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Id Ego Superego definition; It’s use and analogy to explain your ego

id ego superego definition ghost

Hello. I want to introduce to you a concept that Sigmund Freud used to explain among plenty of other things Narcissistic ideals. Here I aim to give you the id, ego, superego definition but also the premise to how useful it can be to help you achieve your autonomy. First up let me say that some part of this concept are very detailed and I don’t claim to be an expert. I plan to limit the level to detail to that which is useful to someone reading about it for the first time and wanting to use it as a catalyst for internal growth. This is not intended to substitute for a psychology lecture. Next I want to congratulate you for pursuing internal growth. We live in a culture that is extremely focused on creating distractions for you. Sometimes unplugging from the distractions and a few internal reflections work wonders. […]

Are Most Women Gold Diggers. Would a Rose by any other name smell as sweet?

gold digger

I am really looking forward to exploring this question with you. Are most women gold diggers? Of course the question reveals a lot about the person asking it. Surprisingly the types of men asking this question are not bitter old divorcees but young men still in the dating pool;  jaded by what else they see swimming around the dating pool. If, you asked me this question during my divorce proceedings, I think you would have been met with a shower of verbal profanities (on a good day). A few years later and you will only get that reaction if I think you are worthy of my energy. To fully understand the answer first we need to understand a little bit about nature. Nesting is not Gold Digging Nesting is the instinct that all women get to surround themselves with a warm, safe and secure home to provide the best opportunity […]

Why Do Women Like Rich Men – The Truth She Probably Doesn’t Even Understand Herself

women want rich men

I have the unique position of being able to answer at least part of this question based on my ex-wife’s court testimony.  In her insanity of the moment she let out of the bag a lot of truths to do with female nature that I needed the social workers, counsellors, psychologists and court veterans to explain to me. Apparently there is a world of well-known secrets out there hiding in plain sight and most men are completely oblivious to them.  Read on to see what sort of relevalations can be made when trying to answer the question why do women like rich men?   Female Nature I don’t think anyone will disagree for that majority of women her first priority in life (by a country mile) is to become a mother and she will stop at nothing to realize this dream. Obviously there are lots of other things in life but […]