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Princess Mentality Syndrome & Feminism

solipsism vs narcissism

I have had several requests over the last few weeks to expand on the topic of the Princess Mentality Syndrome. My previous articles were surprisingly well-received: Peter Pan Syndrome in females and Personal Autonomy Vs Moral Autonomy Maybe my posts are becoming less controversial, or maybe the population is becoming less tolerant of spoilt bratty women full of demands and threats. Now you are probably a lot more familiar with the term Peter Pan syndrome for men who choose not to grow up, get a dismal job, accept his servitude, take on a wife and kids, then a mortgage and slowly work himself to death. I think that stereotype died with a lot of the big multinational bank back in the GFC. What I am seeing now is a combination of that Peter Pan syndrome and the fourth wave of feminism into something completely new. It is commonly referred to […]

Links Between The Delta Male, Marriage &, Serfdom

delta male

I have been haunted by a memory from a morning I had a few years ago now. It was another one of those points in time when life shows you its worst and it lead me to some very dramatic life changes in the months to follow. If you have read some of my previous posts about personality types or social hierarchy’s you will be familiar with my analogy of the delta male. [click the previous link if you want to catch up]. To summarize all those posts into the context of this topic lets go with the idea that a delta male is the utility (work horse) of the modern era, he works hard at something in particular (doesn’t really matter what it is) and enjoys the sacrifices he makes to provide for a wife and kids (or other family members). The Events of Friday Morning October 31 School […]

What Does Social Engineering Mean to the Everyman?

social engineer

What does social engineering mean to you?  It means lots of different things to lots of different people but here at not a lot of the more common social engineering definitions are relevant.  Different industries use the same term.  Social engineering as a word is used in intelligence vocabularies, hacking circles and with respect to the social sciences or political sciences. It is the political/social science aspect of the phrase this article will focus on mainly with only a brief mention of its origins (for the purposes of furthering our understanding). From my research I found that the original use of the word social engineering came out of military or intelligence community whereby field operatives were using “social engineering,” to manipulate people so as to achieve their particular mission.  Here is an example to provide clarity. Example 1: An undercover cop infiltrates a group in a dance party and […]