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Marriage Decline

How To Live With A Narcissist & How to Turn Things Around

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Following on from my very popular post about marriage to a covert narcissist our conversation now migrates to the topic of “How to live with a narcissist.” I am trying to make this post a big more action focused. First up the terminology: you won’t find the word victim here, it has far too many negatives – I am going to use the word target instead. I would encourage you to also start shifting your focus in such a small way – the language you use will steer the pattern of thinking that follows. The Aim: regardless of your situation and how well versed you are in this context I want you to implement one thing for me please. Be original. Do not generically swap out one problem for another. Tackle your own problem at its source – You. Trying to control a narcissist or change his/her behavior is a […]

What Is A Man Cave? Is The Shed All You’ve Got Left Now?

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The very concept of a man needing a cave in his own house is a new one. A lot of people haven’t even heard of this concept but for those married men out there living with an over controlling wife you know that your man cave is your last little bastion of solace. Let’s take a closer look at What Is a Man Cave and just how accepting your relegation to the man cave is the start of a slippery slope down the road to divorce and disaster.   The Honeymoon The first month or so when the two love birds first move in together is all roses. She will cook the meals, make the lunches, he will put the toilet seat down, try not to fart too loud and all is good whilst they both make the effort to continue masking their true selves. During the Honeymoon two lifestyles […]

Marriage Help for Men. Are You Trapped In a Nightmare?

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If you are a man and trapped in an unhappy marriage like I was you have more than likely have been isolated and articles like this one are the only help you can find. Marriage help for men tends to go along the lines of try harder, give more, stop being so selfish etc. If you receive that kind of advice ignore it, those people (whether male or female) do not see you as a human being and have got you pegged as some sort of robotic provider of strength and resources to your wife. I know that is not true, you know that is not true and anyone who sees you anything less than an emotion filled human being with needs and desires (same as your wife) can go and fend for themselves. Shame If you are a man what have grown up in a western civilization and married […]

My Marriage Is Boring! Do you see the Divorce Wagons a Circling?

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I am dedicating this post to a good friend.  Hambo constantly rings me up late at night (usually half cut) complaining about his life and telling me “My marriage is boring and she won’t BLEEP me anymore”. I am going to share the harsh truths that he doesn’t want to hear and will probably be uncomfortable to hear for the first time. It is for your own good. The emotion of Love is just a chemical reaction designed by evolution to get you to reproduce. Once the babies are made it fades away and life after that is back to where you started but it now seems boring in comparison.   The best advice I can provide is to make an independent review of your situation. Take a long hard look at yourself. Don’t waste time criticizing, blaming or reviewing your partner. You can’t change them. I wish everyone understood that concept, […]