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Relationship Critical Analysis

Why Would Anyone Ever Ask The Hollow Question: How To Make A Man Need You?

making a man need you

A lot of single women are running around asking each other the same questions; Where are all the good men or Do you know how to make a man need you? Maybe once in a while an emasculated mangina type will throw his two cents worth in as well but to be perfectly honest neither group has insight into what a man is really capable of. My first reaction to this question is pretty obvious; Why would you want a needy man? The images go through my head of a dominant women dragging her ball and chain husband off to work each day. Where the attraction in that I ask you? And what happened to women being liberated? Apparently, this is one of the other differences between men and women that I just don’t get. I am told that new age liberated women want their men to be docile and […]