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Who is Mike Pence; Rules that stretch beyond the political collective?

who is mike pence rules that stretch beyond

So recently I was watching YouTube with my kids when the channel they were watching (which is a Fortnite online gaming channel) was talking about the Mike Pence Rules. I asked Who is Mike Pence? No one knew but the moral behind the conversation was interesting. This YouTuber (a married man, very popular with millions of subscribers) had elected to make his channel hosts and on-screen people all male. He will not live stream alongside women. He had jumped onto the Mike Pence bandwagon. Naturally I had to know more and did my research, here is what I found out. The rules themselves go something like this Man in power at work will not meet with a female one-on-one either in a work environment (office) or in a work social event (lunch/dinner). This includes mentoring relationships, work meetings, discussions etc. Of course the short term ramifications are a woman’s ability […]

Why Is Chivalry Dead? What Else Dies With It?

Why is chivalry dead? It used to mean a lot more than just pandering to a woman’s needs but not even that much of it is left anymore. There have been some very serious shifts in society over the last ten years that has either made huge strides for gender equality or oppressed a whole new set of people; depends on which side you butter your bread. Chivalry is a relic from time long forgotten. The modern society’s attack on masculinity has resulted in collateral damage. Some of that collateral damage is a lot more serious than chivalry but we will focus on one topic at a time for now. How Did Chivalry Die? For the younger generations out there reading this you probably don’t even know what the real meaning of Chivalry is and I can guarantee you it is not a question you can get answered on YouTube, twitter […]

The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men

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The women liberation movement evolved as a way for women to regain some sort of power they thought they had lost. I propose that it has also exposed a lot of truths about female nature and given a lot of men a higher level of awareness they needed to forge more independence never before seen in history. An unprecedented freedom. Freedom is a very adult concept that very few people contemplate. For me freedom is not the ability to get a home loan, buy a house and live in the suburbs sacrificing 40 years of my life to keep on top of interest payments on a house I seldom get to spend more than a day at a time in. Freedom should be the ability for you to break free from your ego, (including the influences of that collective ego created by everyone around you) and pursue your own personal […]