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Princess Mentality Syndrome & Feminism

solipsism vs narcissism

I have had several requests over the last few weeks to expand on the topic of the Princess Mentality Syndrome. My previous articles were surprisingly well-received: Peter Pan Syndrome in females and Personal Autonomy Vs Moral Autonomy Maybe my posts are becoming less controversial, or maybe the population is becoming less tolerant of spoilt bratty women full of demands and threats. Now you are probably a lot more familiar with the term Peter Pan syndrome for men who choose not to grow up, get a dismal job, accept his servitude, take on a wife and kids, then a mortgage and slowly work himself to death. I think that stereotype died with a lot of the big multinational bank back in the GFC. What I am seeing now is a combination of that Peter Pan syndrome and the fourth wave of feminism into something completely new. It is commonly referred to […]

Links Between The Delta Male, Marriage &, Serfdom

delta male

I have been haunted by a memory from a morning I had a few years ago now. It was another one of those points in time when life shows you its worst and it lead me to some very dramatic life changes in the months to follow. If you have read some of my previous posts about personality types or social hierarchy’s you will be familiar with my analogy of the delta male. [click the previous link if you want to catch up]. To summarize all those posts into the context of this topic lets go with the idea that a delta male is the utility (work horse) of the modern era, he works hard at something in particular (doesn’t really matter what it is) and enjoys the sacrifices he makes to provide for a wife and kids (or other family members). The Events of Friday Morning October 31 School […]

Blueprint Autonomy: Overview, Introduction & Contents


Welcome a series of posts I am calling “Blueprint Autonomy.” The aim of these posts is to create a detailed sequence of activities that will lead you directly to a new state of independence/autonomy and also knock down all those invisible barriers holding you inside the fog. There is one thing that I aim to do here which is tried and tested yet rare in the modern era we live in. That is, pass down information from one generation to the next, learn from someone else s mistakes, challenge the status quo, and advance your life choices beyond those that your parents/elders made. If, you have had the pleasure of growing up with grandparents (and you had a good relationship with them) you will be one step ahead because you are at least familiar with some of these concepts. It really is a new phenomenon, the new global society has […]

Male Sigma Personality Vs Zeta Male Personality. Spiderman Vs Ninja Assassin.

Hi there. The Male Sigma Personality Vs the Zeta Male Personality Hey. Where do we start? The two types of men are right under our noses but also seem to be hidden in plain sight just like ninjas. These are the men, the Ninjas capable of greatest but dedicated to their own goals. It is one of the most significant attributes of all the great men throughout history. They have mostly been either Sigmas or Zetas but they have more often been without woman, ignored by society (until their success) and highly intelligent men of action. [Two examples come to mind straight off the bat: Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla]. I am hoping as you read through this post two themes are going to arise for you. The first is, Action; the second is conformance. Let me know in the comment below how these two manifested for you. Please note […]

How Does Moral Autonomy Differ From Personal Autonomy? Will either of them help you grow up?

A few of my more popular posts touch on the subject of autonomy and it appears to be a subject that raises eyebrows and invokes discussion.  In this article to want to break down the term and split it into moral autonomy and personal autonomy.  They are two subtly different concepts that can make a world of difference when helping you to either help yourself or your children. The first idea we need to understand is the difference between adult thinking and childish thinking (A concept introduced to me by Robert Bly).  Children see the world in black/white, good/evil, me/you with themselves being the center of the universe with everything and everyone revolving around them. Obviously not a philosophy that you can carry on into adulthood.  In adulthood (when done properly) the world become a sea of grey areas.  Good contains bad.  Actions influence outcomes and interconnection replaces a centralized […]

The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men

external world man

The women liberation movement evolved as a way for women to regain some sort of power they thought they had lost. I propose that it has also exposed a lot of truths about female nature and given a lot of men a higher level of awareness they needed to forge more independence never before seen in history. An unprecedented freedom. Freedom is a very adult concept that very few people contemplate. For me freedom is not the ability to get a home loan, buy a house and live in the suburbs sacrificing 40 years of my life to keep on top of interest payments on a house I seldom get to spend more than a day at a time in. Freedom should be the ability for you to break free from your ego, (including the influences of that collective ego created by everyone around you) and pursue your own personal […]