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Top Jobs For The Future – 5 Minds Of The Future

brain jobs of the future

Hello there. Quite some time ago when my children were getting into those vital teen years I went on a search to see what I could figure out about the future for when. I wanted answers to my questions like, What were the top jobs for the future for them? What jobs exist today that won’t be around in 20 years time? What types of change can we expect? How do I best set them up for the future now? It was a big ambitious now I look back but I was going through a career change and a complete change in my life direction too (some people may use the term midlife crisis I called it divorce desolation) so I was subconsciously asking all the same questions for myself. I read a lot of social science books and I read a lot of psychology books. I read political science […]

Remy’s Motorcycle Tour Checklist

Motorcycle touring

Howdy. If you found your way to my page, welcome, you must be planning a motorcycle tour. Motorcycle touring and adventure riding has become a hobby of mine that has helped me a lot in my pursuit to escape the hamster wheel we call modern day life.  At the end of this post you will find my motorcycle tour checklist but first I want to share how I came about developing my checklist. I have been camping ever since I was a kid and I always thought I have a good handle on it. I have also been riding motorcycle since I was a teenagers and thought I have a good handle on that too. Then I found myself in a part of my life where I decided to consolidate and do both at the same time. Very different kettle of fish. If you enjoy motorcycle touring and you want […]

Iron John Book Review

Iron John Book

The Iron John Book is a modern-day analysis on a very old Grimm Fairy tale.  The Fairy tale itself is called Iron John and is not a fairy tale I had ever heard before reading the book.  When I did read the fairy tale I completely missed all the underlying story lines that the author (Robert Bly) does a brilliant job of uncovering.  Unlike the bulk of the population Robert Bly does not gloss over the problem of diminishing masculinity that western societies are facing. Unlike most authors or journalists who address this problem with masculinity Robert Bly has taken the approach of looking back into history and throughout literature to find relevant information/solutions and bring them into a modern context. This is a must read for the bulk of men because it will uncover an entire new range of concepts that you have never been introduced to.  Back in […]

Most Matrix Movie Reviews Miss This. The Life Analogy.

matrix movie

For those of you that haven’t seen the Matrix movie you must have been living under a rock. This article is not a movie review it is an article to introduce you to the cult following and the impact the movie has had on our society. Pretty much all matrix movie reviews have totally missed this concept.  The matrix movie framework has become analogy to life with many of the movie references becoming part of your everyday vocabulary.  Did you even notice? One Example is the references to red pill or blue pill men on dating sites! The Social Construct The movie centers around a completely fabricated reality lapped up by most of the inhabitants of the matrix. It is fabricated by the controlling party purely for the purpose of keeping the masses docile and manipulating them to conform with the agenda. The controlling party goes to great lengths to […]

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends Book Recommendation

There is a unique context that the authors of the Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends book have created. The analogy they use is that recovering from divorce is similar to climbing a mountain. Every person going through the experience has their own unique mountain that they are climbing alone but your mountain is made up of similar blocks to everyone else, they are just arranged uniquely. This book was recommended to me only a few months after my separation (before the family courts got involved) and at the time it was probably the only thing that gave me a direction to head. Laying down a process for recovery was critical for me and I think everyone can benefit a lot from absorbing this book. It is not the sort of book you just sit down and read, it took me several months to work through each chapter one by one. […]