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Gender Wars

Do Men Have It Easier Than Women?

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This question (Do men have it easier than women?) forms a small part of one of the biggest circular arguments dominating the public rhetoric in recent times. This is how the circle of confusion begins and then propagates itself into a state of self-propulsion, confusion and political power making: Women are equal to men and capable of doing everything and man can do (and more). Men have dominated women forever and women have been victimised therefore cannot achieve their full potential. Women need to be helped out of their victimhood by men. Women need to be sexually liberated, be free to sleep with as many people as they want to, never be held responsible for their actions and have sole control of all interactions that may lead to reproduction (and also the financial, social and material resources associated with the chose man). Entry standards into workplaces need to be lowered […]

Does Misandry Mean Equality Or Is There A More Sinister Side?

Misandry does not mean equality

The word Misandry is not one you hear spoken out loud.  It is not even a word you see in the newspaper or written very often but the concept is one that I am hope to prove to you here is a big part of the culture you live with every day. Does Misandry mean Equality? There seems to be a coordinated orchestra of different groups all delivering their own type of misandry for their own benefits.  Even more scary is that what was once (100 years ago) considered extreme behaviour has now become mainstream everyday man bashing and a new kind of persona for bored house wives or want to be housewives. The Feminists Brand of Misandry Obviously, the source of misandry is radical feminism.  Your typical radfem would love nothing more than to see every man hung, drawn and quartered.  This article is not about extremes I want […]

Are You A Feminist By Virtue That There Is No Alternative? Accidental Activist.

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It’s Valentines day today and the world have gone insane. I need to let go of a conversation I had today and get rid of it. Men all over the planet today are spending hard-earned money on their wives and girlfriends and when you ask them why at best they can only respond with a shrug of the shoulders as if to say “Ï just do what I’m told”. Are you a feminist by your actions without even really making the conscious decision. That was my question to these mindless sheeple. Minority Control Is Not Cute If the Minority Figures Are Not Cute Whilst only a very small percentage of the population claim to be feminists (less than 10% from the last census data I saw) the few that there is, seem to control the media, the legislature, the politicians and most of the mainstream. I really don’t get it. […]

The Women Liberation Movement Has Created An Unprecedented Freedom For Men

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The women liberation movement evolved as a way for women to regain some sort of power they thought they had lost. I propose that it has also exposed a lot of truths about female nature and given a lot of men a higher level of awareness they needed to forge more independence never before seen in history. An unprecedented freedom. Freedom is a very adult concept that very few people contemplate. For me freedom is not the ability to get a home loan, buy a house and live in the suburbs sacrificing 40 years of my life to keep on top of interest payments on a house I seldom get to spend more than a day at a time in. Freedom should be the ability for you to break free from your ego, (including the influences of that collective ego created by everyone around you) and pursue your own personal […]