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Tournament species vs Pair Bonding Humans: Social Hierarchy series

Tournament species vs pair bonded humans

Congratulations for making it here. Quite a few of you have taken quite a few different pathways. My journey to understand a marriage breakdown led me here. I was trying to understand the social hierarchy I live in. In this post I share a recent revelation that the social hierarchy I live in (which is probably identical to yours if you live in a western culture too) is dominated by the battle of two cultures. Tournament species vs Pair Bonding humans is also a battle of freedom vs captivity depending on which side of the “fence of common sense” you reside on. First up I think we need to spend a few minutes to enforce just why this conversation is needed. I am on a mission to understand the human condition so I can gain my autonomy over it. Like it or not one of the most dominantly factors or […]

Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism

capitalism vs socialism vs communism graphic

The structure of society and government are two of the most important things a father can start teaching his children. This topic “Socialism vs Communism vs Capitalism” should be considered a basic building block to a child’s education which will lead on to some more pertinent questions in life, such as: Why do some people struggle to put food one the table while others don’t? or Why does daddy have to work so much? The following article will firstly explain the three in their purist forms but please remember that as soon as humans get involve nothing can exist in purity so what we see today in most western cultures is a mix of capitalism and socialism. Depending on which side of the productivity fence you sit on (net producer or net consumer) is which end of the capitalism vs socialism spectrum you will naturally find yourself leaning towards. Purist […]

Social Problems: Is the current trajectory of America unsustainable?

america social problems

In this post I want to start a discussion that heaps of my readers keep mentioning but then skirting around.  Social Problems, America and the future repercussions of todays trajectory.  I am willing to bet that most of you don’t know that America became a net importer decades ago now.  It is a fact that gets ignored far too often.  What does it mean?  In its simplest form it means that we buy more stuff from overseas and import more energy in from overseas than we make for ourselves and export.  Yes, this is a big deal because it means independence is lost, we are reliant on things from overseas to maintain our current situation. It is no different to you spending more money than you earn: eventually the credit card will stop working and the heavies knock on your door to start repossessing things.  We are living in the […]

How is Political Correctness Destroying America?

political correctness destroying america

Today it feels like political correctness has clouded the minds of the masses and it has taken on a life of its own controlling our actions and unapologetically destroying America, Europe, Australia your freedom of speech and possibly even your marriage. How did we get to such a state of disarray?  Come on into my office and strap yourself in for an uneasy ride.  I bet that you have always just trivialized political correctness but I really beg you to think again.   The Origins of Political Correctness (PC) I remember being fairly young when this term political correctness starting creeping into my every day.  I never could have imagined the impact it was going to have.  Don’t be fooled by the hype, political correctness is killing the America that you once loved. I promised myself I was going to try to keep this a bit lighter hearted than most […]