn’t want a bunch of flowers I could have had him hung by his testicles. Of course, my situation was different, but it opened my eyes to men who are wrongly accused and how women play on it, and so can never have contact with their children again…it is utterly shocking the amount of power women have over men. I also think men are just as much abused as women can be. For you men, you keep it too quiet!

    1. thanks for sharing, most women just claim their prize and remain silent.  I think you will find that the tides are turning and men are not quite starting to speak up but instead they are just starting to walk away from it all, turn their back and let the whole corrupt system burn itself down.  There is a lot of shame involved with trying to be masculine in a society that outright hates masculinity.  I am too old to care about what social rules I break now and I have got nothing more to lose.  

      Do me a favour and promise me that next time to you see a women taking advantage of the corrupt system you will speak up and not just let the falling snow build into an avalanche.

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