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Personality Disorders

Passive Aggressive Female Traits That Will End You Both

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There are several passive aggressive female traits that come up almost every time you get a chance to speak to a divorced man (or someone who has been in a long term relationship). Now thanks for the wonders of modern technology such information can be shared among people at the ground level. Psychologists have long known that each gender comes with specific psychological traits that help build up the human psyche as we know it. Capitalism has brought with it a huge flurry of work aimed at both understanding and manipulating our human traits usually for commercial and retail purposes. Do a search in google for “the secret psychology of shopping malls” Two such psychological operations are explained below. Sensory activators – certain colors are used to invoke certain reactions (red stimulates and energizes) Auditory activators – sounds or lack of sounds are used to invoke certain emotions (the emotion […]

10 Red Flags That You Are Married to a Covert Narcissist

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The covert Narcissist is by far the worst type of Narcissist.   They are also known as invert Narcissists.  When you search the internet you will not find very much is written about them because those few people who experience the wrath tend to get damaged in such a way that reliving the story for other peoples benefit is not viable.  Being married to a covert narcissist is a personal hell. Unlike most other narcississt’s you will not experience any loud, angry or energetic outbursts instead there will be a relentless barage of veiled psychological operations heading your way with the aim of destroying your self-esteem and gradually eroding your mental health. My previous post titled Marriage Help for Men was the inspiration and the starting point of this topic.   # 1 – Moving cups, and cutlery around the kitchen (Gaslighting) This might seem like a completely innocent little mistake […]