Christmas Ideas for Men: 2018 Gift worthy of your Dad.

Christmas gift ideas for dad

Good Morning Again. Thanks for coming by, my name is Margery and today I am sharing with you three solid Christmas Ideas for Men: Gifts that keep on giving.

I am going to round out the week with another couple of Christmas ideas for men. The holidays are just around the corner and if you are anything like me the freak out for presents has started already.

The simplicity of a board, bag and outdoor competition (Cornhole)

Cornhole has been around for just about ever and it never gets boring (depending on who you play with of course). I remember my dad made us a set out of an old car bonnet he had lying around (it wasn’t pretty but worked really well). Sometimes it is also known as Ben Bag Toss.

For those of you who have never come across it before it is very simple (and very addictive), just throw the bag into the hole. Usually two players battle it out again each other with different colored bags.

The simplicity of the game is a massive contrast to your modern day world of tablets, iPhone & apps etc. which is why I think you really need to consider this gift idea. Imagine the freedom of being able to play a game without having to sit next to a power point? Amazing.

Now, for those of you who are veteran Cornhole players or those of you who have got a very vivid imagination I will share with you some things that the more advanced players may venture into.

Cornhole golf – we used to have half a dozen or so Cornhole boards all set up around the yard into a quasi golf course. It was kind of crazy and mum hated it but that is what kind of gave the game it’s charm. Dad would occasionally venture out of the shed “to show us how it’s done.”

Trick shots – round the back, over the shoulder, through the legs, over the roof, you get the picture.

There is nothing that says Relaxation more than swinging in a Hammock

Here is a very old school kind of gift but don’t pass it by without hearing me out. The common Hammock has come a long way since those rope hammocks we used to push each other around on as kids. The materials have jumped ahead leaps and bounds to the point where people are actually using Hammocks to take hiking with them in place of tents.

Back to the task at hand though here is a gift that tells him that he is allowed to take a break, lie down and read book or drink a beer. What’s even better that that is that these things come in a double size. The double hammock will let you or a handful of the kids jump in there with him and swing the afternoon away. How’s the serenity?

Before you say to yourself : But what about those of us who live in apartment complexes – there are no trees here, no backyard even. I give you the gift of nature – take it camping, find a park – reconnect with a tree. If you can get your dad to spend an afternoon in nature it will do him a world of good when it comes to stress levels (which in turn in undoubtedly do a world of good for your stress levels.)

Wood, Smoke, Fire, Dinner & Conversation.  Portable Wood Fired Stove.

This gift here is yet another throwback to my childhood. My Dad had an old metal wheelbarrow he used to load up with timber and use as his own mobile fire pit. He would stoke up the camp fire (inside the wheel barrow) and we would all sit around it on the back lawn poking marshmallows into it and doing all those stupid things that kids do. Those were good time and I would love to be able to pass on the idea to you but in a bit more modern and reserved, safe kind of way.

Fire brings out the primal nature of all of us and somehow cleanses the soul (if the smoke doesn’t kill you that is 🙂 ). There is a lot to be admired about unplugging from the internet for a night and spending a few hours roasting potatoes or pumpkins on an open fire. So far I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t find the experience uplifting. Taking all that into consideration the makers of this wood fired stove have manufactured a portable little stove you can move around easily and stoke up the fire when you need to. It was probably intended for something completely different to what I am describing here (I think it is a camping stove) but sometimes that best moments in life come from walking off the beaten track.

I hope you really got a good Christmas Idea or two for your Dad. Please drop me a comment below and share with us what you got for your Dad this year.


8 Replies to “Christmas Ideas for Men: 2018 Gift worthy of your Dad.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your website. It’s Christmas time and it’s time to connect with each other. I do not have any kids. I would not expect anything from my child. I would just want to spend time with her.

  2. What great ideas you have here. It has always been a struggle to find the right gifts for men like my DAD, my husband, even my brothers. I know my brother already blurted it out ” I don’t want to receive anymore socks for Christmas” lol. This really helps. I’m sure they’ll love anyone of these 🙂 Thanks.

    1. socks are a no go zone sheila,

      thanks for dropping by and making a comment.  Let me know if there is any more ideas you have heard of that will help us all out.

  3. I could see that the posts are educational, insightful and worth reading just from the way they are laid out. I could not read them except for the first two sentences because of the light font which kind of hurt my eyes.  Sorry i am short sighted so it was a strain to read even with glasses. So please consider my disability as well.

    1. thanks euphrasia,

      i have had someone trying to work out how to change the front color for weeks now.  Apparently it is a lot bigger change than first reactions would make you think about.

      I will however get it changed.  My eyes are quickly deteriorating too.

  4. Thank you a lot for this very helpful article. Christmas is really here and we all should prepare our presents for our friends and family. Personally, I would like to buy a gift for my cousin and now I exactly know what it will be. Camping Wood stove looks very powerful and I know that it will serve him well.

    1. I was up in the mountains over the weekend and there was a young bloke there sitting back in a hammock reading a book with a very similar wood stove burning away next to him boiling coffee and mushrooms.

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