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Equal Rights For Fathers! A Hidden Realm Of Lies.

equal rights for fathers

We are living in a time of never before seen turmoil in the realms of parenting and gender politics. Equal rights for father’s seems to be a topic that has been blacklisted from all public commentary. Fathers rights groups do exist but they are the source of much public ridicule. I write this article as a service to my children. I hope that one day you can read this and understand (in part) the world in which a father can be systematically removed from his children lives and turned into something more akin to a teller machine. My hope is that by the time you get to read this such a world is long gone. Fathers Influence Before Birth As we learn from Robert Briffault it is the female of the species who determines all the big family decisions. Females have a long list of rights when it comes to […]

Families need fathers – Did you/Do you have a father?

children need fathers

This is an article in response to all the public comments I heard in the mainstream media about women not needing men. I really don’t understand the constant war on men and public humiliation that news outlets or TV shows rain down on men. It reminds me of the saying my grandfather used to say to me “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Regardless of your political or social beliefs families need fathers and fathers need families.  Follow me in if you dare. Boys need fathers There is a lot of things that only a father can teach their son. I have two sons and it has been my experience that certain topics as a lot easy explain by a father than a mother and certain questions from the son will only be asked to the father. One of the most important roles a father has to provided in […]

My Ex Wife Won’t Let Me See My Kids! You Are Not Alone


There was a time not long ago when I had to have that difficult conversation with a family lawyer.  “My ex wife won’t let me see my kids and I need to do something about it.”  I was lucky back then when I went through my child access battle, I had a legacy left behind from my grandfather (from his custody battles) that I could use as a yard stick to live up to. Unfortunately a lot of men do not have such a benchmark to live up to when the gravity takes over making the situation feel impossible. To make things harder, men of today have a tendency to compete with other men to the point of destruction rather than ever helping a fellow man. The “eat or be eaten” mentality may have its place in the boardroom but when it comes to a situation like this, kicking someone when they […]