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Oops! I created my Feminized Husband

feminized husband

It wasn’t until my oldest daughter started dating a low-life and I had to give her relationship advice that I realized I had trained my ex-husbands so hard (and far too successfully) into being the men I wanted them to be that they became the overly feminized husbands I despised. I am going through a massive period of self reflection and learning as part of my Yoga training. Here is a topic that came up in a conversation at my book club a few weeks back. We are a circle of middle age women, mostly divorced moms past our primes now but still with it. Anyway, quite a few of us have teenage daughters and the conversations often turn to the teenage boys, relationships and also the type of advice we give our daughters as opposed to the advice we were given. It is amazing what revelations can be made […]

FAQ: Define Solipsism? Give Examples and Context

define solipsism

As my site gets older and you guys and gals leave more comments I am getting multiple queries to define solipsism, narcissism, munchausens and other similar terms. These terms which largely relate to personality disorders keep on popping up over and over again; particularly when you are discussing your ex-partners. With all the readily available information on the internet and also with the increased sophistication of the self-help fields I see conversations are becoming more and more intertwined with clinical terms that can cause confusion. Firstly, I want to say that I am not a health care professional – if you need medical help or someone that you know needs medical help then your best bet is to see your GP to discuss a recommendation to see a specialist.   My Definition for Solipsism Solipsism is a personality disorder. A solipsist will whol-heartedly believe that they are the center of […]

10 signs of a bad marriage

10 signs of a bad marriage

Hi there, welcome to my site but sorry to hear you are looking for signs about a bad marriage. Luckily for me I have been there, learn from lots of mistakes then come out the other end of a nasty divorce with a very different outlook on life. I hope my new outlook can help you. I am going to quickly throw down 10 signs and then more importantly I want to discuss what to do about it. Skip to the good bit right down the end if you already know your red flags.     #1 Silent Treatment Means Bad Communication => Bad Marriage The cold shoulder or the silent treatment is something that people use not only at the start of a marriage breakdown but right the way through to their death. It should be thought of a means of passive aggressive control of a relationship. It means […]

Why do marriages fail? Your Preconceptions are the enemy

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Unfortunately my position as webmaster here at and my own divorce history allows me to see many things and has awoken me to many truths that the average husband or man just will never get to witness.  For whatever reason you have asked the question Why do marriages fail? This is a topic that regularly rears it heads in my posts but what I plan to focus on today is not so much the blame game (which so easily follows a marriage failure) but more of the transformation steps which will get you away from the blame game and onto the personal growth phase. If you are new to my site, welcome, the theme here is mostly related to divorce recovery and passing on some of those hard-earned lessons that tend to only be learned by failure.  Welcome to the majority if you are going through some failures of […]

Why Do Marriages End In Divorce More Often Than Fairytale?

divorced fairytale marriage

  The fairy tale wedding myth is widely peddled as something that is ideal but the reality that most of us live is far from ideal.  Marriages are dying (through divorce) faster than they are being  replenished (through marriage vows).  Why do marriages end in divorce more often than fairytale? The institution of Marriage is fast becoming just another one of those traditions lost to time.   How many end in divorce? I spend days trying to find statistics that I would present for you here but eventually I came to the conclusion that statistics on divorce are overwhelmingly skewed and filtered to the point that they introduce a paralysis by analysis. The difference sources I looked at show a range of somewhere between 50% and 80% of marriage have failed in recent years and whilst the percentage (%) is trending up the more dominant statistic is that the number […]