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Mid-Life Crisis

Stories of Midlife Crisis: For Women

midlife crisis for women

Hello there. Margery here bringing you yet another post, this time with plenty of stories about midlife crisis: For Women. Remy did his midlife crisis post about men, this one is going to be something very different. As usual, we women do things with a lot more multitasking than men – even when it comes to midlife crisis. First up, the term midlife crisis is traditionally only used as a male thing. Let me change that right here and right now. Modern women have just a hard time as men do, we call it menopause and try to make out that it is a medical thing but something a lot more happened to a woman when she gets to a certain age around 35. Different women go through the change at different times. Sometimes it is 35, I hear 37 the most. So Let’s take a look at all the […]

Midlife Crisis for Men: 5 Common Underlying Motives

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Good day. Thanks for dropping in to discuss a pretty thorny subject, Midlife Crisis for Men. The term means very different things to very different people (depending on which side of masculinity to lie on I guess). Now that you have spent a little bit of time focused on the topic something weird is going to happen over the next few months, it is going to start to pop up in some really strange places. Here is a few examples of what I am going about. I have heard midlife crisis for men being used as blame for all sorts of events, such as him getting a different haircut or wearing some different clothes starting to exercise going on vacation by himself seeking out a new social group (away from his wife or partner) buying a hot rod (or car that is not considered a familiar car) quitting an unfulfilling […]

When Do Guys Grow Up – Mid-Life Crisis & Unrealistic Expectations

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This is a follow-up article to one I wrote a long time ago about the Peter Pan syndrome and the Princess syndrome. In this article I feel we need to delve into a lot more detail onto the question of When Do Guys Grow Up. Thanks for visiting my site here we present a long-lost masculine point of view so often frowned upon today. Frown all you like but the men who build your infrastructure, generate your electricity and provide you with all those modern conveniences; know just how dependent you are. Expectations Placed On Men I want to challenge every one reading this article to take a good hard look at what your expectations are for a man to be considered successful in life today, leave your list below in the comments. Here is the most common list of traits people feel a man needs to exhibit to be […]