Does Misandry Mean Equality Or Is There A More Sinister Side?

Misandry does not mean equality

The word Misandry is not one you hear spoken out loud.  It is not even a word you see in the newspaper or written very often but the concept is one that I am hope to prove to you here is a big part of the culture you live with every day. Does Misandry mean Equality?

There seems to be a coordinated orchestra of different groups all delivering their own type of misandry for their own benefits.  Even more scary is that what was once (100 years ago) considered extreme behaviour has now become mainstream everyday man bashing and a new kind of persona for bored house wives or want to be housewives.

The Feminists Brand of Misandry

feminist-misandryObviously, the source of misandry is radical feminism.  Your typical radfem would love nothing more than to see every man hung, drawn and quartered.  This article is not about extremes I want to illustrate just how the extreme attitudes of yesterday have been accepted into everyday life and now we take certain misandric concepts as the normal way of doing things.

On a site note, don’t kid yourself if you don’t think that feminism hasn’t become a commercial brand.  Big money is at play when it comes to feminism.  Extraction of resources is something at the core of all feminism.

The Average Girl Next Door’s Brand of Misandry

While all the visual, radical and in-your-face man hating is done by the feminisms what does the average woman contribute to the misandric culture.  In a word Support.  They support misandry with their feet, by quietly joining with the feminist and taking the advantages they can get from it when they can (but also still denying any links to the radical feminists) there has been a slow tide of support building and building for misandry.

When the governments joined with feminists and brought in laws like no-fault divorce it was the average girl next door who brought into the propaganda and exercised their new rights to it’s extreme.

When the corporations joined with feminists to mandated sexual harassment penalties it was the average girl next door types of women who exploited them and opened up the loop holes for fault claims with no reprisal.



The Mangina’s Brand of Misandry

manginaIf you have never heard the word mangina think of a male feminist or basically any man who would much rather deny his own masculinity to prop up any interest at all of a woman’s (usually in the hope that he will get some sex out of it I assume).

Male nature is to be competitive against each other but mangina’s bring with them a tendency to backstab and gossip as well as compete.

The use of Mangina’s (by women) for violence by proxy is an everyday occurrence and most people just don’t recognise what it right in front of them.  The bulk of male on male violence is for the benefit of a woman or perhaps you could even say it instigated by a woman (she is just not the one getting her teeth kicked in so for some reason she slips away from the fault).


The men teaming up with corrupt feminist’s corporations to change laws, or to change social conditions are no better than the women who exploit them for profit.


The Mass Media’s Brand of Misandry

Man-bashing has become a popular way to sell newspapers or win over viewers.  With the bulk of consumers being women and the bulk of those women being

I think of mass media as the fuel being thrown on the slow burning fire mentioned above.

Lately social media has taken the popular misandry culture to a whole new level.  For the first time in history since the witch trials in Salem that popular culture or popular belief has taken over come the judicial system as judge, jury and executioner.

Don’t believe me.  Here is some context.  A few women (and some manginas) start a twitter feed called #metoo.  It is made popular and before too long it is being exploited by average women and the mass media is thrown fuel onto the fire.  Men are losing their jobs, their reputations and their livelihoods for accusations that are openly and unashamedly false (or exaggerated) and the judicial system doesn’t even get a look in.  The court of public opinion has taken over regardless of how correct it is.  What’s next? Martial Law?

The Governments Brand of Misandry

government controlAs I mentioned above, more than once, governments have their own agendas when it comes to Misandry.  It is a simple one.  The overwhelming majority of swing voters are women.  I will say it again for dramatic effect, the overwhelming majority of swing voters are women.

Secondly, women are social and tend to do everything in groups.

This is the way it always has been.  It means that governments have to do everything in their power to win over the female collective votes.  Usually this means giving women what they want.

Decades ago it was the right to work or the right to no fault divorce or the right to cry rape when and wherever they felt like but now an avalanche effect is taking hold.

With the no fault divorce came the next demands for uneven wealth transfer through the property settlements.

With the right to work came the next demands for equal pay regardless of equal work.

With their right to sexual freedom came the demands for ownership of the children and demands for amnesty from responsibility for the beforementioned freedom.


The Capitalists Brand of Misandry

All the above mentioned social conditions has set up a perfect incubator for capitalist greed.

Women are empowered to demand expensive gifts from their male pursuers (she needs diamonds because likes nice things?).

Unprecedented wealth transfer is flowing into the hands of divorced women.

Governments are gaining more and more control of everyone’s wellbeing.  Don’t pretend that we are not living in a police state brought on to keep the women safe and get the women’s vote.


What’s left for men?

If you are a one of the few real masculine men left who hasn’t brought into all this misandry you will often find yourself at a loss to answer the question at hand, What’s Left for Me?

The best way to explain all the phenomenon explained above is gynocentric.

The world has become obsessed with empowering women and bolstering them financially or militarily without any thought of


Female Privilege

over inflated self ego woman100 years of misandry has brought with it a lot of privileges for women that men just simply do not have.  I am in the process of writing another post of female privilege so I think here I will focus on the fact that the very concept of female privilege is extremely controversial.

Why is that do you think?

I will not accept any answers about victims or martyrs.  Women are more than capable of standing up for themselves.


Take Action Steps

Go your own way gentlemen.  Arm yourselves with education, assess your risks and avoid them.

Marriage is too risky.  Long term relationships are very risky.

Any westernised cultures are designed to take from the rich (usually the most hard-working men) and give to the poor (usually the welfare loving single mothers).

Think about escaping to a third world country or moving away from large centralised populations.

If you got this far without watching the video above, stop now and go watch it is 8 minutes that should change your view on the world.

Look for new technologies and new products that can placate your needs.


4 Replies to “Does Misandry Mean Equality Or Is There A More Sinister Side?”

  1. This is a very informative article with some interesting points you’ve highlighted. You are right, before this article I had never actually heard the word misandry and never knew what the heck it was all about. Your point about women doing things in groups is very interesting, as I’ve seen this first hand, whereas us males don’t even bother altogether or do it solo, and that’s with anything. We don’t feel the need to do things in a group like the females.

    1. the differences between female nature and male nature underpin the majority our behaviors Brandon. Layered on top of that the manipulation society throws at us and you can find yourself lost in philosophy for days. Sometimes the entire nature vs nurture conversation just needs to be pushed aside and the immediately danger needs to be managed. good luck with it all Brandon and keep in touch. I hope the word misandry will live with you now and you have at least learnt one more word to throw in your vocabulary.

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