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What does MGTOW mean? An Interview with Mike Part 2


Introduction Hello readers. I have got a treat for you today. I have tracked down MGTOW Mike for a follow-up interview. [If you missed the first interview, which was called What Is MGTOW?, follow the previous link. This time I am focusing on the question of What does MGTOW mean? I never really got any tangible conclusions from my first interview so I planned round 2. I want to continue on where I left off last time but also try to move on from the What question and into the Where and Why questions. Cheers. Interview with Mike: What does MGTOW mean? Remy: Howdy Mike. It’s been months since the first interview. Thanks for agreeing to my interview again. Mike: No worries. Remy: Last time we met I was asking a lot of questions about What is MGTOW. I have come up with a summarized version of the whole interview, […]

Sovereignty Inspired Divorce Support for Men

dead world

Just like everything else in life Divorce support for men is full of contradictions and propaganda. If you are a man going through a divorce and you seek the advice of others please be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. What I want to introduce below is a philosophy that you can use to filter through the useful information from the stuff aimed at slotting you right back into the enslavement cue. Sovereignty is the key word I want burn into your psyche.   Definition for Sovereign The typical dictionary defines Sovereignty as: Acting or done independently and without outside interference. Synonyms Include: independent, self-governing, autonomous, self-determining, self-legislating, non-aligned, free. Don’t be a follower, set your target towards sovereignty. Dramatic Paradigm shift Like it or not if you are going through a divorce you are slap bang in the middle of one of the biggest paradigm shifts you will ever experience. A paradigm is […]

What is MGTOW? An Interview with Mike – Part 1

what is MGTOW an interview

I present to you a feature interview which has taken a lot of effort to put together the topic is “What Is MGTOW?”.  We have been working on this interview for weeks now and I can honestly say that it has brought me more than a few watershed moments. Below is the transcript of an interview held with a man who can answer the types of questions about MGTOW that I have been wanting to ask for years now. He requested his identity remain anonymous so we will refer to him at Mike going forward. Remy:  Hello Mike. Thanks for accepting the interview.  Why are you guys so hard to find and so hard to get an interview with? Mike:  We keep to ourselves.  There is generally nothing beneficial that can come from sharing our ideas with the mainstream. Remy:  Why can’t you use your real name Mike:  There is […]

Men Going Ghost! What’s it all about and Why The Drama Ladies?

men going ghost

This term “men going ghost” is like a lot of terms used on the internet, it means different things to a lot of different people. From the most benign conversations on dating sites (where it could mean a man she is dating doesn’t return an SMS within 5 minutes) to the most extreme cases (doomsday preppers completely taking themselves out of civilization and off the grid) the general theme is one of men walking away from something other people think he should be doing. It seems to be a massive deal these days when a man decides to grow a backbone and walk a different path to all the mainstream followers. I think these are several reasons for this, some pathetic, some fearful, some jealousy so let’s see if we can take a closer look. Implications of men going ghost In the short term a man going ghost could just […]