Does social status mean better relationships for women? Female Social Hierarchy

female social hierarchy

This article is related to the female social hierarchy and it is a follow-on article from a previously one I wrote about the Male social hierarchy. The two articles really are complimentary and need to be read together, the true power of this concept is the comparison of the two. Whilst the male counterpart was focused predominantly on the male personality  this post “Does Social status mean better relationships for women”  mainly focuses on the question What does status status mean to women?  and  Does social status mean better relationships for women?

Unlike the male social hierarchy (which is actually determined by women and stagnant from one year to the next); the female social hierarchy is extremely dynamic. Women can transition between the groups relatively easy; there are entire industries such as the fashion and makeup industries tailored to facilitate this transition.

The driving factors which create all these transitions are mostly biological or psychological. In Jungian psychology it was explained as a type of dormant part to the psyche, unknown to the individual but a major sub-conscious power determining long term health and happiness, (The proper Jungian term was the collective unconscious).
One critical topic discuss in the Male Social Hierarchy article was Briffaults law, which states that women create and maintain the social system in which we all operate.

The Female Social Hierarchy Breakdown

The Alpha/Zeta Female

Relevant stereotype – the vocal minorityalpha-woman

At the top of the pyramid as have the Alpha female, the equivalent also of the Zeta but better known as “The liberated woman”. This type of woman has removed herself completely from social relationships with men.

They are

  • social within female only circles but prejudiced against men
  • revered by the other women as group leaders
  • directors of the group direction (the entire female group that it)
  • the extremely vocal minority of female
  • the self empowered “educated” new-age women

These are the women who have jumped on the feminist bandwagon which has gained so much momentum over the past 100 years and believe that women can do everything without the need for a man. Some of them are quite successful in the chosen life path but the bulk of them (looking in from the outside anyway) just appear to be chasing something that is achievable.

The Beta, Lambda Female

Relevant stereotype – cheerleader, party girl or WOO girls.beta-woman

Next we have the Beta/Lambda types. These are women in the 20s with high sexual market value. They are naive to the problems from all the other women because their little world is perfect. They are promiscuous and successful with attractive the men they want. In doing this they can derive all the social status, all the wealth and all the drama they need from men.

Settling down and get married or having a baby for these girls is not an option, they will continue partying like there is tomorrow until their looks will inevitably fail them around the age of 30 and they can’t attract the alpha or beta man.

As such these women will put a very high value in their appearance and have an over inflated self-esteem.

Very little value will be put on any other part in their life including job, family, education or long term future.


The Delta Female

Relevant stereotype – the silent majority

The followers in the world of the female social hierarchy.  Whether voluntary or as victims of a fear campaign these women are boxed into a social agenda by the dominant minority. They are the women who automatically jump to defend another woman when any sort of mild conflict arises.   She will remain silent and watch a close male friend or relative be eaten up by a gold digger rather than stand up to her.  Whilst being subservient to females higher up on the female social hierarchy their relationship with men may be the exact opposite.

What makes the Delta woman hard to spot is that it can also be a temporary venture for women, she appears loving, caring and forgiving (all the things a man is looking for).

You will find a woman becomes delta for the first three months or so of a new relationship. Best case scenario she is a Beta women who is starting to lose has sexual market value and realizes she has to settle for a Beta or Delta male and hook him into marriage before she loses the rest of her looks.

Worst case scenario is that she is a Gamma in disguise or a liberated woman in disguise out to hook herself some fresh resources from a man.


The Gamma Female

Relevant stereotype – single mothers, married women, cougars, beta wannabeesgamma-woman

The Gamma female is astutely aware of her position down the bottom of the social hierarchy and also dreaming of getting away from it.

They will be overly emotional and derive their own personal sense of meaning from creating drama, anyway they can. To be able to do this continuously you will find they have had to disassociated themselves from any sense of responsibility or accountability for their actions.

You will find they possess a great deal of unwarranted sense of entitlement and are egotistical. She will also hold onto the past and or dreams up a magical future she expects but refuse to see what is going on now.

Gamma females are very likely to be extremely manipulative and controlling of a man (shit tests, gas lighting, impossible questions, shaming, etc, etc, etc)

Whilst they will detest men individually they will put a great deal of importance on obtaining the resources and elevated social status a man can provide her.


The take-away lesson from all this is what?

The social hierarchy of females is pretty close to being an exact opposite to that of the man. As you explore this topic, the more opposites you will find in the sexes. Not a very good concept to pursue if you are hell-bent on proving the equality of the sexes (which I am not). To sum up the concept I will offer the following statement “Men are human doings and women are human feelings”. Let me know what you think it means in the comments below.


Young men need to understand the dating mine-field they are about to walk into and young woman would benefit a lot from understanding the social dynamics thrust upon them as well.

The toxic women, whilst being a minority, can only be kept in the check by honest women coming forward and making them accountable.  The ability for men to influence women’s behaviour ended when no fault divorce laws and no questions asked domestic violence orders and restraining orders were made available.  Minority groups that are not accountable for their actions, not rained in when overstepping the mark and are encourage by government with power become corrupt.  With power always comes corruption.  Obtaining government funding for out of control minority groups is a multi-billion dollar business. A few examples include Marxism, racism, feminism, a raft of groups that fall loosely into post-modern critical theory activism.

The game of social status and social hierarchy is not one that is obvious or intuitive to the young players. With age and with a lot of failure it becomes evident to those who want to take the time out to notice it.

super alpha male
Click the picture for the next in the series.

Whilst this article was a followup to the article I wrote about Male social hierarchy it is the comparison of the two that is truly fascinating. I have included a teaser picture below for the next post which will follow.

I haven’t discussed marriage in this article it is a whole new series of layers to the onion that need peeling away separately. A new post about marriage will be needed if you are interested, let me know.


One day I hope to find a new type of women who is a truly autonomous and still interested in pleasing a man not just for the resources he can provide.

The biology of both men and women play a massive part in determining this social structure. Additional posts on biology and psychology related to each of the genders will follow.


15 Replies to “Does social status mean better relationships for women? Female Social Hierarchy”

  1. You overlooked a large category of women that I believe you have never met before. The honest woman, is out there. One that doesn’t play games, that is only looking for a true, loving committed relationship with a honest man. Not every woman fits your stereotypes you have listed. You make us all sound like brainless, insensitive, money hungry gold diggers who use our children as pawns to manipulate men into doing what we want. That is not true.. you need to change your taste in what type of woman you are first attracted to and broaden your horizons a bit.

    1. Thanks for comments deb and thanks for re-enforcing the opinion to all the men reading this. Male shaming tactics don’t work here. I think all these honest women have been swept up into the feminist rhetoric and make themselves invisible by refusing to speak out.
      When these honest women of yours start standing up to calling out dishonest women I will starting paying them some attention.
      Don’t fret my horizons, they can’t be dragged down.

  2. Oh dear! This article is so depressing.
    When I look back at my life when I was 20 or when I turned 30, I just can’t fit anywhere in this pyramid. Where exactly do you place young humble women who are interested in academics but who would also consider settling with a loving and caring man, irrespective of whether they’re rich or poor?
    This leaves me curious to check out your article on male social hierarchy. I hope it isn’t going to be as depressing as this one.

    1. On the contrary Princilla,

      If you don’t fit in this pyramid it is because you have broken free  from it’s confines.

      Something I hope a lot more people can do.

      1. For the vast majority of the females biological imperative to nest and the social dependency on group think makes a sigma female near on impossible. To be sigma you must be independent from everyone and everyone. Nesting & group think use dependencies on other people as their cornerstone.
        Image how hard it would be for a sigma woman to have a baby by herself. For a start there would have to be an immaculate conception. Then she would have to figure out how to pay for childcare without welfare. Even then she would be dependent on someone else to do the childcare for her.

        If there is any out there (and I believe that there are somewhere) the numbers are far too small too be considered for inclusion on this pyramid.

          1. We used to call them women a scatter brain. More clinically correct name would probably be multiple personality or borderline personality but I think a small degree of filtering your personality to the world around you is perfectly necessary. Check out this post about the masks you wear
            BluePrint Autonomy Orange Belt – The Armour That Shields You Also Blinds You
            The female social hierarchy is a dynamic thing which changes with every change in social interaction. Different social circles will bring about completely different personalities within you.
            Ever wondered why some people react completely differently about different people?

  3. Hi Remy
    As a woman I always find this type of articles very interesting because it lets me know how a lot of guys think, political correctness aside. 😉
    It seems you have yet to discover a new potential group of women. We are the ones who know that we are truly amazing and deserve the best in life, we are confident and go after what we want. We want a man as our partner, our equal, but we won’t give up our dreams and goals just to please him. We want a man but we don’t need one.
    We can play the field and have fun but if a man wants a serious commitment from us he will have to prove that he’s worth it. If he proves himself loyal, caring and committed we will walk through fire for him. But make no mistake, we expect him to rise to the same level. Should he fail to do so we will move on.
    We will cheer him on to go after his dreams (even if we don’t share them or his own lack of selfesteem holds him back) because we follow our on dreams and know how important it is. We will encourage him to go on vacations alone with his buddies because we trust him just as we expect him to be cool with a girls’ night out because he trusts us.
    We like sex and are not afraid to spice it up and try new things. We have the same need as you men to be pleased and will suffer if the sexlife is lacking. We stay fit and like to dress up nice for our man. We also challenge ourselves to try new scary things in life in order to grow and we strive to always be the best version of ourselves and reach the next level. So if our man’s biggest hobby is eating pizza in front of the tv in his sweatpants we will loose our interest in him.
    We don’t care about the society’s rules about setteling down. If and when we find a man who treats us as equals, show us love and respect and live up to our standards (and only then) will we settle down. But when we do find that relationship, we will run the world together!

    1. Unicorns are mythical creatures.
      I only believe myths when they can stand the test of time. I thought my ex wife was a unicorn too but time ( and external modern political ) influences turned her a complete 180.
      Keep it up for 30 Years and I will consider you a unicorn.

  4. I think you are a bit wrong about the alpha/zeta woman. I consider myself as a “liberated woman” as you say, ‘couse I had a Phd, I had a director position in my work and I was always the leader in my group of friends. I also consider myself a feminist and an empowered woman who is in control of her life. But I do like men! I always date beta, delta and omega type of men, (and a I’m married and in love with a very submissive and quite delta guy). The thing is… I think alpha/zeta woman seek beta or lower man to start a relationship becouse we are used to be in control.

    1. I hate that term “liberated woman” it brings up conotations of all sorts of screaming pink haired women for me. But that is just me, for you I suspect it means the complete opposite.

      thanks for responding, i am keen to hear how the beta men are responding to you these days. What I have seen over the last 10 to 15 years is that the dating pool for self proclaims liberated woman such as yourself has dried up and or dissapeared.
      There is a constant stream of new articles proclaim a man drought and problems with middle aged or retired women more and more inclined to become homeless.
      I wrote the article quite a while ago now and on reflection I think my attitude has moved on a bit from then but I am keen to hear other peoples thoughts. I am keen to hear peoples thought on just how depending women have become on their welfare payments and the safety net it provides.

  5. I love your posts so much!
    How do religion and morals that derive from them (ie Christianity) come into play in the woman social hierarchy pyramid? That is assuming a small % of women are true believers in their faith and refrain from promiscuity in fear of its repercussions exclaimed by the Bible (to keep with the example of Christianity ?

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