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What Is A Paradigm Shift? 3 real life examples

paradigm shift

Hello there. Come on in thanks for stopping by. So I hear you are interested in the What is a Paradigm Shift?. I am going to share with you three of the most life changing paradigm shifts I have personally experienced. They change for everyone but the theme I want to illustrate here is the alignment of paradigm shifts and life stages. I strongly believe that we live life in the following general stages 0-13 Nurturing stage 13-20 Weening stage 20-30 Learning stage 30-40 Doing stage 50-60 Embracing stage 60-70 Reminiscing stage The peculiar thing about this concept is that you have to go through some pretty major changes in attitude and mindset to make a clean break from one life stage into the next successfully. That is when a paradigm shift comes in handy. Next I want to quickly detail the nature of these three paradigm shifts. Remember for […]

When You Hit Rock Bottom New Opportunities Can Open Up That Were Previously Not Possible

paradigm shift

The term rock bottom to me conjures up a lot of unpleasant images. Sometimes when you hit rock bottom there can be an opportunity present itself for amazing growth you otherwise would not have been capable of.  Think of it as a momentary lowering of your guard in which a whole new you can grow from. Pretences are gone.  Paradigms are shattered.  Rules are unimportant & Growth is possible. The most significant image which comes to my mind when the words rock bottom are mentions is the time I have to write a eulogy for a departed cousin.  I used the term “rock bottom” in reference to a major life event of his that affected all of us.  The outrage inside the church when I raised it was almost visible in the air; the tension was that thick.  The sad part to me was that he hit his rock bottom […]