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Best Christmas Gifts for Dad from Daughter

christmas gift for dad from daughter

Howdy shoppers, thanks for clicking through to my post. My name is Margery and I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls. This year I want to do a lot better than last year so I have put a lot of thought into shopping for the best Christmas gift for dad from daughter. Last year I let the girls do their own shopping and they thought their dad a pair of shoes that didn’t fit him. Sure, they were nice shoes, but pretty useless if they don’t fit. It was my daughter’s first foray into the world of online shopping and she didn’t do as well as we had hoped so this year I want to try to do my little bit to make sure that this story won’t get repeated elsewhere. I have scoured the web and done my best to survey everyone I know to come up […]

Best Christmas Gift for Dad! 2018

best christmas gifts for dad

Hello. My name is Margery and I have been moonlighting as a personal shopper for several years now which is why I chose to write a topical article this time for year all about helping you get the Best Christmas Gift for Dad. Unfortunately my Dad pass on several years ago now but I can still remember the stress associated with trying to choose the right gift and then the disappointed afterward when reflecting how poor a job I did. Luckily I still have two father in laws and my boyfriend’s father that I call Dad.  It’s raining Dad’s. The good news is that now we have tens of thousands different online gift choices at our fingertips, just waiting for the right choice to be made. Therein is the hard type. Choice. Remy has set me a mission for this post – two recommendations. By giving you the choice of […]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men: Christmas Gifts 2018

stocking stuffer ideas for men

Good evening and thanks for jumping in. I have taken the liberty of analyzing our survey results to make a few recommendations for stocking stuffer ideas for men. Christmas can be a good opportunity for you to show dad just how much he means to you and just how much you appreciate all the things he does for you through the year. When we asked our readers to share with us the three biggest mistakes ever made when buying gifts for their men a short list of common mistakes jumped out above all else. I am going to share those things with you now so that you can be sure to avoid making the same mistakes. They are pretty obvious once someone points them out to you but very seldom will that happen. Thanks for investing your time into choosing the perfect gift and together I am sure we can […]

Spy Cameras For Home: Good Idea or Recipe for disaster?


Good Morning. I hope you are well and welcome to my site. There is a big piece of this site that covers topics such as divorce recovery and marital problems which is why the subject of “spy cameras for home” comes up fairly regularly in the comments threads. I have been reluctant to expand on the notion because to be perfectly honest it brings back some really bad memories of when I was going through my separation or child custody battle. The following comments are going to be heavily influenced by my personal experiences which I feel I should at least summarize before we go on. I want to get through this as fast as possible. I was the subject of a regime of spy cameras twice. First time was in my own home while the husband was still living under the same roof but we were separated (about four […]

Best Birthday Gifts for Dad: Survey results are in.

best birthday gifts for dad

Hi there. Thanks for clicking onto my post here titled “Birthday Gifts for Dad.” Our site is all about fatherhood and children s interactions with dad so it stands to reason that we spend a moment to ponder on topic of what is the best birthday gift to show dad how much you really care. I have asked around and surveyed my readers to come up with one idea which I am buying for my dad. The plan here is to take all the boring research off the table for you and leave you with the best part (Personalizing the gift to illustrate your true feelings). First up I need to share with you hands down the feedback I got during the survey. Top three mistakes you can make when buying dad his birthday gift. Have a quick skim through to start off with before jumping to the end for […]

Best Gifts for DAD: 2018 Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Retirement Gift, You name it – This will work.

best gifts for dad

As we close out the year of 2018 you ask me what is the best gift for Dad? I am asking myself the same question and I want to make the most of a good opportunity to let’s work together to put a smile on Dads dial. How well does he know what he wants? There was a time many moons ago when dad and I were both married and from what I could see he was all work, work, work, and work. Probably the same for me too. Fast forward a decade or two and we both find ourselves not married and work has become a very distant second to family & leisure time. Go figure. What I think I am trying to get at here is that what you see on the surface is very seldom what lies beneath. External influences play a large part in shaping his […]